Top 10 Biggest Ships In The World

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    Counting down the top 10 largest ships ever built! These things are massive!
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    Top 10 Biggest Ships In The World

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    1. T FOR TECK

      Can you subscribe me plz

    2. Diamond Universe Family

      Titanic forever

    3. Server Myself

      Perfect for immigrants

    4. Himadri Ahmed

      lts fake ship the bigest ship in titanic

    5. Apado Gwaenchana

      wtf is Kookie doing here ? hello ?

    6. joveth ponce


    7. Tae Tae

      Why there is Jungkook ? 🤔🤔🤔

    8. Poovaiih Poovaiih

      Dealist ship

    9. Titanic Big boat

      Titanic or Britannic

    10. PsychoBoy2018 Creative Destruction

      I have a model of Jarmada

    11. BrockoLee

      I hear imperial, I dislike.

    12. Kyntiewborlang Nongdhar

      To anybody who is confused 1 metric tonne is 1000kg

    13. Salvatorre Tube

      Include every ship's specifications and use superior measuring unit.

    14. PipeOne

      Feet measure is completely stupid

    15. Alexander Vergara

      I think i was born in wikipedia 1.Freedom ship 2.aircraft carrier 3.Knock nevis Edit: Dont ask me about Noah's ark its so small

    16. AK1L35H

      Retard units, disliked

    17. King Kong

      +1 dislike for using feet only.

    18. Santanu Goswami

      Titanic and harmony of the seas nehi hai

    19. Absorbed Boy

      Where are the cruise ships??

    20. Nick Karsten

      If these ships are cold they will be a few feet shorter because the steel will shrink

    21. Nick Karsten

      Fucking imperial shit please use metric

    22. Lucas Hoppe

      I like that he is saying Emma maersk then its Maersk Line 6:09

    23. Puppet Player

      Where's Johnlock

    24. hyunho Ryu

      You forget a korean ship "Flng"

    25. Agnes & Dora by Lauren

      Where’s the titanic? These ships are nothing

    26. Saulius Savelis

      what is ft? it is a feet of a child or of a bigfoot?

    27. samya das

      Please tell in Hindi bro 😜😛😝😚😺😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸

    28. Jeon Jungkook

      Titanic stays unbothered :)

    29. AndyBlox62

      10:24 what are you doing here!!!!!

    30. Caleb Andresen

      Nothing special about a double bottom hull nowadays

    31. Lalo 831

      5:40 it has 100 and 9000 HP lol hahahahahaha for real????

    32. Ethans Numbers

      Why is Titanic so small

    33. Pizza Time

      ouhhh common football field ? what the fuck

    34. Floral Girl

      Ha titanic will be still best 😭⛴

    35. FaZe Nirvana

      he just offended the titanic. wow

    36. MDH plays gacha

      There is no titanic

    37. THE HERO

      This is the real sea monsters!

    38. WishwaRajindu Liyanagama

      heeeee SOOO. When AM GOING . AAA

    39. Sniper kitty

      Isnt Titanic the biggest ship?

    40. TheTerranscout

      A football field is not only just the 100 yards between endzones, but also the 10 yard endzones (which are in the field of play) on each side, so its actually 120 yards long (360 ft)

    41. farhaan mohammed

      Titanic is the ship with real luxury...! Nowadays the ships are just modern and not royal...!! Titanic looks beautiful even from the outside...! And y does titanic look bigger than these ships...!! 😂😂

    42. Patrick Todd

      how about the shell prelude?

    43. Morit Lh


    44. IT Fan

      I skipped it a bit and the first word I heard was Titanic. Well am I not surprised

    45. 109 nathanroblox xdivixe

      I choose oasis

    46. Yes Gautam Yes

      Hindi me bol

    47. Junjun PH

      Oasis of the Seas

    48. Crushafan2010 Entertainment and more!

      1:44 gta iv

    49. DesertFcK Eagle


    50. 7745849974 Tetambe

      Very nice and👌👌

    51. u noob

      They are bigger than the titanic, but their luxury is nothing comapred to titanic's.

    52. MsUncleKevin

      Why to put annoying shitty techno track in the backround pls...

    53. Star Wolf19

      It is not ships it is cargo ships symphony of the seas is the world's largest ship now search it on Google you will see how the symphony of the seas looks like

    54. Nicolae Cojocaru

      .-. what about Freedom Ship

    55. IntelligentXF

      Stop talking about titanic that it is smaller than these ships 🚢 🛳⛴⚓️🛥

      1. circus baby gamer

        Its true its smaller or a toy😂😂😂

    56. basement dweller

      Freedom ship is biggest ship in the world even tough its still bigger Than those

    57. Nils Kihlberg

      the speaker sucks

    58. intanwulans

      Noah's Ark (Nuh's Ark) is the biggest ship ever created by an moslem (Before Selurium Period Starts)

    59. Squishball 572

      There all cargo ships

    60. mychannel

      Disliked, unsubscribed, reported.

    61. Dominik B

      cool video but music...

    62. michael harper

      merchant beautiful appoint lzgomh thereby tube fire evil bible adequate.

    63. kommandochief'18

      and just like space travel, nobody goes for building biggest ships anymore, except for the dumbass cruise industry

    64. Larry Fine

      Also I like how all you talk about is how these ships compare to titanic.

    65. Larry Fine

      Actually jarmada wasn't fast in 1911 ships could go 36 knots.

    66. Asher-Ezarik

      10:24 why is there jungkook there?

    67. Fabian IV Guaren

      Titanic is a small ship, compared other ship now, seaman here 😊

    68. Barry G. Gould

      im confused. these are all work vessels designed to transport goods. you cant compare work vessels to ocean liners. thats comparing apples oranges. revise this list for ocean liners instead of work vessels and then lets see where the titanic stacks up then

    69. Matt Andrei Silo

      Symphony of The Seas?

    70. raymond hatake

      the titanic will still be the best

    71. Resouluted -games

      What about cruise ships?? Like allure oasis harmony ??

    72. u noob

      your comparing an ocean liner to cruise ships and vessels. you should have compared ocean liners. We still love the Ttanic because of its luxury, and how big and tall it is.

    73. Nathan Johnsen


    74. tacomadman

      Were is titanic

      1. Secret Gamer


    75. Angel Alvarez

      You even added 70 feet to the first ship...🤭...nice job!!!

    76. Dessilu Niño Guevarra

      My dick would of been an honorable mention

    77. Sea Selkie

      You forgot destiel... the biggest ship.

    78. Aigars Valters

      Wtf is the fr? In normal is meter!!!

    79. aaron names

      These fucking list makers are so phony and uneducated always mispronouncing anything foreign

    80. Wobeen

      Titanic Made on 1909 finished in 1912. that is 100+ years and Titanic is just like they're Ancestor but what if They Rebuilt Titanic And it's look like a Real TITAN Ship. Right now our ship is more hightech compare to Titanic.

      1. Wobeen

        Titanic is still History compare to this Cargo Ships

    81. Vasili Dumbrava

      I heard that in the future the tititanic will disappear because of ocean germs ):

    82. Sara C

      I was looking for bughead and ended up here 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    83. Jesseツ

      Titanic is still the beautiful ship ever made

      1. Fabian IV Guaren


    84. Carissa Pedro Villegas Castro

      Whats up with tankers.... Compared to a cruise liner ship

    85. AL AL

      Hiiiiigchcyjg y yg 8 h

    86. ChefGiovanni

      I crossed the ocean on the Emma ship. She was amazing. Time to cook.

    87. Sr. D

      Fucking ft? Use meters for God sake...

    88. CJ Ever

      Imagine engining a mega tanker with 6 GE9X 😂😂

    89. Elenna Hroncich


    90. Elenna Hroncich


    91. Elenna Hroncich


    92. ExtremelyOCD

      Just wish they showed the Titanic in comparison in the drawings showing sizes.

    93. #nerdzilla

      The titanic is the top 100 ship sizes

    94. Randum.Videos.124 1

      Only cargo ships

    95. all-over

      Tge biggest ship is the ocean history

    96. KrishPlayZ Theo Town And more!

      But the titanic will be the most famous

      1. Gleeson Bradley


    97. Joe Abramo

      Bull shit titanic is bigger than any ship in the world in my book

    98. ColeKaCola

      im not afraid of the titanic anymore woah

    99. Jamie Fitz


      1. Gleeson Bradley


    100. Rebemar Sarosad

      What is the number one most biggest ship?

      1. Rebemar Sarosad

        Oh.. i wondering its titanic or Noah's ark or cruise.. my friend said the no. 1 is oasiz

      2. Secret Gamer

        Symphony of the seas