The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    Everyone gets burnout, even GR-newsrs. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health. Will they be able to go two weeks without working?
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    1. Sarah Williamson

      Wow Ned is SUCH a dad

    2. Alice Does Stuff

      #1 on trending!! Nice job!!!

    3. Gaby  Silva

      When the try guys end up passing Spiderman Far from home

    4. Chromie Barnes

      petition to have an hour long video of Wes ogling at a ceiling fan 💕👶

    5. Jeda Aspiras


    6. LD4SOCCER

      Sub to me and I’ll sub you back twice. I’m not lying

    7. Tarin Sandwick

      I love you guys!!!!

    8. rose garden dreams

      omg Maggie !!!

    9. Isabella Lee-Hauser

      Can we get a video of baby Wes just staring at ceiling fan for 5 minutes straight please

    10. Abel Theo

      can Keith's brother please be in more videos? dude is funny asf.

    11. Aquetzaly Silva

      We actually get to see Zach's girlfriend in a video😍😍

    12. Angela Celi

      Number ONE on TRENDING!

    13. Laurel Rhinehardt

      I’m about a minute into this and I keep cringing at their involvement of Kati Morton. I love the Try Guys, but Kati Morton has been debunked more than once by the greater mental health community and doesn’t have a great track record. She’s great with young women with eating disorders, but I’m no fan of hers. Really wishing they had picked someone else.

    14. Doctor Kermit

      17:39 that was a good enough vacation for me

    15. Laura Miller

      " dumpster fire of fabulosity" awesome!!! Eugene owning the internet again.

    16. Carnival

      Eugene is a big mood

    17. Barbara Switzler

      Okay, I missed you all so much that I have watched every video that I could find, except the immigration video, next. I figured that you had some well earned vacation time, so thrilled that was confirmed. Life is good!

    18. Nelly


    19. why is everyone on youtube retarded

      Being a person who loves to learn I have no trouble focusing on my 1.5 hour long classes 4x every week day back to back 😂😂 I get really passionate about school. I'm probably the only person like this though most people hate school 😭😭

    20. bts army entertainment

      I still love kpop(bts and blackpink)

    21. jill-O jell-O

      Yea well guess cant take a fucking mental break from school... So i am forced to keep going, to keep doing dumb shit all hours of the night, to to work that is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS (like really when am i gonna need to know the hypotenuse of right triangle). Putting needless stress on us... Surrounded by kids who HATE and BULLY YOU EVERY FUCKING DAY ... To get called a faggot everyday, and not feeling safe in a place of learning...a place where you should be able to be yourself, but you cant because you will just get ridiculed and made fun of for it... (And trust me i have AT LEAST one mental breakdown every month because of school) So yea Try Guys enjoy your fucking vacation.....ill just be in the corner crying, like usual

    22. Keerthana Vinod

      I’m in a vacation.. take rest then work hard....

    23. nevershoutmakeup


    24. poppyseed1987

      I can’t believe all those animals at the zoo were actually out and visible. Whenever I go to the zoo they all hide. They must have known Eugene was coming.

    25. Hana Nurhidayati

      "Zacchary! ZACCHARY BE CAREFUL!" so cuuuuuuuttteeeeeeee :3

    26. Jake Antosca

      bring back candid competition

    27. Candis Gonzales

      Eugene is my spirit animal... "So, Eugene... What are you gonna do?" "I like animals..." Immediately goes to ZOO.... Can anyone else relate

    28. crankylady 666

      I really enjoy how much effort they put into bringing us great videos I feel a bit guilty they didn't get a real holiday

    29. teacup

      I wanna hang out with keith's family

    30. Null

      When Eugene said spending time with family is what Christmas is all about instead of spending it on your own.. I felt that lmao. I can't relate either Eugene 😂

    31. Stella Votrubova

      "cuz im fucking scary" im screaming!!!!!!!!!

    32. ll Software Instability ll

      Is anyone going to address how that knife was so sharp that it cut armhairs Just me? Okay

    33. Biz Mad

      I went were zack went last year

    34. ArdaBoo Electric Boogaloo


    35. Shaquice DaCosta

      I like the idea of Eugene knowing the animals without reading the plaques 😁

    36. Jordan

      Ok I’m all about mental health breaks but regular people can’t just take a mental health break because they want to, their work would fire them.

    37. Lonely Otaku

      10:12 - 10:41 same Ned

    38. Gavin Carr

      5 mill on GR-news in six months never done befo

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    40. Alaina T

      Nice wreck on Jake Paul

    41. Helen Newell

      "Zachary!! Watch out!!"

    42. Kobedagoat 824

      I work best when I’m under pressure

    43. Ergiv

      Zach saw Rammstein live OMG THAT IS MY DREAM

    44. Ben Chesebro


    45. Tristan Wittmer

      Shane Dawson left the chat

    46. This Channel Has No Name

      Congrats on trending 🎉🍾🎊

    47. t3rianz gia

      Oh my god,,,, I've been waiting for ya'll new video. At last

    48. BrittBrownMarsh

      So glad y’all are back! The vacations looked super fun 😊

    49. karen Montgomery-Wilson

      Same Eugene, SAME. Don’t let your friends take no shit from bullies.