The Try Guys Try Stepping



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    The Try Guys team up with Alpha Phi Alpha at USC for an opportunity that "only comes once in a lifetime."
    Special thanks to Alpha Phi Alpha!
    Jr High Angstathon / Mr Sophisticated / Breaking All The Rules / Out And About / Deeper Blue / Tubular / Alright It's Go Time / Undefeated
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    SFX provided by Audioblocks.
    Made by BFMP
    Tristan Hill
    Deyo Forteza
    The Omega Psi Phis Rehearsing
    Robert Abbott Sengstacke / Getty Images
    Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Teenie Harris Archive
    Carnegie Museum of Art / Getty Images
    Alumni Reunion (1915) / Wikimedia Commons
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    1. that_ags_girl !

      They actually did that surprisingly well

    2. Ajit Friedmann

      INTENSE FACE!!!!!!!!

    3. Ajit Friedmann

      This opportunity come once in a lifetime

    4. The London Curls

      Zach is just adorable

    5. Hyper Hippo

      Eugene is good at everything I HATE MYSELF

    6. Nash SkyFox Channel

      I was wacthing dance academy people falling in love breaking up and the same thing over and over again it’s so annoying and then I see this Eugene is like the hot guy WHO KNOWS HOW TO DANCE 💃 while the others.... I don’t know

    7. B B

      Sorry but Beyoncé out stepped y'all

    8. Cameryn Gibbs

      Oh shoot, you guys KILLED IT!!

    9. Samantha Hill

      It’s called stomping…well at least it used to be called stomping and I’m just behind😂

    10. Nova Collins

      This was jaw dropping good 😂

    11. Hanna

      The try guys learn how to dance the Haka

    12. Sohela g

      Eugene is 🔥🔥❤️

    13. Coraline Glover

      the guys teaching them were soooo cool

    14. Natalie Kopp

      “I am here, serving some tea”😂😂

    15. Ridita Azam

      OMG Zach nailed it!.... Eugene is EUGENE! 😘

    16. Lakiesha Cassady

      5:04 🙌🙌🙌👀

    17. Raegan Giroux

      Who else was just looking at Eugene the whole time?

    18. Tsuki Matsuda

      That guy jumping around at the end-MEWHEHEH

    19. Emelia Hernandez

      They kilt this !!

    20. Taniah Monroe

      They killed that, good job

    21. Allycia Angeles


    22. gothicc bunny

      love step so much 💞 when i was in elementary school the step team were all older than me and so sweet, they’d teach me moves and braided my hair haha i wish i actually got into it 👀

    23. RocketRoketto

      Yassss get it!! Baby it!

    24. EartgRoC137

      Zach surprised me so much! He went all in and the payoff was awesome ❤️

    25. lauzie M

      Got to say Zack and Eugene nailed it 😂😊

    26. Omolara Music

      I love this

    27. ilove2929

      Zach was living for it

    28. Masaki Akashi

      Look at zach's face😂

    29. Amira Abdinoor

      I am blah blah And I am blah PLAH The try guys: We show our butts on the internet!!!

    30. Lil random girl 83

      “This is the MACAREEEENA” Sorry I just laughed so hard at that part cause you’re supposed to pronounce it “Ma.Ca.Rei.Ma”

    31. Shayla Lewis

      This was amazing 😩 they did so good!

    32. Raven Machinima

      I secretly wished Zach’s glasses would fall off...😂

    33. Ashley Gatewood

      Woah they actually all did perfect

    34. Jake Foley-Luskin

      I haven't finished the video I am only like 1 min in but I don't care how good they end up being whit people can't and shouldn't step it just ruins African American culture and I myself are white

    35. Skyla White

      They are acting like over a million people aren't watching this omg xD

    36. Aparajita Sonowal

      This was Awesome!!

    37. The Bad Ashe


    38. Dance Girl

      The guy jumping in the back trying to maintain his balance at the end of the performance 😂😂😂

    39. rina pedragosa

      Ned is literally me!!!

    40. Rebecca Sloat

      Zach' enthusiasm though in the performance 👌🏼

    41. EXO L N' ARMY with a dash of AHGASE

      3:04 WHY IS EVERY ASIAN KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Ririan Satome

      Who else heard, “WE ARE IN YOUR DM’S LIKE.”

    43. can somebody tell me how to say coupon?

      is their women's stepping because I wanna try...

    44. Minty Borro

      Wow! I feel soo proud for you guys! Its the weirdest feeling cuz I dont know you guys 🤣🤣 killed it!

    45. Sleepy Ri

      They are just so CUUUUUTE T_____T

    46. V4Life97

      Try guys pole dance!!

    47. vJuliav xo

      Omg i love that guy what is always in the middle ! Love him!!

    48. King Cams

      Oh my god, Eugene! Why are you head-banging in practice tho? You're so cute omg But you guys did great in the final performance💘

    49. jvr69

    50. beebo is our king

      *i’m living for keith incorrectly quoting eminem*