THE SILLY SALMON CHALLENGE!! ( craziest moments ) 😂😝

Jackson O'Doherty

Jackson O'Doherty

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    1. Thectro

      You won't pin.I challenge you.

      1. Probuddy Gaming

        Thabrockman P. I

      2. Probuddy Gaming

        Thectro x.

      3. Roman Heath

        Thectro hhhh

      4. Nasim Laktit

        Hey Thectro do silly salmon on the sofa

      5. Rachel Martens

        Thectro iloveuu🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✂️🖍✏️📝📕📚📀💿🏘🎎🎹🚗🍩🍶🌈🌨🌦❄️🌊🍏🍎🍏🍎🤣😂😅😇🙂🙃🤡😡😖😟🤠😔😣😰😷😓😭😨😲😢😲😪😵😥😯😳😯😑😯😯😯😯😠😯😯😯😤😯😑😯😑😯😯😑😯😑😯😵😢😤😧🤥🤔😺😽👎🏾😸💪🏻😸😸👎🏾👎🏾👾

    2. Hunting HPizza


    3. Caleb Munro


    4. Randomer Doessttuff

      No one I’m no crazy’s

    5. Cameron Stevens

      Somehow their always next to water 🤔

    6. kyle Palmer

      Don't do that at the zoo

    7. kristianchima

      Impossible laugh

    8. Jovan Dhillon

      “Silly salmon” Jackson: Where? Friend: *points to acid pool* Jackson: 😵

    9. Marleypops 10


    10. life betrayed

      How do they get back up

    11. Lale Nale


    12. Raya Lamb

      I would never do this

    13. Michael Drifter

      My friend did that

    14. Nicki Dawes

      I regret doing it : silly salmon me: 😓loloooooo shi-

    15. Wardi Gamer

      I would silly as Saman if I got pinned

    16. Olivier BOURILLON


    17. Adam Fox

      One like one prayer for jakeson

    18. StickBot Play

      *does Silly Slalmon* *breaks leg*

    19. Bodie

      The one at mackas tho lol

    20. GforceDragon

      New hype LOL

    21. Alisha Zheng

      0:28 😱

    22. giorgi mosulishvili


    23. CaZzus

      Before 2million Views gang

    24. Nicki Nyland Fugl Møller

      2:22 lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    25. Peachy Pom

      I did the silly salmon in front of my teacher and she couldn't stop laughing

    26. jayden#slaaiblaar van rooyen

      Nicce bro cool vid i like that silly salmon😂😂

    27. Roman Heath


    28. oLi10k

      I Challenge you too give This comment a ❤️

    29. lawson reeve

      He'll no

    30. Anglezz_Nightmare

      9/10 of these people driwned

    31. itsqaisara here


    32. Mersud Sakanovic

      I challange you to like my coment...😂😂

    33. Sufyan gaming channel ali

      One of you guys had to get arrested

    34. Combat HITMAN2121

      I would do it off the bridge

    35. jubi laru

      that is stupid, dangerous and childish. i'll do it next weekend.



    37. Mrs. Otaku

      Its abit dangerous cause what if he got leg cramp when jumping in the lake or something

    38. Himanshu Chauhan

      Old video

    39. Funny videos Forever

      Do more silliness salmon

    40. mega man

      Fuck heads way to go to show how smart Australia is ya fuck heads if I ever see use be sure to cop a hook to the jaw

    41. Renzlie Clyde De Omana

      If you do the silly salmon challenge in the river and there is a alligator

    42. bob harper

      Anyone else wish he dropped is phone into water at the end? No? Just me? Ah...

    43. Freak God112

      I would

    44. Annie PGS

      Their in sydney

    45. Dimitrios Kanlis

      I did it on a bush three months ago and I still got a scar from it.

    46. Abhi Jake

      Thia qas awesome😂😂😂🖒. Be safe guys. And what gave u this silly salmon idea??

    47. Elbie Rumokoy

      Do you live on Australian

    48. Frizzy Frozzy

      Jackson! SILLY SAMON!

    49. _Maya_ Leavasa_

      I'm also from Australia and LOVE YOUR VIDS!! Ilygsm

    50. CareBoy YT