Travis Scott - R.I.P. SCREW (Audio)



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    1. Charmasson Arthur

      u so god u wanna succ a little beat

    2. Elvi Kokona

      best song of the album factss!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Devin Espie

      Very good track to smoke too🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. KingOfLouisiana

      the synths 😭🥶

    5. Zachary Simon

      Wonder how many people know who DJ Screw even is

    6. InFaM3Nick

      Half y'all don't even kno who dj screw is let alone the culture 😂😂😂 #srewedup #R.I.PDJScrew #Screwhead

    7. 7Samplez

      I underestimated travis with his beat production i heard this then i realized oh he can make beats too lol 🚀

    8. 7Samplez


    9. Thomas Skinner

      i have replay buttons for sale just give me one like and you get one

    10. Christopher Ferreira

      Who’s listening in 2k19

    11. Felix Pineda

      Why is sicko mode the only one blowing up sicko mode is a good song and all but there are many songs on this album that’s better then sicko mode

    12. Ambesh Tiwari

      high five from india man

    13. CTwo Producer

      1.31 the best part hands down

    14. Boston3233

      Wow this garbage is performing at the Super Bowl

    15. Juarez J

      Nothing being home like man Rest in peace dj screw

    16. Thabang Nkogatse

      Bitch shagging

    17. El Guapo 916

      Too much money out here too much honeys out here

    18. The Cassius Morris Show

      The ultimate wake n’ bake song.

    19. Ameika Lindo

      Ayo this song is slept onnnnn!

    20. RTA WAS HERE

      _Im gonna let you know, the move_

    21. Nyachom Tor


    22. Cyrus Khalvati

      Gittim sorus

    23. HotDuck 2000

      So far everything is 🔥🔥🔥💅

    24. Cory C

      A major bop on this damn album!!!!!!!

    25. kodak boppin

      swae lee vocals 💯

    26. Mason Rousseau

      Best song off the album

      1. supbape


    27. Itachi Uchiha

      This sounds sped up if you listen to the slowed down version

      1. Itachi Uchiha

        supbape I was high asf bruh but even sober i cant listen to this version no more

      2. supbape

        no shit r u slow😂

    28. ivory sanders

      2019 and forever still listening !

    29. Kala M.


    30. Itachi Uchiha

      Damn this song is so wavy this is that Rodeo stuff chief

    31. lizzydakid

      REST IN PEACE KANE 2019 ..

    32. levana alibo


    33. young lopez21

      My boi travis killed his verse 🔥

    34. Fleecy Cargo1329

      bro, swae lee needs another song with travis

    35. Grimmz _148


    36. Grimmz _148


    37. Grimmz _148


    38. zanagex



      U N D E R A T T E D🤷‍♂️

    40. Carter Bilbro

      Great song

    41. Lani Taulaga

      This guy my idol bruhβίντεο-TWsuqWuEqPM.html

    42. chris felix

      2019 anyone?

    43. Cray Ola

      Weak ass song for a dedication to screw

    44. lil mocchi

      actually my favorite rapper ever omg

    45. Steven Vazquez

      Y'all fuck heads don't know anything about that true southern shit we got all these gay rapper's using them double cups.. nothing to argue about it's simple facts...don't argue with me just go check your history books💯💪🏾🙏🏽🤘🏾🥛...R.I.P S.U.C OUR FALLEN SOLDIER'S 🖤

    46. Norelyy Gonzalez

      R .i.p creaw😈😥

    47. Tre Banks

      This song is made for high people😂

    48. Niaya Licia

      ready for Astroworld Concert Part 2 in Charlotte

    49. thug flamengo life tupac kings life