Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence



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    Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence
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    There are a lot of criminals who commit horrible and evil crimes. So, when it is time to face their verdicts, a lot of these criminals have different intense reactions to their sentencing. So here are the top 10 convicts who freak out after given a life sentence.
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    1. MostAmazingTop10

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      1. Sadabahar Zindagi

        *RETURNING YOUR TRUST* *Aap ki amanat,aapki seva me in english* - Google Search -- shared by UC Mini *सबका मालिक एक, आओ अपने पालनहार की तरफ* *Sabka Maalik Ek, aap apne RAB ki taraf*

      2. Sadabahar Zindagi

        +вαву вσσ Sister What I am saying is written this book(pdf link)

      3. вαву вσσ


      4. вαву вσσ

        +Sadabahar Zindagi What do u mean???

    2. Raymond Wood

      Just Listen. None of these animals freaked out because of guilt and remorse over the harm they had caused their victims. They freaked out because they were upset that they had gotten caught and now had to do time. Look closely at their faces. These are the faces of souls possessed by demons from the pit of hell.

    3. jes nemo

      #3 I give the officers credit for remaining as composed as they did given the circumstances considering that man took out one of their own. it never ceases to amaze me to see individual's reactions to sentencing for crimes that they're blatantly culpable for as if they're the victim of the situation. I understand there are situations of excessive sentencing and need for reform in the justice system, however most of these were pretty straightforward cases and it's unfortunate consideration of the consequences was not a factor when the decision came to take the life of another individual (in the cases of homicide, I know not all of these were homicide)


      The guy with the chipped tooth was found not guilty by reason of insanity and is currently in a mental hospital

    5. Matthew OwO

      I would've banged my head till i died if i was in that situation

    6. Stuart Little

      Africans in court. It never ends well. Stay classy.

    7. Master Mace

      I'd love to see a convict live out a life sentence.. just to say "haha suckers". Then die as he/she take a step into freedom. I'd pay to see that.

    8. TrifeDaLocc

      wwyd if u got a L

    9. Lucifer Nattens

      Ridiculous junk so out of place

    10. Katya Dunn

      I’d rather work at Walmart for 40 years than serve a 1 year jail sentence.

    11. nakiar2004

      i havent even gotten through half of the video an im pissed....them two that killed a 3 year old..hollering and like a fool!!...that 3 year old cant holler out no more...cant have a tantrum..cant they shoulda been immediately executed.

    12. Torre Lane

      Interesting content delivered in an uninteresting way... keep trying

    13. James Wilson

      45-65 years

    14. Ohoa Gaming

      Clicked the vid just to dislike

    15. Bill Deery

      Life should be life. Period!

    16. Daniel Shannon

      Did any one else hear some one shout burn in hell on number 7

    17. Khalil Sonic

      That what they get

    18. bignardo95

      What's even sadder is that most of these people are extremely poor and know no other way of life. Then some have had undiagnosed emotional mental disorders their entire life.

    19. beverly ledbetter

      I guess jail is no longer a joke once the sentence comes down!

    20. Kevin S

      nothing like not even showing video clips about what is being talked about

    21. Joey Estrada

      Will you stfu and play the vidios

    22. Adrian Green

      The white dude was the smartest one, He poisoned himself.

    23. Notthefbi Aware

      Life sentence means life my name is Dennis Vidot aka Prince or King David Albert Einstein Vidot i am also of the royal family y'all better do right

    24. Frostt Silent

      What do you mean how long do you think a life sentence should Be it should be however long their life is

    25. General Guanaco

      1:54 woman on the left is smiling lmao

    26. Bowls & Goals

      Lol who wouldn't freak out

    27. Kimi Smith

      People are human and people make mistakes. They may be wrong and yes, I believe these people need to do the time for their crimes; however, I’ve been prison change people for the better. I pray peace of these people.

      1. Kimi Smith

        Rohan Zener and I think that’s sad

      2. Rohan Zener

        American prisons strip all humanity from both the guards and the inmates.

    28. Kenneth Thangkhiew

      Thats how yall gon react when God gives you his judgement. Yall be freaking out..demons be dragging you by the leg to hell

    29. dark window

      I say about 🤔 366 years

    30. Charise Moore

      You know people aren't stupid... They just do stupid things.

    31. Wolfie

      3:40 Well it worked with el chapo's judge

    32. Vicky Whynot

      hey when you cause chaos and murder you get what you deserve i feel no sympathy for these idiots lol

    33. Lol lord snot head Kitten

      I wish I was a judge but I’m too light on people and if I heard screaming and crying I dunno what I’d do I’d be rubbish at job so I wanna work at cex (a game shop here’s the link

    34. Gabrielle parker

      Those cries are the most horrible sound of grief I’ve ever heard coming from a human

    35. Dylan Caron

      A life sentence in till you dead

    36. Alberta hinksman

      A life sentence should be you behind bars till you die

    37. Dave Ferreira

      this host is an idiot

    38. noasta ieti

      U know the old saying & its very simple really - "If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime!"

    39. LiLnaserXXL O

      Move ur ugly Indian face

    40. BeeTheBird

      Did he just say "how long should a life sentence be". Say what?

    41. William Wallace

      A regular life sent:9999999999,9999999999999,9999999999999999,9999999999999999999999999

    42. Simon Yip

      Can anyone imagine standing in front of a judge, and being sentenced to 20/30/40/50 years or life without parole? If you were just 20-25 and you suddenly realise that you have to spend more time in prison than you have actually been alive for..?!? I can just picture the early 1990's in my mind and it seems like a long time ago, so the thought of spending the same or longer in prison would literally devastate me. These videos should be shown in US schools, so that no one can be under any illusions of what can happen if you go down the wrong road.

    43. Kie HW

      i think forr people what kill people and do roberys thay should do a 2 month,s and for someone what not listen to the rules maby 4 month

    44. machoveli

      I fuckin hate channels like this.

    45. Hannibal rokz

      my guy you dont make a video about this stuff its bot right

    46. Brandon noot noot Stevens

      212 years... just say prison for life TF

    47. Mr man Mr man

      You take a life of somebody what you think cry don't bring what lost

    48. Dylan Jackson

      Number 1 be thinking he’s Michael Myers trying to kill his niece

    49. CraftySouthpaw

      1:54 - The woman on the left with her hand on her hip is laughing.

    50. barnes@nobles

      Why are you bastard only showing African American