Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence



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    Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence
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    There are a lot of criminals who commit horrible and evil crimes. So, when it is time to face their verdicts, a lot of these criminals have different intense reactions to their sentencing. So here are the top 10 convicts who freak out after given a life sentence.
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      1. Supreme


      2. June Lockhatt

        MostAmazingTop10 jj koo s Koop ;inn

      3. R Broyles

        I have to ask you this question did you do the voice over for the turtle in the sly Cooper video games ? BECAUSE you sound just like him !

    1. Major Jackson

      So sad to see people finally realize they threw their life away by doing something stupid.

    2. Mario Harvey

      Mutual Fatalities

      1. Mario Harvey

        Mutual Fatalities

    3. Bruce Rioux

      You suck.

    4. Terri Moore

      FYI: #9 Head Banger was having his Sentencing hearing not his Arraignment hearing. Arraignments are held before the trial not after.

    5. Sultan Culiao

      nadie quiere ver tu cara simio hijo de las mil putas, ´pon los putos videos y la voz solamente!

    6. Sup3r Ry4n

      Somebody with a life sentence should spend the rest of their life in prison until they die.

    7. -}MxpGamer{-

      Well its called a LIFE SENTENCE

    8. Sir Cumference

      yada yada yada.....just play the clips ?? you make it boring

    9. Garrett Hollis

      what is the name of the first song at the end of the video?

    10. jwlf11

      you talk too much

    11. AegisEpoch

      that cyanide is no joke, he was basically suffocated to death

    12. DabDabBang Got7BTS

      The top 2. Omg...

    13. Mayor Of Simpleton

      Of course people freak out when given a life sentence! Wouldn’t you? I know these people were sent to prison for a reason, but they’re still human. I can’t believe that you’re unapologetically making money off their misery. You are disgusting.

    14. Divina Espinal

      Yoooo in number 4 what happen I can see nothing

    15. MaxedUpEntertainment

      lmao 🔥🔥🔥🔥subscribe my channel

    16. Steve Brody

      For LIFE! Whatever that may be, till they DIE!

    17. daviska95

      What do these "people" expect? Lollipops?

    18. gem singh

      4:35 LAMO the women wanna go under the table

    19. gem singh

      to much drama and sturdiness

    20. Andy Stone

      I like the crying! Lmao

    21. Ve Vee

      Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

    22. JustintimeAndFriends

      Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

    23. Yasmin Khatun

      I didn't like this video 😡 He doesn't really show the video clips just talks through them. If I wanted to listen to the radio I would have done so!

    24. marc espinoza

      How long should a life sentence be? hmmmm...maybe until the person dies?

    25. southern pride

      alot of criminal sympathizers in the comment section

    26. dacgonewild

      Well, this one blew up.

    27. St. Thomas LeDoux

      someone should sentence this asshat to life for posting lame content

    28. sikhipha fulu

      Dude no one needs to see your face , just do a voice over .

    29. BeyondTheGod

      2:50 “That’s what you get, I hope you burn in hell!” Ouch

    30. Faunwea Diamond

      Well... Guess they didn't expect being punished and kept out of society after breaking the law and doing things that endanger or end the life of others. Haaa...

    31. eggo

      Punishment in the US is insane.

    32. Marina Syndulla

      I love how they start crying when given the life sentence. Bruh what you think you were gunna get community service?

    33. S H A R O O O N A

      Why are there so many dislikes? Seriously reply me guys I wanna be educated

    34. International Man

      A life sentence should be a life sentence

    35. Rashaun 317

      So... Black and Hispanic people just get life while white people get away with rape, sex trafficing, robbery and murder with a slap on the wrist...

    36. Panda Gamer

      10 minutes in the corner

    37. Bogdan

      Fkin useless *lawyear* 40 yrs for a kill tentative wtf?

    38. Hugo Palacios

      Ya friends/ family can't save you from the judge!

    39. Anime Loves

      Woah, killers get way less than that

    40. Nice1Garry

      This is hard to watch

    41. Kyree Trend

      Love/hate watchin this

    42. When u Try

      How is this trending

    43. Jonathan Doyle

      Oh god...

    44. Pavel Jelínek

      3:04 maybe i misunderstood this one.. Ok he was robbing somebody and when got caught, he shot at the man he caught him? or somebody was robbing him and when he saw the robber he shot him in defense??? Thanx for helping me clear this

    45. Clifton Bradley

      Thanks from Chicago

    46. IAmTheStein

      I love all these pseudo-intellectuals in the comments either trying to defend the monsters, or trying to draw attention to separate matters of "WHUL, WHUL, WHUL, this guy did worse things and only got x punishment...!!" Shuddup and enjoy the justice

    47. Mister Hipster

      A life sentence should be for LIFE