The Saddest Dog

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Goburin Sureiya

      1:30 just got me like wtf

    2. Bailey Jarest

      If your a coin collector like me... the silver dollar was an 1885cc

    3. Ally The B o r k

      My hqrt just MELTS when I see the poor face of the cute doggo

    4. Sardonicus

      2:59 That's a lot of sea spaghetti.

    5. Elijah Fraatz

      It’s a worm rave

    6. AutumnDays

      My dog has green eyebrows....

    7. Kevin Ruiz

      1:06 Medical marijuana my friends. CBD if you don't liek getting high. Also helps seizures


      My dog has eyebrows that make her look mad

    9. Weirdo Animations

      Take me not the pupper

    10. Don't Subscribe!

      Imagine taking a number 2 and hearing that disco underneath you...

    11. retro tech

      2:26 that one in left corner is me

    12. Plam tree

      Im not sad it’s just _madame eyebrows_

    13. Nathalia & Hailey

      1:25 Am I the only one who got scared 😂

    14. Mohan Guruswamy

      Poor doggy 😕

    15. Rohan Aggarwal

      Plot twist what if the plane doesn’t come back

    16. I was a failed abortion but anyway,

      2:51 same

    17. I was a failed abortion but anyway,

      1:25 - 1:37 :0 :D

    18. Aspen Paws


    19. Yezz Simp

      the doggy looks bored tbh ruka is a madman

    20. Addison NinjaStar

      Never going swimming again after I’ve seen those garden eels...

    21. Young A.B

      I want to be a Garden Eel now.

    22. Bepis

      Does anyone else thinks the dislikes are just bots?

    23. Bill Somrak

      1:40 "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil"

    24. Thomas Carlin

      Generally think that dog is sad

    25. Joy Ji

      His face looks human...maybe cause of his

    26. Matouš Kudela

      These Garden Eels look like they are having a nice jam together. :D

    27. NyanimeGamer

      1:55 - The gatekeeper Cerberus...

    28. HentheDooogo

      2:20 you see this thing destroying people’s ball sacks in try not to laugh

    29. chara dreemurr

      noooo the dog is sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    30. Alexander Wiklund

      2:00 of course its in japan

    31. durpy nyo

      Shibe nation made a vid about the dog wall

    32. OT fort


    33. Czech Gopnik

      1:24 i thought it was a howtobasic video

    34. King of awesomeness

      The arched mouth does it too

    35. Can i get 100 Subs without A video ?

      Those dogs be like: Helloo everyone this is YOUR Daily does of doginahole

    36. Kekoa Anderson

      My puppy is an American bulldog and that dog looks like mine

    37. Kekoa Anderson

      Is it an American bulldog?

    38. Rudra Pratap Sinha

      That's hitler reincarnation

    39. Ohhhsnap Damn

      1:59 these dogs get more attention from women than I do 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    40. Ethan Dorf

      This Dog looks Like a fucking human

    41. JuJu Bee

      Doggos protecc Doggos atacc But most importantly the stick their face out the cracc

    42. PixelsArtAndColoring

      2:50 is a documentary of my life

    43. Emerson Shields

      2:54 monster hunter world anybody

    44. Generic Claw

      2:23 oof

    45. Lewa365

      The Great Wall of doggo

    46. Eliana Askevold

      okay- something about his voice is actually kinda relaxing to me...

    47. bg6b7bft

      porta party. I can dig it.

    48. ay

      Toi Toi, hungary in the video.

    49. mIn YoOnGi

      I feel bad for that dog...

    50. Viriss Playz

      0:28 what if i just wanted to take a poo