THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier Movie HD

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    THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier, Riley Keough Movie HD
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    1. ONE Media

      The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >>βίντεο-CqYBOeHQRYs.html Can't wait to watch it!

      1. David Seriff

        ONE Media when is it coming out?

      2. David Seriff

        ONE Media when is it coming out?

      3. June Rose-Sommer

        Vile and disgusting!!!!!

      4. Pepo Giono

        🔴 The House That Jack Built | 2018 FULL HD ☛ [ ] 🔵 Les gens trouvent la vraie chose avec une bonne qualité, c'est le lie

      5. Kay You

        ONE Medi

    2. Professor Time

      99% of new movies suck donkey dicks. That is a fact.

    3. Raiken Xion

      Actually, Netflix haven't got the guts to show this film.

    4. acechadwick

      By 1.45 I'd had enough.

    5. Funkymonkeypimps

      I’m convinced Matt Dillon is morphing into Bruce Campbell!

    6. Chris Nadeau

      fuck you Jack you sick son of a bitch

    7. goldsnail1

      Is Hollywood in the practice of turning nursery rhymes into comedy horror movies now?????

    8. Laney C

      American psycho!

    9. Andrew Nevelli

      What the fuck is this shit! wanna make people serial killers ?

    10. Paula Silva

      Ninguém está a salvo !

    11. José Luis


    12. Luis Gondim

      too much Lars Von Trierness for just a trailer .... i'm stunned!

    13. Zack Luke

      This looks like it's going to stay very real and close to how serial killers work. Already I can tell it's a film that won't hold back, and probably going to have some very disturbing imagery but I can't wait to see it. A film about an evil serial killer is to violent???? Oh nooo how terrible!!

    14. question mark

      this is the sick twisted shit my soul craves

    15. Selahsmum

      wtf is wrong with people that they would watch something like this?

    16. Le Polygone

      Thank you, Lars. The world needs your movies. Movies are such piles of shit in general.

    17. Thaulia Sabri Ayu Adina

      Uma thurman better fucking live!

    18. stylecollective

      Well thanks to Von Trier, now I'll certainly never be able to look at Matt Dillon in the same way again: he looks a little TOO convincing here ⚠️

    19. MCDGCD

      Maybe if it wasn't Lars Von Trier's I would watch it, but all his films suck so... nope

    20. joost brouwer

      Cultural learning promising freshman for heaven ideal housing lock.

    21. Garrett

      what is the name of the starting music?

    22. MaryRielly

      You sick fuck

    23. Cody Borak

      Yes finally a movie about brualizing bitches so excited!!!!

    24. shadowfoam

      I can hardly wait to see this, despite knowing I'll feel miserable after I do.

    25. Fleur de jasmine

      I'm sure it will....psychopaths play good psychopaths .

    26. Martyna Kaczmarek

      Have seen during movie festival, amazing movie.

    27. Charlie Redmond

      This looks like the least Lars von trier film out of everything he's done

    28. chileanac1

      who is here beacuse of the monstruosity of croatians that they did to serbs in jasenovac? who don't know what that is, just google JASENOVAC, or just look:βίντεο-5r1JNnFjgag.html

    29. Ismail Meziani

      Utterly CRAZY!

    30. Koaasst

      oh and i read on the Wiki that PETA praised the portrayal of the duckling, for awareness or some shit heh

    31. Koaasst

      the first scene was so great i screamed in joy when the music started and i knew what was coming.... WHACK! lol so great. (im not a psychopath btw)

    32. Doctor Rocker

      Hmmm....could be good.

    33. nikola lakatos

      How is the piano composition called?

    34. Mila Willems

      economics ought light innovation Russian grace extend buyer aide village.

    35. Niklas Niemi

      Evaluate experiment frustration rise southeast location recovery reporter

    36. IDMSS

      Something tells me that the director has murdered someone before

    37. LetFreedomRing25776

      The people that made and support this movie are the same people that believe that Trump is sick in the head. Let that sink in.

    38. Sanity37

      Reminds me of american psycho

    39. TwistedBarbie

      Wow - I’ve not seen Matt Dillon for years! Used to have a crush on him (showing my age, lol). Good to see him back.

    40. Fedi Tissaoui

      How to ruin the hype with the trailer’s song 101

    41. Auntikrist

      No thanks. I draw the line at slaughtering children. Too gross.

    42. Egle Davidsoniene

      Uma is very pretty woman.

    43. Golgi Apparatus

      I feel like a lot of people are going to watch this thinking that it’s some sort of entertaining horror comedy not knowing who Von Trier is and leaving absolutely disgusted

    44. TheBrabon1

      an artsy fartsy american psycho

    45. Micky Finn

      Provocative, of course. I like the comedic touches. That final look-to-camera reminds me of the final scene in Psycho. Hope Uma Thurman lives longer than the trailer suggests - cf Janet Leigh? And the lambs......Silence Of...? Looks like it will be full of references like that.

    46. American Fuel TV

      More pointless filth from von Trier.

    47. meg

      Why do they say starring Uma Thurman? Do they mean like, hey, wanna see Uma Thurman's character get killed? WTH?

    48. Phillip Beckman

      Matt Dillon is criminally underrated.

    49. Ryan Michael Dunn

      People have been walking out of his screenings at cannes for years. You never really hear about how those who stay til the end part take in a standing ovation. I'm not "here because of the controversy" I'm here because I understand his darkest and I can't fucking wait to see this film.

    50. Anastasija Andrejeva

      it looks so good, so cool. i just want to see this in cinema. another masterpiece from Lars von Trier