The GREATEST Discoveries Found in Antarctica Up to Date

The Finest

The Finest

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    Antarctica is the coldest known place on the planet and for that reason, it’s probably not a very good destination hot spot for a lot of people. We know so little about the giant ice cap but we’ve learned so much in just the past few decades. In today’s video, we’ll go over some of the top discoveries we’ve made throughout history in Antarctica
    10. Fossilized Forests
    9. Bacteria Discovery
    8. The Hole
    7. Super Old Ice
    6. Super Old Ice
    5. Penguins
    4. Temperatures
    2. ??
    1. ?
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    1. Anna Whitney

      Antarctica was on a map before that guy was born therefore he did not discover it.

    2. jskwibble1

      I know yall gotta get paid but DAMN that's a lot of adds for a 10min video

    3. Tammy Dalton

      You see there's a magnetic iron magna ball in the earth and there's a external magnetic force pulling on it, and it's trying to break out pushing upward on the Earth's crust, as the earth spins well it moved around it changes places still pushing on crust trying too connect to external force causing expantion , now u tell me where did receding oceans go?

    4. Tammy Dalton

      How about a expanding Earth do to external forces, your promoting science, u tell me what could cause that ?.

    5. High Quality Opinions

      Seems to me like these scientists might protect themselves when they’re digging up bacteria and viruses. How can they be sure that bacteria didn’t kill the dinosaurs? How can they be sure that there isn’t some frozen scourge that they’re going to introduce into society? Supposedly those have been there long before humanity.. so how are we so sure that something was frozen there that allowed mankind to develop? And before you come at me with “they already know that’s not the case”, let’s remember that they didn’t know there was even a forest there. Science is always changing.. so maybe some extreme caution should be exercised? Just a thought.

    6. Kevin Mace

      This dude’s macho man randy savage voice is super distracting

    7. Richard Gervais

      Ruined by narrator's voice

    8. ike crambell

      Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na seal man

    9. Peter Bernard

      Fossilised forests lol, we know that years you idiot, this guy talking on the video is an absolute fool, calls Antarctica an island lol.

    10. Denpachii

      Your speech pattern is horrible, speak like a normal person and stop over emphasizing key phrases. Forest, - reason, continental drift. Not new or unusual, hundreds of millions of years to grow stuff before freezing. Stumps and dead trees and plants covered naturally can last almost forever. Look in a coal mine for them as a quick reference, or the petrified forests in north America. Bacteria will not die if frozen as you describe, but some are known to survive basically forever. "sinkhole", nature. Remember the continental drift thing, Billions of years to create the land mass, right? Dropped the video here, Mutateed SEALESsss... please, stop with the over emphases in your descriptions.

    11. Rachel Van hanswyk

      The fallen ones ...

    12. appleseed

      If it's true that the scientists assumed it was always an ice cap, then they are collectively stupid.

    13. leefi1

      Please take all of the claims made in this video with the proverbial "grain of salt". Most of the statements are factually misleading or skewed for effect. Bacteria don't always need sunlight. Entire ecosystems are sustained by bacteria in the deepest and completely sunless parts of the ocean, clustered around volcanic vents spewing hot, poisonous gasses at high temperatures. It has been known for decades that Antarctica was a warm forested continent, before breaking off from the african continent 160, 000,000 years ago. Antarctica was cold, but still covered by forests, 23 million years ago. So, as I said, don't believe everything you hear. This is ENTERTAINMENT, not science on "The Finest".

    14. loonatic7

      Do we not get any pictures of the state sized hole?

    15. Hawthorne Designs

      Let's force our voice to sound tuff and coooool and reeetaardeeeeeeeed

    16. Shane Noone

      These people really need to do some research. A lot of this if bs or really incomplete

    17. jerk fudgewater

      At 5:30 this moron stated the ice in Antarctica is there “due to neglect!” 🖕 Unsubscribed

    18. Davidfails

      Global shifting

    19. thatthatthat

      So many ads....

    20. D Kahn

      The earths magnet poles shift over time, so Antarctica wasn't always where it is today.

    21. D Kahn

      I thought Wolfman Jack had past away long ago.

    22. Edward Brosz

      i'd go, no thinking there. dress properly, mind your self youll be fine

    23. Zachary Pollack

      Tectonic plates are playing Tetris LOL

    24. Jose Gonzalez


    25. magicbeekeeper

      Bad bad bad and stupid comment written to this video

    26. D'Z Music Productions Evil Incorporate

      I believe it. was once all one continent

    27. Alter Ego

      2:08 ... People, Please look up Deinococcus radiodurans, and bacteria that lives in Fuel tanks. This channel just makes up stories as it goes and lies all the time. At least half the information on here is distorted truth. I unsubscribed from here a long time ago because of this rubbish.

    28. Rest in Peace

      Garbage mixed with a little sense

    29. Jim J

      Global warming made the hole

    30. Says Who?

      I like listening to you, you have a great voice, been a fan of your's for a long time now. Keep up the great videos!

    31. Michael Hall

      Bacteria on Antarctica? Sounds like penguin poop to me.

    32. Dennis

      It was was close to equator before the last polar shift.

    33. Tardo Gungas

      i think there is so much human kind doesnt know.

    34. watcher john randy maidment

      unless time be shortened saith the Lord Of Host's no FLESH will BE SAVED!!!!!

    35. watcher john randy maidment

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    36. watcher john randy maidment

      first check out orions placement inside a orion inside a orion inside a orion of mother ship do not play with antarctica's fire pit only god opens the pit

    37. watcher john randy maidment

      I can enlighten you mankind if you the theorist's and scientist contact us the watcher's

    38. watcher john randy maidment

      oh so little you know that u think you know your curiosity will be your own personalized awakening in time children not yet saith the Lord Of Host's

    39. watcher john randy maidment

      there you go with that missync on date again it's not millions but thousand's

    40. porpus99

      The part about the Temperatures is not technically true. In the case of natural cold, than yea that is the coldest spot on Earth, but if you include artificial means than not even close. Scientist are able to conduct experiments using Bose-Einstein Condenstate, which is able to get as cold as nanokelvin. That is a million times colder than interstellar space. So in labs we are able to create not only the coldest spots on Earth, but also the coldest known spots in the universe. Emphases on the term "known".

    41. Mike Syracuse

      Content is factually tepid and the script is vapid. Sure, go ahead and waste your time. This content was created simply to show you some advertisements. The first 'story' illustrates an amazing lack of understanding of plate tectonics.

    42. dmill

      - Watched this video full of misinformation. Like seriously there's something wrong in everything he brings up. - Read all the comments about how this video has interesting information. - Lost faith in humanity.

    43. Austin Shoemaker

      The piri reis map shows Antarctica before it was fully capped in ice. It's an authentic map dating back to times when it was thought humans were no where close to the technological capabilities needed to map land masses. Graham Hancock talks about ot and other maps in great detail in his book fingerprints of the gods.

    44. speterbilt

      I want to go

    45. Ilea Vazan

      so, now we call the volcanoes a fire ?...They are some 138 volcanoes under the Ice of Antarctica

    46. RageToTheEnd

      aliens makes hole... Thumbs down!

    47. Lily Hughes

      now believe but don't know

    48. Lily Hughes

      aliens? wake up to yourself, mutate, stop talking crap, idiot

    49. Lily Hughes

      never seen beforrrre, speak properly, vegie

    50. Nicholas Inman

      bacteria doest die when you freeze it, usually

    51. Lily Hughes

      there is no million years ,!spastic

    52. Nicholas Inman


    53. Bryce. Alexvnder

      Two teams raced to the South Pole a Norwegian and British , the British team arrived a month after the Norwegians and all of the British died

    54. Andy Schlabach

      Most annoying voice I've ever heard

    55. Rs500ybd

      Correction Sir The Coldest Place on E1 is Siberia .

    56. Robert Driggers

      I don't often comment but this douchebag needs to be told to stop sounding like a goddamn idiot with that Hollywood trailer voice. It totally distracts from what he's saying (not that the content doesn't need work but.....just saying).

    57. ernie goldstein

      "Such as seals" -mst3k

    58. ernie goldstein

      When its hot, I sometimes watch videos about Antarctica and try to astroproject there.

    59. -Ottav Ottav

      I don't like force feeding advertising so I won't be back

    60. TheStraightPath

      9:28 That is methane gas leaking out from the ice. There is probably massive amounts of surface oil and gas as well.

    61. AH Glasher

      Do you think there'll be a new writer? Do you think a different narrator will show up any time soon? Do you think some of the ideas/explanations are simply off the wall? Put your thoughts in the comment section.

    62. Kathy Robertson

      Antarctica wasn't always where it is now. Ever hear of plate techtonics?

    63. Scott Murphy

      Those of us who live in the extreme northern Midwest , I am in NW IN right on the shore of Lake Michigan, thought for the last week or so that we had been transported to Antarctica. With temperatures in the -30's and wind chills in the -50's you can see why. It was so cold that the transmission in my Jeep Grand Cherokee would not shift into overdrive. It was not until the passing of this polar vortex that it would shift back into overdrive. But that statement regarding bacteria and freezing killing them quickly is totally false. I am a clinical microbiologist and we store cultures of bacteria at -80ºC (-112ºF) all the time. When plated on agar at room temperature, they grow perfectly. And both commensal and pathogenic bacteria found inside the human body, which is in total darkness, survive just fine.

    64. dd dd

      a lot of very doubtfull facts. -some people think the aliens are involved. ;wich people? -ice doesnt last very long : prehistoric animals are found in the ice, what you mean doesnt last long? and many more of those "facts"

    65. Richard Thompson

      “Mutated Seals”

    66. Justin Credible

      There are more than 5 or "6" sense. Smh...

    67. Thandozi Mbatha

      I'm so happy to see my South African flag there at 10:35

    68. b0neme

      So, another video with you reading...poorly, a script while random but somewhat related stills or small clips are shows. Nice. Don't waste your time!

    69. W M

      'Sensationalist' voice might go down well in US but is considered annoying elsewhere. "Someone by the Name of Captain James Cook" :- He is already world famous you dolt.

    70. Regan Stephens

      I want to go

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      1. Ken Foland

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      2. Issa Draco

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    74. art lamely

      scientist just have to keep pushing that millions of years theory. carbon dating is off by at least two zeros.

    75. art lamely

      scientist just have to keep pushing that millions of years theory. carbon dating is off by at least two zeros.

    76. Tobeysdonutshop

      Since when did Antarctica become an island? And I doubt that there will ever be any concerns about wildfires sweeping across it. Who writes this crap anyway?

    77. shomesomlove

      Alexandria Cortez says the Earth will end in 12 years🤣🤣

    78. Licho Tropical

      Great they have not found the mother ship.

    79. Saint Saber

      WTF, penguins acting like humans and everybody loses their mind

    80. ZionHillCalling

      1:00 I can hardly imagine actual scientists are still struggling with the 'problem' of plate tectonics. Antarctica hasn't always been covered under a thick ice sheet and it also hasn't always been located at the south pole. The way you talk is already a dead give away but sir, you truly are a freaking dumb ass retarded baffoon.

    81. chris96298

      This is great! if you are a 4 yr old. Dumb.

    82. Ronald Bailey El


    83. Serena Lawson

      its crazy to me that the bible explains everything on this earth in detail.. and it always turns out to be true!! but yet for some reason people dont want to believe it.. they immediatly try to come up with a different reason for everything.

    84. Rehan Aulakh

      He is trying to burp & talk at the same time

    85. Austyn Irvin

      You spelled subscribers wrong in the intro lmao

    86. TheDiplococcus

      It must be fun to live in a world where you can just make up explanations for things and expect people not to notice.

    87. bo genious

      Aliens ? no shit ? this is the stupidest one of these I have seen , all the ice melts ? really its called a Glacier , giant holes -try volcanic vent continent`s move on tectonic plates it was closer to the equator when it was part of Pangea

    88. Rhonda Brown

      Look at the earth as a whole to see the connections for sinkholes....what is going on ...from earth wobbling to change in magnetic poles, etc

    89. Andrew Thibodeaux

      How do you know how old ice is?

    90. RJ

      This narrator or who ever wrote his script is an idiot.

    91. Kknown Unkknown

      anne ardica

    92. Kieran Diaz

      that hole is when Shaggy released 80% of his power. that used to be a city

    93. Panda FPV

      5 ads on a 11 minute video? I’m out

    94. Barrens chat

      Smartest tards won't even try to invent and portable wind shelter that is light enough to carry but hey maybe they will come up some starships in the mean time

    95. AlxEm3

      Put playback speed at 1.25x trust me.

      1. J clark

        thank you, wish i'd seen this sooner. still annoying but much better

    96. gord weston

      If you are going to make a whole video about Antarctica, maybe learn to call it Antarctica not Antartica.

    97. goodcomps

      the forests grew when Antarctica was at a different latitude. Continental drift...

      1. goodcomps

        +Mr. Em Aaejae i am trying to, but never mind. smh

      2. Mr. Em Aaejae

        +goodcomps Sir, I've answered you with what I know and believe. You are grounded in your beliefs, so as you now can see we are not going to change each others minds so lets just agree to respect each others knowledge.

      3. Mr. Em Aaejae

        +goodcomps Because in Genesis God tells me it happened and explained to me why it happened...(and I believe him)...just like you believe your source.

      4. goodcomps

        +Mr. Em Aaejae Well, that was an assumption on your part. As well as a circular argument, theologically speaking. Basic religious propaganda. I would like an actual answer. I am not trying to be argumentative, just empirical, theologically and logically. There is nothing about using your brain that is precluded in religion, is there not?

      5. Mr. Em Aaejae

        I believe by faith the Bible was inspired by Him. Just like you believe by faith the people who are teaching you.

    98. Dan White

      5 people getting praise for making it to the south pole, huge buildings behind them that were there before them and they didn't build.

    99. William Coumerilh

      Good presentation

    100. aabbccddeeffgg1234

      "seals using magnetic fields is a sixth sense" not necessarily, birds that uses the magnetic field for navigation can actually see with their eyes where it is, because they got cells in their eyes that reacts with the light waves magnetic fields give off. could be seals do the same. there is another explanation for this "superpower" that these seals suddenly got and its much more plausible than them suddenly evolving a completely new sensory cell, and that is them gaining infrared vision. infrared wavelength is much closer to the light mammals normally see, and there are already mammals that got infrared. with infrared they could spot these holes due to temperature differences where the hole is and see pray easily no matter how dark it is.