Top 10 Biggest Ships In The World

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    Counting down the top 10 largest ships ever built! These things are massive!
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    Top 10 Biggest Ships In The World

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    1. Agnes & Dora by Lauren

      Where’s the titanic? These ships are nothing

    2. Saulius Savelis

      what is ft? it is a feet of a child or of a bigfoot?

    3. samya das

      Please tell in Hindi bro 😜😛😝😚😺😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸

    4. Jeon Jungkook

      Titanic stays unbothered :)

    5. AndyBlox62

      10:24 what are you doing here!!!!!

    6. Caleb Andresen

      Nothing special about a double bottom hull nowadays

    7. Lalo 831

      5:40 it has 100 and 9000 HP lol hahahahahaha for real????

    8. Ethans Numbers

      Why is Titanic so small

    9. Pizza Time

      ouhhh common football field ? what the fuck

    10. Floral Girl

      Ha titanic will be still best 😭⛴

    11. FaZe Nirvana

      he just offended the titanic. wow

    12. Bedaya Hassan

      There is no titanic

    13. VVVbroskiclan ROMS

      This is the real sea monsters!

    14. WishwaRajindu Liyanagama

      heeeee SOOO. When AM GOING . AAA

    15. Sniper kitty

      Isnt Titanic the biggest ship?

    16. TheTerranscout

      A football field is not only just the 100 yards between endzones, but also the 10 yard endzones (which are in the field of play) on each side, so its actually 120 yards long (360 ft)

    17. farhaan mohammed

      Titanic is the ship with real luxury...! Nowadays the ships are just modern and not royal...!! Titanic looks beautiful even from the outside...! And y does titanic look bigger than these ships...!! 😂😂

    18. Patrick Todd

      how about the shell prelude?

    19. Morit Lh


    20. IT Fan

      I skipped it a bit and the first word I heard was Titanic. Well am I not surprised

    21. 109 nathanroblox xdivixe

      I choose oasis

    22. Yes Gautam Yes

      Hindi me bol

    23. Junjun PH

      Oasis of the Seas

    24. Crushafan2010 Welcome!

      1:44 gta iv

    25. DesertFcK Eagle


    26. 7745849974 Tetambe

      Very nice and👌👌

    27. Ryuko Matoi

      They are bigger than the titanic, but their luxury is nothing comapred to titanic's.

    28. MsUncleKevin

      Why to put annoying shitty techno track in the backround pls...

    29. Star Wolf19

      It is not ships it is cargo ships symphony of the seas is the world's largest ship now search it on Google you will see how the symphony of the seas looks like

    30. Nicolae Cojocaru

      .-. what about Freedom Ship

    31. IntelligentXF

      Stop talking about titanic that it is smaller than these ships 🚢 🛳⛴⚓️🛥

      1. circus baby gamer

        Its true its smaller or a toy😂😂😂

    32. basement dweller

      Freedom ship is biggest ship in the world even tough its still bigger Than those

    33. Nils Kihlberg

      the speaker sucks

    34. intanwulans

      Noah's Ark (Nuh's Ark) is the biggest ship ever created by an moslem (Before Selurium Period Starts)

    35. Squishball 572

      There all cargo ships

    36. mychannel

      Disliked, unsubscribed, reported.

    37. Dominik B

      cool video but music...

    38. michael harper

      merchant beautiful appoint lzgomh thereby tube fire evil bible adequate.

    39. kommandochief'18

      and just like space travel, nobody goes for building biggest ships anymore, except for the dumbass cruise industry

    40. Larry Fine

      Also I like how all you talk about is how these ships compare to titanic.

    41. Larry Fine

      Actually jarmada wasn't fast in 1911 ships could go 36 knots.

    42. Asher-Ezarik

      10:24 why is there jungkook there?

    43. Fabian IV Guaren

      Titanic is a small ship, compared other ship now, seaman here 😊

    44. Barry G. Gould

      im confused. these are all work vessels designed to transport goods. you cant compare work vessels to ocean liners. thats comparing apples oranges. revise this list for ocean liners instead of work vessels and then lets see where the titanic stacks up then

    45. Matt Andrei Silo

      Symphony of The Seas?

    46. raymond hatake

      the titanic will still be the best

    47. StandingBryan -games

      What about cruise ships?? Like allure oasis harmony ??

    48. Ryuko Matoi

      your comparing an ocean liner to cruise ships and vessels. you should have compared ocean liners. We still love the Ttanic because of its luxury, and how big and tall it is.

    49. Nathan Johnsen


    50. tacomadman

      Were is titanic

      1. Secret Gamer