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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    Savannah Cat:
    Summer Vibes by Simon More
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    1. nachocat13

      *takes the whole chicken*

      1. Luis Angulo

        Got pinned nioce

      2. Artur z lasu

        He need some bepis

      3. Plants & Poultry

        No u

      4. Ambrose Donnelly

        He sounded like a lawnmower.

      5. 1Sub On Main Acc

        people are stupid to keep wild animal inside the house

    2. Olliebird 123

      The pure savanna is called a serval

    3. That Guy


    4. Midori Gurin

      Are you sure they're "domesticated cats"?

    5. Strange Panda

      12000 dollars for that grumpy cat nope nope nope 🤦🏻‍♂️

    6. Planet Games

      2:44 my life is a lie

    7. Bi

      Why not make sure that you are truly saved by Jesus Christ and practice this way. Remorsefully confess with your heart your sins to Jesus Christ who is God and tell Him that you right now are repenting of your sins and you want to be born again of the Spirit from above. Tell Jesus that you are remorsefully sorry for breaking His commandments and that you are begging for forgiveness from Him. Allow His blood from the cross to wash away your sins. After this is done with your heart successfully the Holy Spirit will come to live within you and He will rebuild you from the inside out. Look for signs that you are living righteously. Things like spreading the good news from Jesus, getting other people saved, a craving for the word of God, reading the Bible etc. These things are known as a calling and fruit bearing. If you're not bearing fruit then keep doing it. Sometimes it takes time to get saved. Read Matthew chapter 13 from the King James Bible. God bless!

    8. v n

      i was literally reading up on savannah cats bc i want one so bad wow🙂

    9. Wildwoods

      But is it better than Jones BBQ and foot massage? I don't think so.

    10. Peter Wiedeman

      that chimp was awesome.

    11. ilikebutter44

      lucky cat

    12. Ace of Rogues

      Yay that cat looks like it was worth it 😑

    13. Gabe TEM

      Only the best

    14. the that

      Ill pay 12k to keep that cat away from me

    15. DirtyBlasion

      That Savannah Cat is so lucky as I'm not it's owner. No cat of mine has miss behaved

    16. Milky Hernailana

      0:58 are you sure that cat is domestic. A R E Y O U S U R E A B O U T T H A T.

    17. Jack Chew

      I really want a chimp now there so cute

    18. Kleiner blauer Tintenklecks

      -Halt dich fest, Quirin. -Ja, ich halt mich fest. I always get so scared when hearing my native language (German) in English videos. Gosh!

    19. Abigail Perry

      savannah cats aren't domesticated. They are wild animals!

    20. Becca M

      The cat sounds like a chainsaw

    21. i'm bored

      00:33 he's not wearing the strap absolute madlad

    22. Elvis Ortega

      Im so jelly

    23. Dalton John

      Those cats sound VERY domesticated

    24. Brailey Logsdon

      That growling cat was everything 😂😂😂❤️

    25. The Nower

      *Who else has readed "The Best Head Message"?*

    26. Tibor Anderko

      That guy is a girl xD

    27. CLAY DOG 001

      0:55 if a cat and a cheetah had a baby

    28. Kane Owen

      That cat is mad af

    29. Nishan Gurung

      The savannah cat sounds like a motorcycle or something

    30. aayush kumar

      0:30 Me when there's no network

    31. SinisterMusicDestiny

      I work at a sanctuary and there’s a half-F1-half-serval cat called Dylan and he’s the sweetest thing.. he jumps on people’s backs and eats their hair

    32. Rebecca Moult

      If I did that to my cat I’d loose my head

    33. Shane Maguire

      1:10 when you’re in pain and your parents just ignore you

    34. Shri Nidhi

      Happy for that chimpanzee

    35. Lorraine A

      The guy at the end gave me anxiety.

    36. Syngamerpro YT

      Who would like that cat? It is loud!

    37. Ya Yeet

      Chainsaw cat

    38. CO2taminuim

      I won't want to pay 12 000 dollars for a damn cat that sounds like a motorcycle,I might as well buy and actual motlrcycle

    39. Ronnie ́s HQ

      *F1* Savannah cat

    40. Smol Gwennie

      DO NOT SUPPORT KEEPING THOSE WILD ANIMALS AS PETS. PLEASE. It feeds a terrible, corrupt, and horrific trade (The Exotic Pet trade) that promotes poaching of wild and endangered animals. Plus, they are NOT DOMESTIC. There is a difference between “””tamed””” and domestic.

    41. Sinhs Scales

      that shit dont look domesticated

    42. Th3 G0a7


    43. Suzanne Scannell

      1:02 are you sure that's the cat because I think it's a lawnmower.

    44. PasscodeAdvance

      *looks at US Army* India is fucked! Oh man we are fucked!

    45. vishal singh

      havent u noticed that the one who is giving massage is actually a girl

    46. ღ lιттlє вlυє ღ

      2:59 It is just absolutely amazing it is just wow

    47. Asian_Buddie

      Btw it’s a girl not a guy in the thumbnail.

    48. Cath Russell

      2:43 now add a glossy gel taco cause were gonna add NAIL VINYLS NE- oh shoot wrong channel

    49. Mike Rotch

      Lol that theme park is closed now after a video showed them forgetting to attach a safety harness properly surfaced on the net.

    50. Yuan Manalo

      *That Savannah cat is good for my car his/her voice sounds like lamborghini*