The X Factor UK 2018 Athena Manoukian Auditions Full Clip S15E04


  1. Peter Loudaros


  2. Linny0809

    No dice Nada.... 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Gréta Görföl

    What the hell was that?! ...

  4. Desert Tunes

    she cant sing im sorry shes good looking thats all

  5. Hyper Sports

    I'm not in the music industry. But i think she sounded great untill 2:31. She does have stage performance and she knows how to use her sex appeal. She should probably be in a girl group band.

  6. Katerina Patiniotis

    0:37 She wants the D 8======> 😁😂😂

  7. Katerina Patiniotis

    Girl, the ladies in Greece will eat you ALIVE!!! They're too insecure and have no guts to do what you did. And guess what! You've got 3 big Yes's from the biggest names in British entertainment!! Choose the right songs next time.

  8. Katerina Patiniotis!!...😄😄😄😄

  9. Katerina Patiniotis

    Your English pronunciation sucks man!

  10. John Olaes

    @ 4:25 "so ugly" 😂

  11. John Olaes

    Bruhh thats super cringe 😫😭

  12. Anahita Hassanzade

    really Simon? really?

  13. lisa corimbi

    can you stop your stupid dislikes? even if you don' t like her, think at anthony who is killing himself for downloading the x fac season. you are really really stupid. all those dislikes can ruin his profile. for what? for a bunch of idiots. that's it. anthony, darling, thank you for what are doing for us.

  14. Ronald Z

    Geil buikje beine & titten

  15. Marielis Bautista

    No me gusto

  16. izzi

    I wanna smash her

  17. laura bandula

    She has great style, but did she even sing the song? I couldn't tell if she had a voice or she just practiced the parts over again until she nailed it. But that's it, just the long parts, everything else was...I would have said no. And I just laughed at the FB remark and Twitter. Good God, that's what the generation today is obsessed with, kind of scary...

  18. Maliaka Massaquoi

    She can sing tho maybe not the right song for today that’s all😂

  19. luv babyG

    She is gorgeous

  20. Annie Cortez

    Too much confidence sometimes destroys your reputation.. feel like a Diva

  21. amber fredricks

    lol she almost came out of her top at the end

  22. deny deny


  23. Nathaniel UncleDrew

    Lmaoo look 3:16 why is everyone looking like 😮

  24. Aujanae Ford

    She is a great performer but not a singer (not being rude!) she’s super pretty

  25. Aujanae Ford

    Damn my expectations were so high 😂😭 I’m disappointed 😔

  26. Wassim Abedalhay

    wtfffffffff bad voice stupid Simon

  27. George L.

    Κομπλεξάρες έλληνες κάθονται και την βρίζουν στα αγλλικά. Ουτε εμένα μου άρεσε αλλά δεν βγάζω τέτοια μιζέρια και κακία.

  28. great slut

    I am from Russia, and for this country her external data is very terrible ;)

  29. NoL

    stop she love her so much

  30. King Lena

    HA HA HA HA HA HA 🤣 🤣 🤣

  31. Onochie Ubani

    This girl should be modelling by now. She has the right attitude for it

  32. Onochie Ubani

    😂 I love her

  33. Memh Panag

    Btw μοιάζει στην Sofia vergara εδώ συγκεκριμένα γτ Γενικά θ ήθελε

  34. Rosanna Turunen


  35. Mercyluvs

    This is a perfect example of looks can get you in the door🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Ms GiGi

    I even dont know what is happening!?

  37. Narisala Bunmee

    I like you

  38. trapease

    louis the king said no

  39. mer0106

    Simon, you've disappointed me. I expected more from ya.

  40. Zara Zain

    i agreed with Louis :p

  41. MaiMaiShow

    She can sing. Shes being hated on because she is pretty and her confidence falls a bit

  42. Monika S

    The judge’s faces....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. alexandra mpas

    .... i am from greece and i dont know you, like many others as i see in the comments ...and i have to tell you my girl you have a good voice but not something amazing be liitle bit more humble... you will earn much more things like that...

  44. Anastasia M

    Not to be mean, but this girl is the definition of EXTRA... (proud of my boy Louis for saying no when the other judges are to blinded by... idek what)

  45. Ors180717

    Its a yes for both of you!

  46. Zaraki Kenpachi


  47. Meghan Kane

    Louis was 100% right on this one. She was not good at all. I get it’s hard to follow Beyoncé but this is ridiculous and the act and outfit.. no. She’s TOO in love with herself. And people saying he’s gay for not liking it need to seriously grow up. That shit is so overrated and wrong. She was not good, sorry. She also looks like she belongs to the circus too lmao.

  48. Roger

    Maybe try porn .

  49. mobooshka

    Weirdest "yes" from Simon for me

  50. Abdelkarim Keraressi

    he is gay lol xD who say no lmao :P .