THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier Movie HD

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    THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier, Riley Keough Movie HD
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    1. ONE Media

      The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >>βίντεο-CqYBOeHQRYs.html Can't wait to watch it!

      1. Devin Crum

        +Nimbereth lol. I hope this wonderful piece of art keeps you up all night thinking about it! If you're thinking then the film has done its job, ma'am.

      2. Devin Crum

        +MP R I'm laughing out loud at this. If you're offended, ma'am, then von Trier has done his job. This is the first thing that's made her think about reality in dayssssss hahahaha

      3. MP R

        +Nimbereth Stop being a goddamned pussy.

      4. Miclosh Balza

        +Nimbereth poor sjw-scum. Are you scared?

      5. Nimbereth

        one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Do not waste your time on this unhealthy movie that boasts the death of defenseless people and is pretentious than its director. 1/10

    2. Negrean Paul

      Just saw it and it in the end I liked it :D Would watch it again sometime with someone who haven't seen it :D

    3. Simon B.

      Wow the first Von Trier movie you could actually watch

    4. Bexigah Music Web

      I admire so much Lars Von Trier by his enforce to put art on cinema, I really like his movies. "The Antichrist" and "Melancholia" are two of the best movies I can remember, "Les Idiotes" and "Dogville" are unforgettable too, but I'm really sorry for this one. The good news about the movie is he still innovating - the funny parts are scary and some scary parts are funny

    5. Dead Man and the Bullet

      Metallica anyone?

    6. gman73


    7. Aaron Warren

      Americans have become domesticated pussies who would gladly give up their Freedom be to 'feel' safe.

    8. PGLAMB1978

      TESD sent me here. If Bry and Q liked it it`s worth a look.

    9. nikkihendrikx

      Did anybody see this? I love horror but im not to good with gore.. i read reviews saying its very bloody and i need someone to tell me if its worth the trauma

    10. Luis G. M.García

      I just saw this and its by far the most unique movie to come out in recent years. Even if you repulse the violence i definitely recommend it just for a different experience

    11. wet hole

      Best comedy of 2018

    12. Rob Wahl

      So glad I watched the movie before this....... Trailer

    13. iogan wolfovich

      Here you can download: the movie in High Definition (HD) 5.25GB

    14. Albert Kurth

      The blood trail is a big goof. Once the victim dies, the heart stops pumping, so the blood stays where it is. It also starts to congeal and there is only so much blood in a body in the first place. Eh, but it is Lars von Nazi, so certain people will love this no matter what.

      1. Gustaw Furnace

        The body was grinding against the road.

    15. Gemüsefreund26

      You put excessive violence and some pseudo philosophical thoughts on a movie and people call it a cult movie.

    16. Xavi Motta

      Excelente película

    17. Shanara Saunders

      Ending was weak

    18. uzbek irani

      Pathetic movie. Waste of time.

    19. MrJpsjjpsj

      I watched this movie, until 1:04:00,until the moment, when jack shot boy in front Of eyes of his mother, and than another son. I think, that someone, who wrote this scenario, and who directed this, are not human beings, and should be jailed. Art IS dead in this movie....

    20. Beans Iban

      It was a story about jack building a house.

    21. Dandy Steve

      This movie was great because it doesn't give a flying hard cock about the metoo movement. Lol.

    22. Suncica Cinglak

      Yea. Think I’m gonna skip this one...

    23. Saci bengala

      You can't go wrong with lars von trier, the guy knows his stuff.

    24. nash snail

      It's so goodddddd

    25. jilan

      Watched this movie all the way through and holy shit it was hard to watch. Especially THAT scene with the boy in the freezer I can't get his face out of my head. I kinda liked it though but maybe only because of the shock value and Jacks character? Those repetitive clips they put in the movie were kinda annoying

    26. Giselle Resendez

      Of course Jacks gotta have the classic Jeff Dahmer aviator glasses.

    27. Lacy Gorman

      WOOD NOT MISS this FOR ALL OF THE TEA IN CHINA! Those stupid kids ARE BONED! You are DEFINITELY getting SOME, Hot Stuff.

    28. Lacy Gorman


    29. Lacy Gorman

      Fuuuuuuiumkkkkkk U dumb Asssets

    30. Jan Rudzki

      This is such a terrible trailer for such a good film

    31. Obey Silence

      Isn´t this Hitler?

    32. ჰოლდენ კოლფილდი

      fleese show me music which is 0:24

    33. castielshoe

      Matt Dillon is so fucking hot

    34. JustActing

      Uma Thurman's looks totally different, I didn't even know it was her.

    35. AntonioPenja

      Best movie without a doubt in 2018

    36. Benjamin Braun

      omg I just watched and I loved it. Too bad it's gonna be a flop, but anyway what can you expect? This kind of movies aren't for most people.

    37. Forza Napoli

      Great movie.

    38. Sam Walker

      love the movie hate the ending, lars von trier just takes a gait $hit on his own master piece

    39. Chief Onepapa

      this sucked

    40. Ms Dee

      This movie is long and at times boaring and doesn't make much sence. You'll probably fast forward through most of it and be glad you didn't waste 2 1/2 hours of you time. Disappointing.

      1. Itsik Israeli

        With that grammar no one will give a shit about your review, Ms Dee.

    41. MR713JOSE

      Recommend while high belv me great

    42. Jonkmaister


    43. moviemaster00000

      Couldn't they make a normal length movies any more? 2 and a half hours for a crap like this.

    44. Венци Георгиев

      Bad piece of shit,that director deserves death

    45. Венци Георгиев

      Nope nope nope

    46. Bo Parker

      Is the closed caption part of the movie too? I’ve watched two trailers so far and CC is activated on both. What’s the deal?

    47. Movie trailors

      Song name is fame by davie

    48. United Blueline

      the blonde with the flat tire not just asked for it but deserved it...shut the fuck up holy shit...stupid cunt. Im surprised he lasted that long without cracking her

    49. hakan kara

      Zaman kaybı diye düşünüyorum. İzledim sonuna kadar zar zor sabrettim. Sonu ise alakasız boktan bir son.

    50. Steve Wertz

      I hope Matt Dillon that time will have great play. I like that actor, I watched all his movies using Boxxy Software on my android phone, the best one.