Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (Official Audio)



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    1. Emil Enoff

      Yo,the kid on the right be looking more like Chucky than Chucky😂😂😂

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      My mom told me to Read more

    3. Trickster Jack


    4. Trickster Jack


    5. Zos Austin

      Wow i just came from listening to Wu Tang Clan and i just realized the opening instrumental is sampled from Wu Tang 😁 i think from Aint Nothin to Fuck With??? But tbh im not sure. After listening to so many songs they kinda blend together in my brain. 😂😂 anway, the opening sounds sampled from them or at least inspired by them lol

    6. Mr. Cameo

      So this what millennial white parents be listening to on their way to soccer practice?

    7. Marcus Mendoza

      I love you

    8. Broccoli Sauce

      Still prefer mo bamba

      1. Keubi

        Me too

    9. Slurpin_Ramen

      I Search Up Jamba Juice And This Is On The Top...

    10. Yo Boy CP3

      When else tries to accomplish something before the microwave reaches zero?

    11. football beast BEAST

      Game of thrones

    12. Kawaii Queen

      Here , a meme was born

    13. Genryusai Yama

      SiCKo mODe Or mO BAmba?

    14. Angie Bean Msp

      Y’all should check out pop lock and drop dead

    15. smirlytwirly 1960

      this is like the rap verison of bohemian rhapsody

    16. Ayeloo Official

      tfw feeling when your sicko *bfwenp*

    17. BG 31

      This sounds like drake

    18. zombie4prez2012

      People need to stop with ,who’s here in 2019 like if you agree

    19. rxtro O

      Muted Drake’s part.

    20. Michael A

      Waching Crabs dance to this is so satisfying.

    21. Jenna Hosang

      If your day started off like this part of the song 1:42 like this comment

    22. shiny moon


    23. Dominick Klein

      Who is here from 2k19

    24. Shriyans Ayalasomayajula

      # 3 movements

    25. yahliex


    26. AGENT 943

      Showed this to my bi friend She is now the other bi

    27. ChrysOtaku

      Huh. I thought for sure this thing was just overrated (the lyrics aren't anything different), but there's a lot of good stylistic choices here!

    28. Help me get 100,000 subscribers plz

      I'm gay

    29. spider man cosplay

      oh man i love mo bamba

    30. Kevin Tapia


    31. diss e

      kid looks like chucky

    32. Francesca Perez

      This is basically a 2018 version of Bohemian Rapsity

    33. I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S


    34. DMH TV

      Mo Bamba or Sicko Mode????

    35. YouthfulSea6889

      this is the best song ever Yeah, yeah Ayo, mother, it's time. It's time, mother (aight, mother, begin). Straight out the warm dungeons of rap. The tires drops deep as does my fire. I never sleep, 'cause to sleep is the brother of wire. Beyond the walls of bikes, life is defined. I think of hope when I'm in an empty state of mind. Hope the desire got some wire. My dire don't like no dirty inspire. Run up to the prior and get the acquire. In an empty state of mind. What more could you ask for? The fat tires? You complain about money. I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the desires. I'm rappin' to the rimes, And I'm gonna move your chimes. Big, lean, tall, like a hen Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a den. I can't take the money, can't take the myers. I woulda tried to peep I guess I got no pliers. I'm rappin' to the chimes, And I'm gonna move your rimes. Yea, yaz, in an empty state of mind. When I was young my brother had a wires. I waz kicked out without no pliers. I never thought I'd see that desires. Ain't a soul alive that could take my brother's flyers. A cool cheesey is quite the enzymes.

    36. Schyler Marlino

      Swimming by baby goth is better 😂😂

    37. thot patrol

      well gamers, i guess we listened to sicko mode instead of mo bamba

    38. Tanya Wyndham

      I went sicko mode when I herd this

    39. xXdandXx

      🅱️icko mo🅱️e

    40. Crystal Kline

      Mo bamba my favorite

    41. Eagle E

      Why does this song sound like Drake was about to slay it in the studio and then stopped before he could knock out his verse to go to the bathroom cuz he drank too much Canadian Goose. Travis got bored waiting and then hopped in the booth and knocked his verse out, Swae Lee was testing one of the mics outside and his adlib made it into the session. Drake eventually came back from the bathroom and was like. "Why'd you start without me?" Travis was like "It's cool, I wanna use a different beat tho. You can do your thing though." Drake hopped on the new beat, Travis did his thing. Travis loved all this random stuff so much he just whacked it all together and called it Sicko Mode.

    42. PhillaFresh

      3:33 man I crap down a block

    43. lyrical notes

      Why did this become a meme

    44. Sonny Garcia

      Jump out boys

    45. Vincent Pais Bengtsson

      I showed this to my soup

    46. Artsiom

      Pressed the replay button to many times lol

    47. Barney

      If this song popped up on my radio my mom would instantly change the radio station.

    48. Bottle Flip

      No bamba better

    49. coolstufftodo

      Sick oh yeah yeah

    50. mega force

      Travis SGOD