Travis Scott - COFFEE BEAN (Audio)



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    1. Adrian Khor

      Astroworld prolly has the most variety compared to any other album

    2. Alexander Thorburn


    3. THATS1CK

      so good

    4. Breno Albuquerque

      uhuuu travis scott,

    5. Trill Will

      “Your family told you I’d be bad news.... plus im already a black dude” bruh so relatable if you a nigga that fw white girls stg 🔥😂😂😂😂

    6. Canal Dedo bam

      is like the fort minor in the golden age s2

    7. bonga langa

      @herinmind killed it. Check out his cover

    8. tech support

      One of the best in the album, fuck all that autotune shit.

    9. Rubí Estudio

      This is amazing

    10. Rich.N.Scooby

      Damn!!!!! 2:14 touched my soul!!!

    11. osman

      what are some songs that have a similar vibe to this??

    12. Iqbal Ahmadzai

      when that beat switch at 1:20

    13. Milad Aliani

      Literally can't remember the last time I heard something this goooooooooooood. Perfection

    14. Archerkittencat

      Why are all these comments about BTS -.- talk ab the song not Suga

    15. Ethan O'Connor

      This is the perfect song to get wasted to 👌

    16. Ryan Ragosta

      i was kicked out of my house at 3 am when this album drooped, i was walking down my street, where people were smoking and doing bad things. Then i walked passes a 24/7 cafe, on this song. It was truly beautiful.

    17. J Bug

      This sounds like a beat logic would rap over

    18. Dark Chocolate

      Suga has ruined this song. Who was here before (Suga??) ?

    19. Αχιλλεας Παπαιωανου


    20. C. Wayne

      Can y’all check out my version on my channel and the other freestyles as well

    21. Dnkn'Donuts

      Who came here from the Apple ad

    22. Dnkn'Donuts

      Who came here from the Ipad pro ad?

    23. felip uno

      producers should be in capslock on albums.

    24. SkullerWWE

      Fucking BTS fans ruin everything

    25. Evan Avocado

      this is in the iPad pro release video 🤔

    26. David

      my fav on the album, chill asf

    27. Jeremy Lundin

      going thru the same situation right now, her family told her I was a bad move. she hit me when it was past due. but she's feeling free in my absence. so we're fighting over our seed. now I'm back on the coffee bean

    28. Jeremy Lundin

      "just hit me if anything past due"

    29. fridge on my neck

      Aw so this is about Kylie

    30. Sauce Sounds

      this so niceee

    31. Bts Is life

      King min yoongi mentioned this song at Grammys question video 💜

    32. Breana Hill

      Why do K-Pop fans have to ruin everything?

      1. based onté.

        Breana Hill facts

    33. Cypher99

      Anyone from the iPad pro launch video?

      1. based onté.

        Cypher99 this is pretty different from his other songs, you should definitely check out some of his other work though

      2. Cypher99

        based onté. I liked the beat, but it personally isn’t my kind of rap

      3. Per Hansen

        yea hahah, i have been searching for that comment

      4. based onté.

        Cypher99 did you enjoy the song?

      5. Melkon

        Yeah bro.

    34. krmbt.

      nineteen85 produced this? this nigga everywhere!

    35. Batman

      This is such an awesome fucking song, love the coffee shop vibe of it. Afraid it's gonna end up rather underrated but it's one of the best on Astroworld

    36. Sie


    37. Brooklyn Hype

      He sounds like he overdosed on sleeping pills

    38. ian rossi

      Estoy re loco jaja

    39. Buda

      Te amo stefii 😘😘😘

    40. Ramon von Roon

      this is where hes describes the feelings meetin kylie and prolly her parents for the first time....deeep

    41. Howard Jones

      Suprised no one said this sounds like OutKast.. soundin like something off ATLiens or Aquemini

    42. Kwaku

      Kylie called

      1. Kwaku

        she said this is it

    43. •Be Happy•

      I'm here for Suga♡

    44. Greymee South


    45. Joey bimbo

      Listen to this everyday because of suga 😺

    46. Rob Donaldson

      travis scott is my lord

    47. la_ragazza che commenta senza nome

      Who are here for yoongi ?

    48. Jose Quevo

      A little slower & this woulda hit billboard 🔥

    49. Ron


    50. Fab Gee