Things that Happened While I Grew up

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

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    glad i didnt drown!

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you don't drown anytime soon (or ever)

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    1. TheAMaazing

      P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

      1. WiiThErEd

        its maaz. m-a-a-z. from his rap?

      2. Daniel Durso

        But you have no eyes...

      3. UniKittySquish24 :3


      4. I Love Jesus :3

        TheAMaazing no

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    2. alexa ramirez


    3. MC GAMER 173

      who here is Asian coment what is your Asia blood I'm from Philippines hehe

    4. alexa ramirez


    5. alexa ramirez

      SPAGEHT AND PAPYRUS!!!!!!!!!

    6. Eaglemcfly1

      The same thing about the pool happened to me, but it was in the beach and surrounded by a lot of other kids (summer camp), so I also couldn't swim to the sides. 12 years later I still remember the agony of almost passing out underwater, it's awful.

    7. Nathan

      All your videos are actually amazing! Your so relatable!

    8. Planet Zara MSP

      Hey Jaiden. Happy early birthday! (Is it extremely creepy that I remember your birthday? Yes? okay)

    9. The Pearl of The Clam

      2:42 I just realized Papyrus' face from Undertale. ._. Boi!! Jaiden! An Easter egg.

    10. Sophie Tanner

      you were at viscoom Australia i didn't know that i'm Australian god dam it

    11. CuriousClaws


    12. Slippy Sam

      Did anyone else see papyrus

    13. Kawaii MarMar


    14. Wulf fy

      2:43 I SEE PAPYRUS

    15. Matthew Boardman

      2:43 papyrus

    16. Quinn Allred

      5:34 is that a Sponge Bob reference..?

    17. I just want to comment

      I’m pretty sure that Jaiden has autism

      1. I just want to comment

        She shows a lot of the signs tho

      2. Matrix The Mystical

        maybe probably not

    18. PuppyDogLover #1

      I love your videos. They make me laugh even though right now I am in a pit of depression and anxiety

    19. Ayano Aishi

      _pata wid nu _*_T H O T S_* realizes the one under me has thots as well jumps off a cliff

    20. Cutesy Haven

      *stares at sister*....... Sister:blablablablabla Me:*keeps “the stare” Sister:*runs away*

    21. iiDJ_XD

      @everyone HOW DARE YOU PING ME

    22. WRM :D

      3:03 YOU MADE CHOKE WHILE I WAS EATING but I am good now :D

    23. Emma Baldree

      who saw papyrus?

    24. Noah Garza

      Jaiden can I be in one of your vids I am only asking 5 the same thing from each

    25. Sergio Silva

      Jaiden: thank you Mr Chad Me:glad she's still alive or she wouldn't have made this video

    26. Mitch Cavazos


    27. BillTheMiner

      Jaiden's parent's name revealed Dad: Brown Mum: Hazel

    28. Dra Carmen M Garcia

      1:42 D I S C O R D R E F E R E N C E ? ?

    29. Alonzo Sanchezaltami

      Oh no the suk 4:01

    30. Alonzo Sanchezaltami

      Patha with no thos

    31. Alonzo Sanchezaltami

      That's a lot of spaghetti

    32. Hawk49aj

      Wait who eats parts without his sauce honestly what’s the point

    33. Fox endeavor

      I have black eyes. *pitch black eyes, dark as the void, it glazes back at you, with a fierce infinity endless corridor*

    34. luigi gamer765

      Jaiden you are so awesome and cool and really funny 😁 you are the best

    35. Mathew Rivera

      I saw PAPYRUS in the background when jaiden was drowning in SPAGHETT!!!

    36. The Gaming King

      _paseta weth nu sauce_

    37. Jessica Chen

      6:07 “Someone asked me to sign their shirt so I just wrote Jaiden’s Mom” ❤️

    38. rai pika pi

      **gasps** theres a tiny Papyrus in the spaghetti!!!

    39. Ethan Messerole

      I love your videos🙂🙂🙂🙂

    40. Waluigi Wario

      *ahem * *P A T H A W I T H N O T H A U T H*

    41. William Harrison

      Yeah I almost drowned as well

    42. Booga

      patha with no thause

    43. Violet dice head Wolf

      Just... * WHEEZE * AaaahahahhHhhHhHhHHEeEeeE BOoIIooIIo

    44. Malcolm's Adventure

      5:26 your in California !! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    45. Eski Animations

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    46. Malcolm's Adventure

      2:42 Mario's Voice

    47. Gamer CJ

      Pata wit no thauth

    48. Slime Boi Animations


    49. Evelyn Mejia

      4:57 • She says 3 six year olds but in her imagination there is 1 ??LOGIC????

    50. Rebekah Fortin

      "OH YEAH I ALMOST DIED AND DROWNED" dont worry me to.... In a wave pool