THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier Movie HD

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    THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier, Riley Keough Movie HD
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    1. ONE Media

      The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >>βίντεο-CqYBOeHQRYs.html Can't wait to watch it!

      1. Azriel

        +June Rose-Sommer. What would you expect from Lars von Trier?

      2. David Seriff

        ONE Media when is it coming out?

      3. David Seriff

        ONE Media when is it coming out?

      4. June Rose-Sommer

        Vile and disgusting!!!!!

      5. Pepo Giono

        🔴 The House That Jack Built | 2018 FULL HD ☛ [ ] 🔵 Les gens trouvent la vraie chose avec une bonne qualité, c'est le lie

    2. belush34


    3. Hillary Clinton

      It's hard for me to enjoy any Lars Von Trier film. It's like he tries so hard to disturb the audience that he overlooks narrative and character arcs. But I can count on him when I want to feel bad for the rest of the evening, that's for sure.

    4. Jozeph Casta

      que porqueria de pelicuala tan grotesca no ire a gastar mi diero en esta mierda

    5. Pgh Comix

      Motherfuck does this look good

    6. Vicki Takacs

      I think it's interesting that it is mostly guys who are ripping Lars up one side and down the other. In case you hadn't noticed, Trier writes about women. I'd say he understands them very well. This will be a departure and I'm not sure he can work the same magic with a man.

    7. Thomas Baker

      Just saw this at the opening night here in Australia - three hours of awesome! Five stars!

    8. chasbo13

      Same old boring themes, its been done already

    9. Themis Gkio

      Genius movie,not everybody can handle it. It leaves you a little bit clueless at some points but it lets you imagine what you want. Would definitely recommend.

    10. Rose Vlogs

      Muito ansiosa 🖤💘💙

    11. oncall21

      I absolutely loved Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark and the end scene had me in tears. Since then I've seen all of von Triers films and in a word, meh.

    12. Nowor Nevery

      I am just here waiting for a Metallica song reference.


      i am not a fan of von trier movies but this one has definitely done something to me...excellent performance by matt dillon ...this actor is unfairly script ...atmospheric music...reminded me of mother a far as the allegoric part is concerned...definitely a must see

    14. fajar ahmad setiawan

      Lars Von Trier, right? No wonder. Have you seen his trilogy? Sickening

    15. Eponymos Archon

      Bach partita 2 and Glen Gould.

    16. James Sienicki

      Who else came here because of Metallica?

    17. Susanna Vesna

      That music!! I was about to laugh cz it was such a cool tune! Then realised im watching people getting murdered! That is some serious mind-fucking, Mr Lars! I need to watch this!

    18. Harry O'Keam

      what is the name of the piano tune?

      1. Eponymos Archon

        Bach partita 2, and Glenn Gould

    19. julianva

      I see Lars, I click.

    20. Alex Cisneros

      anyone ever see American Psycho?

    21. sunkissed748


    22. Nóra Szoboszlai

      I dont understand why someone has to make films like this. Like we dont we have enough horror anyway in the world. Find this utterly disturbing and waste of money.

      1. Mrbigweeknee

        Nóra Szoboszlai I'm sorry you can't find value in this film. But maybe others can.

      2. Mia

        I hear that a lot.

      3. Nóra Szoboszlai

        Mia , thank you for your valuable comment, for you it was definitely worth getting up this morning.

      4. Mia

        Shut up mom

    23. Dick Taylor

      Is the Lamb going to get raped? A-la Island Of Death? That would be something worthwhile seeing.

    24. Dick Taylor

      Why such stupid music on the trailer? Is this being marketed as comedy?

    25. Dick Taylor

      It's funny how respectable auteurs turn to lowbrow genres just for the sake of selling tickets, while those filmmakers who have been doing it all the time are generally ignored. There is no way Trier would have made such a film in the 90s or even ten years ago. Dont forget the rules of the Dogma manifesto which forbade depictions of physical violence. But some people will sell out to the drop of a hat.

    26. Abhishek Chaudhary

      Waiting for this movie.

    27. Zrko Enesovic

      he looks like a nihilist

    28. Lajla Aslani

      Who else get here for Metallica song???


      Matt Dillon was always underrated!

    30. King 4_$$hole

      Lars Von Trier pisses people off. In other news, grass is not purple.

    31. My Grandpa Says He's D.B. Cooper

      H. H. Holmes is back. This time he build a house. .......................................aaaaaand calls himself Jack.

    32. Duygu Sensum

      Just watched it and it was really bad... Some people left pretty early and maaaan they made a good choice!!! Can't believe that I stayed

    33. Timehacker

      Have just seen it. Best film of the year. Best serial killer movie ever. Matt Dillon should get an Oscar.

    34. Park Jeong

      what has phil dunphy become

    35. arief rahmanto

      I'M IN.

    36. Daniel Gregory

      English subtitles for a movie in English. Must be an art film.

    37. jasper van der meer

      Signal crew discourse recording silk assumption date look chief character foot fund right crawl.

    38. VirDiligo

      Hottest serial killer ever.

    39. alessandro randi

      Name of the song at 1:36?

      1. Das Kinophile ENTP

        “Fame” by David Bowie

    40. Pacen Peppers

      When the hell does this come out

    41. Tako

      Quentin Tarantino who?

    42. Jaxson Maass

      Uh this kinda looks like a comedy

      1. Finesse Mob Entertainment

        Jaxson Maass it has dark comedic elements

    43. Rauol Acosta

      Great film making strikes a nerve in the viewer. Makes them feel something or to ask questions about themselves. Mr. Von Trier is at the top of his game. The most underrated film maker of modern time.

    44. Joe Crush

      Wtf is that????

    45. Agus Abuin

      Does anybody know what song is the piano playing in min 0.24? Thanks

    46. lyn's life

      Didn't know what to expect when I clicked. All I know is my eyes probably turned into saucers at least once

    47. AngeloValentin Vevo

      Inb4 Lars becomes a serial killer

    48. arhat goel

      I am Jack's smirking revenge.

    49. Kitty Gonzalez

      Gear candy size observe title post stop excuse greatly silver.

    50. Historical Significance

      Whats the piano song piece called? Anyone please tell me

      1. Eponymos Archon

        Bach partita 2 and Glenn Gould