The Saddest Dog

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    1. Alfons Elric Gudgad

      1:48 video by shibenation and also holes by shibenation

    2. Chris B.

      Great, a ripoff of you, called “Daily Dose of a Day”, is now trying to advertise their channel in this very comment section. What a deranged person.

    3. Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train

      That Super Secret Dance Club Isnt Secret Now Plus Im Sure We Can hear it outside

    4. It’s just Dean

      2:50 friendly noddles

    5. Subiugetur


    6. JakeLovesEverything


    7. Insert something :v


    8. LTW Gaming


    9. I'm not creative


    10. Fifi Da Demon

      *hello darkness my old f r i e n d*

    11. Jewel Cosmos

      0:22 I know how you feel, I hate taking baths too.

    12. Littlecutewolfloves


    13. Kaiden Dunn

      0:03 when u lost ur toy and cant find it forever

    14. Dante Diep

      That looks like one *_SHITTY_* dance club! But no, really though, it looks kind of bad. Barely any room, super tiny, and the fact that it's right next to legitimate porta-potties must mean it smells like actual shit.

    15. Zach Films

      2:27 the baby meerkat on the left

    16. Euan Yeoh

      Can I actually buy the coin thing?

    17. sisteryermy

      Those eels are so chill I wanna be one

    18. Chevy Rupleix

      I think I'm a garden eel. 2:50

    19. Charles Johnson

      The plane does not fly back to you someone flies it

    20. BadVibes

      That dog used to be a human 😂

    21. Feed The Madness

      Ive played with a discus glider before. Its really fun.

    22. YourLocal HugDealer

      Cover that doggo’s eyebrows, he still looks sad.

    23. Blue Gameing


    24. Andini R


    25. Grea Willo

      not so secret when u see lights and more than one person going in

    26. PixelFishFlintYT

      The dog actually DOSENT look sad. It just looks like its bored.

    27. Ocean_rider50

      *G I V E H I M A H U G R I G H T N O W*

    28. Lighting blue wolf



      I want him

    30. Andrea Jaramillo

      1:52 Is shibe nation

    31. Pretty Little Words

      Ok but that last shot is 100% Ursula's soul garden

    32. Yourhomeworkwasdue3yearsago .-.

      I wanna boop a garden eel

    33. Eternal Art

      My brother's dog has some kinda sad eyebrows either, even tho they are smaller It's kinda funny tbh

    34. Mr.Trouble

      "They spend the majority of their lives living in a hole" me too man

    35. Generic Salty kid

      Sad doggo makes me sad.

    36. Andrew Aberg

      1 dog tells lies the other tells the truth you may ask 1 quistion

    37. Conner Garrison

      When I get rich or no kind

    38. Isaac Pirtle

      The garden of death.

    39. Габриэль Рогозинский

      Пёс хоть и миленький. но и немного жуткий, из за того что на человека похож.

    40. Unicorn Lover

      those dogs r.everything

    41. Levi Ackerman

      *Evolution:* I am a cheetah. My body is flexible and agile to allow for maximum speed when hunting. My paws are adjusted to be sneaky and agile to efficiently hunt my prey. My jaw is extremely strong to kill the animals I hunt quickly. My fur has a pattern that evolved over tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years to camouflage me in the wild while hunting. My claws are excellent for climbing trees to save my prey from other predators. *Also Evolution:* I am an Eel and I stick out of a hole at the bottom of the sea for my entire life. I eat stuff that floats near me.

    42. Somali pirate who's actually somali

      1:39 _Before you pass you must answer our 3 riddles. . ._

    43. Wolfy Blitz

      Those garden eels at just water snakes

    44. Stefan Reich

      Wheeeere do you find this stuff


      who else knew abt the garden eels bc of animal crossing...?

    46. Estrada Senpai

      1:34 Wait what the fuuu

    47. Overly Paranoid

      1:49 I have seen enough hentai to know about this.

    48. TundraWolf Prod

      2:32 NO YOU JUST DESTROYED A GOOD MORGAN DOLLAR!! -Numismatist problems

    49. Indorian

      To me looks like Hitler.