THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier Movie HD

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    THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier, Riley Keough Movie HD
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    1. ONE Media

      The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >>βίντεο-CqYBOeHQRYs.html Can't wait to watch it!

      1. June Rose-Sommer

        Vile and disgusting!!!!!

      2. Pepo Giono

        🔴 The House That Jack Built | 2018 FULL HD ☛ [ ] 🔵 Les gens trouvent la vraie chose avec une bonne qualité, c'est le lie

    2. Vanildoge The PC gamer

      Lars von trier continues his mixed track record

    3. abhinav dashwant

      After watching the trailer I can’t help but picture Matt Dillon as the joker.

    4. ajax943

      My wife told me there was this horror movie that Matt Damon starred in that was making people run out of the theaters puking in terror. Not that I'm disappointed in this trailer I'm just a little let down. I was really wanting that to be true,

    5. John H Baumgaertner


    6. Jason Wettstein

      Interesting because Jack is actually Lucifer and Jacks House is earth. are the elites starting to tell us a sorry well in the works? Are we in hell is this hell are we in Jacks house? All the leaders are evil child rapists and murderers, seemingly evil people do well in Jacks house.

    7. Solangefalangie


    8. Jerry Watkins

      I'm going to watch the hell out of this.

    9. jorge junior

      This males a serial Killer look Like a BadAss

    10. MonoMino

      What I've heard of this film does disturb me, but I've never listened to critics before and I'm not starting now. The use of montage in this trailer alone was wonderful though. Considering what this film seems to be about the violence is justified in my eyes. This will be my first Trier film, looking forward to it.

    11. PrivateAckbar

      Does this film have real animal abuse?

    12. Travis Rabble

      Factotum 2


      This looks insane. Meaning, i have to watch it lol

    14. Jackie Santos

      Looks interesting it is sore and I like torture por well yeah gruesome movies you know that's how they work he's going to be like jigsaw

    15. Chris Shearer

      I don't think 2018 needs a movie focusing on the philosophical discourse of Psychopathy.

    16. Robert RoPe

      well, it is Lars Von Trier should expect to be shocked

    17. Alessandro Calandri

      I have to return some videotapes

    18. Lyndii Mey

      *Can I tell you my favorite Matt Dillon story real briefly?*

    19. FoxHound

      i want to thank the women that walked out otherwise i probably would not go to see this film

    20. Miffed Max

      is it just me, or does Matt Dillon look *exactly* like young bruce campbell?

    21. Oceansideca1987

      Yes !!!

    22. McBeards

      I opened a new tab for the song Goodbye Horses when the song fame starts playing. Shit got epic

    23. Andy Villada

      Name of the song in the trailer: David Bowie - Fame

    24. pedraodalhe

      actually this trailer is really well done. nice musical choices

    25. brusso456

      the real secret to being a successful serial killer, just smile a lot

    26. jungastein

      I think this must be a very irresponsible director, an irresponsible human being

    27. Matthew Cooper


    28. Aeternuss

      Man Bites Dog. C'est arrivé pres de chez vous. 2018

    29. Face-Fok Ltd.

      Of all the independent film ideas that could have had time, talent and effort poured into their creation, did we need another nihilistic piece of perverted self indulgence, designed to psychologically upset half the audience and polarise the other, under the guise of ‘art’? There are real darkly artful movies out there that use violence where calls for, but this is not one. This is just goading shit, egotists will enjoy simply because they know others wont.

    30. T L

      Great another sick movie that may help to distort the minds of the vulnerable and possibly cause real murders. Thanks writers, directors, producers and actors for your input towards evil.

      1. T L

        Definitely won't be watching. Shame cause I usually really like Matt Dillon.

    31. Breathless Aroha

      I am gonna love this. Lets play gore lovers~

    32. Mclean Milne

      Really Lars

    33. Classy Lampshade

      With all the shootings taking place, these kinds of movies need a break.

    34. antigaia

      50% on rotten tomatoes... As if Von Trier can make just a "decent" film . Just more proof that review sites are often BS

    35. Va beene


    36. Esther Fantuzzi

      looks pretentious and disgusting, I really miss Melancholia

    37. Patrick Stypinsky

      The idea that you have to be able to put your mind in the perspective of evil to identify your own darkness is why all should love lvt.

    38. Laranja

      AAAAAAA I CAN'T WAIT. I hope this one will be better than some others Von Trier's @movies

    39. a Shambles

      Is this Bruce Campbells son?

    40. Khullaa Saand

      I'd have loved to see Shia LaBouf but I guess Matt Dillon is also damn good!

    41. Khullaa Saand

      Yes!!! Definitely looking forward to see another masterpeice by Lars Von Trier after Nymphomaniac and Antichrist

    42. Paul Rubino

      Why? Why would somebody want to immerse themselves in this shit?

    43. Ula smtwtfs


    44. Filmy Book


    45. turnerchas8

      When I see dogshit like this, I wonder what has happened to cinema. I'm not talking about shock value, that I can handle. But from the clips I have just watched, this film demonstrates an obvious and ugly "video look", bad camerawork (I'm shaking the fucking camera around & struggling to focus it!, I am so real!) & poorly considered editing choices. The fact that the Cannes organisers busted their arses to invite this guy back is a disgrace & really serves to point out how incompetent & out of touch their ruling body is. Cinema is dead.

    46. Mister Pandastic

      Metallica fans ?

    47. Motherchicken

      Who else can’t stop watching this

    48. Mrs Golightly

      Omg this movie is INSANE Holy crap!

    49. Travis Rabble

      Uma's looking old, isn't it time we forced her into a care home?

    50. Имя ФамилияМоя

      Отвратительный кусок дерьма, снятый старым мудаком для таких же копрофилов, как и он сам.