The X Factor UK 2018 Athena Manoukian Auditions Full Clip S15E04

Anthony Ying

Anthony Ying

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    1. henrik grigori

      All right for those who didnt konw her ,now you all know her.

    2. Armlove

      4 prostitut 💩💩💩🐷🐷🐷🤮🤮🤮🤮

    3. Richard Breunig

      I have a feeling that she's only doing it for fame and popularity. I couldn't feel her passion for music. I would've said no too. Way too cringey and cheesy.

    4. raffi art

      Wtf people are so judgmental and jealous! It is not her fault that she is sexy and hot. Her voice was not bad, only wrong choice of song. She can do great with less demanding pop songs. Plus it’s never easy to sing and dance.

    5. Muhammad Mota

      She had a great audition and yes if one focuses on just the part where she auditioned and not the preview and part where she introduced herself, it was rather entertaining. Her personality before came off as one of the IT girls I guess, but she had the looks, was a great performer and her voice just needed a little bit of work in order to be great but overall she did well. Just my opinion though. Others may feel different

    6. Mkhitar Karapetyan

      ARMENIA 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

    7. Marie Healy

      I really don't know her and I'm from Greece, I think her voice is kinda good, her performance is a huge no and she's very beautiful so she could try modeling or something..

    8. Вилкая Армения

      Красвица Армянка жлаю тебя счастья и успехов в всем 🇦🇲🇦🇲😍💋

    9. Amina Munga

      Shes not having the voice

    10. amenoire

      gays will love her

    11. lara k

      Why she wasnt x factor

    12. stavros kouroupis

      εγω γουσταρω τα σχολια χαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα

    13. Μιχαελα Τσαγγαλα

      Go greece🇬🇷💜💜

    14. Shimon Kindred

      awesome performance she is so beautiful, gorgeous and so dame sexy I would love to take her out on a date.

    15. Brittany Segraves

      Lol he ask what her name bam full paragraph

    16. Annita Efstathiou

      Perfect Greece 🤗

    17. KB Reacts

      She loves herself too much. Too vain is how you put it. Selfies and all of that **** isn't on. Louis did the right thing. Athena is just sooooo creepy. Did her parents train her to do this as if she worked as a model or what!?

    18. WhereOceans Meat

      pretty & fair / pretty & fairly rubbish

    19. Aphrodite Boo

      (I'm from Greece and I know her stop with that!)Tbh she has a great voice I don't get all those mean comments.she's gorgeous too.You go girl Greece supports you :)

    20. tony parsons

      thats hot & she can sing 2

    21. Fabrice Tremblay

      Beside the fact that she gives me a good boner, there isn't anything else that makes her remarkable.

      1. Fabrice Tremblay

        +Aphrodite Boo ? Can you speak in a proper english?

      2. Aphrodite Boo

        Fabrice Tremblay stfup

    22. NtinosFD

      Τα έχει πει ο Θύτης

    23. KB Reacts

      What the bloody hell was that performance called? I'm actually happy that Louis said no. Athena loves herself WAAAYYYYY TOO MUCH.

    24. Day Will Come

      If it was a Pussycat Dolls audition she would get the part but as a solo artist... No.

    25. DimitriTheGreat

      Athinoula exeis kavalisei polu to kalami...

    26. Mtkrvi06

      Nasal. But....She would have won had this been an adult film audition Daddy funded this attempt.

    27. Sternritter

      Do you know why she got through? Views.

    28. Mino Jorge


    29. variemai poli

      Αυτό που κράξετε άκυρες επειδή φοράνε κάτι πιο ανικτο αλλά καυλονεται με την μιναζ και την κάθε μιναζ

    30. legend

      Μπράβο σου. Όμορφη ακομπλεξαριστη _ ισωςυπερβολικα για κάποιους- και ωραία φωνή

    31. mary mary

      the gay say no

    32. Ms Gamer

      She didn't make it?

    33. Vee T

      The look Ayda gave to Robbie at 2:36 2:37 ... LOL 😂

    34. Ivan Zadravec

      That kid in judges is obviously gay

    35. camelazo


    36. Natalia 24

      τι σκατα ειναι αυτο που βλεπουν τα αμυγδαλωτα ελληνικα ματακια μου

    37. nektarios fwkas


    38. R0nwil

      nope we have no idea who she is in greece xD

    39. P. Steel

      Αντε ρε το πουτανακι

    40. littlephycho

      I am from Greece and I know this person..GO ATHENA🔥🔥

    41. pagotakias

      Im from Greece and i wanna tell the people of Greece to don't be so fast to judge someone and yes i agree that was not the best audition but crearly she can sing. So before judge someone by one video try first to find out who she is, i was on her youtube channel and just watched the "Lost on you" cover and its incredible this girl deserve to be a famous singer more than some other famous singers of Greece who don't deserve that success they got.

    42. ridho prasetya

      unbeliveable simon says yes.....

    43. Mery Sarkisian

      So many ppl found time to write all those negative comments, oh my God! She is beautiful, young and very talented, dont be so envious😂😂😂👍👍👍

    44. afrosoko

      Am I. The only one who noticed 2.35 When Robbie's wife gives him an eye..

    45. Melissa Diaz

      Gorgeous girl but if you going to sing a Queen B song...then at least do it justice!

      1. Infinity 8

        Melissa Diaz loll....the girl was singing truly live while dancing. Your queen b during dancing routines always use prerecorded live tracks.

    46. Niki Y

      I Love Louis ...he's always so right ❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗😍

    47. DANIEL Bliznakoski

      Where is this girl now in the competition

    48. SoulHuN7eR

      Who does she think she is... I'm greek and I've never heard of her. :O PS: Με έπαρση κοπελιά δεν σε βλέπω να κάνεις καριέρα. Θα φάς πολλές φάπες εν καιρό. :/

    49. Trevor

      i'd put my x in her factor

    50. tich pharaone

      I think it was good. She was ready to take the show. Not shy and she has a nice voice. When Beyoncé wear same thing why we don’t criticize her?