Travis Scott - COFFEE BEAN (Audio)



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    1. xXNYBeAsT360Xx

      Most underrated track on the album. So smooth w/ a bop to it.

    2. ACRYBABY :3


    3. Solo Otto

      This is all this is aallll 😢

    4. Top Comment

      A featuring witg Kendrick on this song would have been insanly good imo, this is still a perfect song, so much good vibes in it

    5. Hamdan Nadeem

      thing i love bout travis is hes got so many different flows

    6. sumpor '

      top 5 on astro fo sho

    7. Graffiti Boy

      fuckin heat Trav

    8. Blake Plavsic

      sicko mode or mo bamba

    9. Moe Kumar

      This song is memories of this guy who played me. This song gives me hope he will change and come back 1:03-1:29

    10. ItsTMK

      I want a coffee bean

    11. brocko69 69

      production 100

    12. Julian Castillo

      This is the type of song I can smoke weed to and have a really deep and meaning full conversation with one of my best friends

    13. Daloy

      Stressin Over Award Shows She Stressin Over Her Wardrobe

    14. Julian

      Im in love with this

    15. Rugains Fleuridor

      OK, this is hands down my favorite track on the album.

    16. Adam V.

      Was I the only one who thought he said AdSense instead of Absence??? Lmao

    17. Samuel Njoku

      In my mind I picture Kanye listening to this on repeat, palm in hand, soaking in the melody and the drums. Heavy 808s, MBDTF and GOOD Friday influences here... Most peculiar are the humming and strings from Christian Dior Denim Flow:βίντεο-Uj1qKL5UlC4.html

    18. HiroGameXJ

      Astroworld album has the exact problem as Kendrick Lamar DAMN. The majority only listen the same overrated song(humble) they don’t even take a time to listen the other songs of the album. Astroworld have amazing songs like this. I don’t know if it’s only happen to me ,but i skip sicko mode because is too over listened

    19. Micha Lok

      listening this song while my girlfriend is cutting my hair and im smoking my weed while its training outside issa mood

    20. asma renesme

      the cello wow

    21. 優希高橋

      the last part is fucking cooool

    22. Gtown Vega

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    23. Jim Reaper

      The humming and violin towards the end gets me every time

    24. Dylan Smith

      J.Cole could've been on this

    25. Kay Growe

      Very poetic

    26. DWMNDS 23

      Travvis Scott Astroworld Asap Rocky 12os Aksioorepeia Mk Vasiliadea tou tipota Complex Stxoima thalassa

    27. IVDestroyerzzVI

      Sounds like a j cole beat

    28. Spyros Stam

      Plus I'm already a black dude..

    29. Dominic Arriola

      Off tops way better than sicko mode

    30. Tony Pelletier

      am i the only one who feels that this sound sounds like the end of the amusement park were everyone walks out and talks and enjoys the time they just had with there family and friends

    31. sebix

      So underrated

    32. Audrey

      SOS is for those who hear this in morse code 👁

    33. irick1066

      So relaxing

    34. Seth Hardy

      Best album outro. On my life

    35. AliviaSunner

      It's like False Prophets with Travis Scott

    36. can i get 5 upvotes pls

      Bruh why have i slept on this song 😭

    37. Gabriel Gomez

      Jcole - False Prophets

    38. Ville 9809

      Favorite track 🔥

    39. Marty Magana

      If you like this song then you’ll like thisβίντεο-z-Aq_UKwPyc.html

    40. Grozdina Petrowic

      Happy .... I discovered him 2014 ...🎉🙌🏿

    41. IVANA H


    42. yo its tessabrooks

      he didnt play this song when i wen to the concert :(

      1. Louis Calixto

        ik dude it wasn't on the setlist :(

    43. chae monroe

      *TOP FAVE*

    44. Dunco Yao mean

      My way home-Kanye

    45. Procees

      only opinions on here because of a different beat...

    46. Fred G

      Reminds me of MBDTF... mike dean on the list behind this

    47. Austin Dikatholo

      check out this new artist pablo ,used this beat to make a song for a friend who fell pregnant

    48. Carlos Maffei


    49. The SR Chronicles

      This feels like a rodeo song

    50. */#JaimE#\* caboni