THE SILLY SALMON CHALLENGE!! ( craziest moments ) 😂😝

Jackson O'Doherty

Jackson O'Doherty

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    1. Aircontrol TV

      Was man nicht alles für Klicks macht

    2. Monica Giddens

      You wonder how they get out

    3. saabmadman

      So so funny . Well done guys

    4. Jannah Manaois

      You guys are the best, i was laughing so hard

    5. lukutis kukutis

      Cha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Lee Healy


    7. Lee Healy

      Beautiful just beautiful silly salmon as

    8. Георги Георгиев

      You stupid

    9. Ecj Jce

      I Prefer silly jackson over silly salmon.

    10. gracella patricia

      Hey Jackson What Do the silly salmon Ululululululu

    11. Milan Coopman


    12. Matthew09 Legendary09

      *U L U L U L U L U L*

    13. Jrme Buan

      That’s why women live longer than men

    14. Kitty gamer girl YT

      The guy:Silly salmon *Guy does it* Me:UlULAUAL *and falls off bed*

    15. Viking82

      Haha brutal mate.

    16. Angus Hill

      Yes i would (to be a life saver)

    17. Mitchell Paine

      it would take some bravery

    18. Devin Lawrie


    19. Jake McKeon

      Yes I would do all except one ☝️

    20. {Insert Clever Name Here}

      Just watched a few of these guys videos, they have to be the most ballys men alive

    21. Bro Cool6

      Oi jaxson do the sily samin

    22. Tray epg13

      How are they agreed that

    23. Danielle Levassur


    24. RJRacers

      He actually died

    25. Jim

      Idiot rude entitled morons.

    26. SniperBoiii 09

      Tucker Pressley

    27. Sny YT

      I walked over the golden gate Bridge once with my friend. I dared him to do the silly salmon. He must have really liked the water because he haven't returned since then

    28. Leonela M


    29. Xavier Nakaroti

      i broke my collarbone on halloween from a silly salmon but it was amazing no school

    30. michel scappaticci

      les mecs sont vraiment énormes

    31. กัปตัน Theera


    32. Mohamed Suleiman

      hahahahahaha. 😂 😂I like it 😍

    33. akori mike

      Hey do the silly salmon, where? Off that building. Okay ulululuh, splat!!! What were his last words...ulululuh!!

    34. Rick wallace

      I know this is supposed to be spontaneous,but please tell me you check for boats before jumping off bridges.

    35. Funtime Animation

      I was at the brisbane bridge a few days ago! LoL now everytime i go there i will remember u in my head

    36. Blue eyes Ender Men


    37. BlueElijong Gamer

      1:09 when you wanted to buy a BigMac but you don’t have enough money

    38. Claudia Garcia Vieyra

      The Sound Effects Though!!!

    39. Jayant Kumar

      The cameraman never did it. Ninja

    40. ROBLOX Lingchen

      omg he has 18,910,542 sub!!!!!!!!! sub him to 1000,0000,0000,000000543333,3 sub

    41. Rayyan Taup

      Im with my clasamate or friends are doing this think so funny

    42. Hockeyboy Marsden

      Omg I done that

    43. Amanda Kelly

      No not doing that y'all brave

    44. Team Nightmare

      I did the silly salmon in public before.

    45. Mauricio Fuentes

      I dare you to do the silly salmon and in someone else's pool

    46. M&M sqaud

      I would but if they did it to me I wouldn't

    47. Jordan Mroskey

      I laughed so hard

    48. Emily Chavez

      Where did he get out

    49. チャンネルりん


    50. Payten Harrison