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Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    Summer Vibes by Simon More
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    1. nachocat13

      *takes the whole chicken*

      1. J4IME 2nd


      2. Enderboy0422 Gaming

        You got pinned again...

      3. Tichomír Dunlop

        More like a nachodog...

      4. Skwooks

        nachocat13 NOM

      5. Jealous 些細な愛憎

        nachocat13 I want some ;( *gets bit hard* OWIE

    2. Michelin Stars


    3. XxAngelicGamesxX :3

      0:24 And that my friend.. Is how you will die.

    4. Baker's Bread

      i thought the first dudes knees were so fucking ashy he turned into a lizard or something

    5. Wilson Huang

      1:59 she said its too wet and hes gonna slip. EDIT: along with some nervous laughter

    6. Clover

      1:10 Shhhhhpoooooowww

    7. FabulousFartingUnicornDerp

      Looks like he was ripping the skin of off the damn cat

    8. I hit my Shots

      That cat 1 must love it’s life 2 it looks adorable

    9. I dropped my hot pocket

      Aaaaaaaaaah that not a cat

    10. Eva Handy

      It's so weird when he says "I'll see you guys vary vary soon"

    11. Janice Greenstein

      are you sure its domestic

    12. Sinthoras

      Halt dich fest Quirin!

    13. TrillRoses

      0:21 that's not a guy..

    14. Neko Chan

      Can I be that guys cat?

    15. Samurai Queen Foreva

      That's a girl

    16. Finnian Reed

      2:45 my life is a lie

    17. TheTyphoon365

      Idk how the hell that guy was able to jump off the ground to do that backflip with his balls being so massive.

    18. ash catchem

      thats not a guy massaging that cat no adams apple

    19. Brandon P.

      at 1:01 he sounds like a weed wacker

    20. White Mamba

      Fuck cats. They are snakes with fur

    21. Surianath

      Calls cat domesticated *cat drags the whole chicken*

    22. Julie gbl

      0:23 das waren ja deutsche lmao

    23. Nona Mente

      Volkswagen just make a new Gol 0:56

    24. Alexis Armijo

      0:57 rare footage of me stealing food

    25. DippereczeQuUuUuU

      0:55 this is sound of hell

    26. Mr. Doom


    27. Blue

      Why are people scared of the Savannah cat

    28. mexicanosdelmundo

      "Cat sounds like a car" It's neither a cat nor a car, it's a CArT 0o__,,,^._.^,,,__o0

    29. TG Nandi

      That chimp one made me cry goddam it

    30. WOOT WOOT

      The Savannah cat is just like: My Chicken! Just very aggressively. . . I don't think I could handle that big (or wild) of a cat. Kudos to the people who take care of them.

    31. Kibbit

      You sure that that is a guy ? He has the body and cloth of a woman.

    32. Akid Muzaffar

      The first one is not a guy, its a girl

    33. knorpell je

      Humans are related to apes !!

    34. FranklinClinton1

      The second Video is from German climber

    35. Jack Black

      I doubt that cat is domesticated, i think it just lets you live.

    36. LEKO 036

      evening hits...... 'Hello every one, this is youre daily dose of internet'

    37. amen w pacierzu

      I think your lion is broken, have you tried updating the drivers?

    38. Unikron

      Yeah....12 grand for an aggressive cat that doesn't even look good? Retarded.

    39. I have issues

      2:02 The best place to commit suicide.

    40. Ziontrainism

      "We don't have enough money for Social Security." Wheel changing Hummer? We'll take $20B worth.

    41. Angel

      You couldnt pay me that amount to let that devil live in my house.

    42. Lucky the Floofy Cat

      1:06 Me when my brother keeps bothering me

    43. Lucky the Floofy Cat

      His cat is so into the massages his eyes are going back into it’s head XD

    44. fruits

      the chimp was so adorable

    45. Slender man

      That didnt look like a guy

    46. Nine Tailed Fox

      I need that Humvee.

    47. Don’t mind me

      That cat sounds like the lawn mower that wakes me up in the morning.

    48. Tokio Yugen

      0:54 calm yo tits bro

    49. Angry Gay Rodian

      Fuck no that cat is freaks as fuck

    50. Krazyworksart

      You know, i've always planned on one day buying an f1 savannah cat, and after realizing its just like i am with food, i've decided i'm without a doubt buying one when i have the funds to