Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (Audio)



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    1. Mr. CEO

      2:57 song starts😂😎😎

    2. F U C K_Y O _B I T C H_A S S

      I fuck with the intro

    3. shetposting lmao

      stargazing part 2 on my channel 🔥🔥

    4. Yoscar Olivo


    5. Big Bobcat18

      Oooh, OKAAY. 2:58 🔥

    6. Chris Breezy Mafia


    7. xd Will136

      Showed this to my dog He still a dog what you think was gonna happen

    8. chico cheeks

      I came here for 2:57... Overall this is bullshit...

    9. xd Will136

      Not trynna hate but am I the only one that thinks the rest of the album is trash

    10. Yomaira Joseph

      You have fans all over the world so why not make the album available on sound cloud for us too? 🇩🇲

    11. antony rojas peres

      xdxdxxdxdx feas de ar to due

    12. Tre'shawn S

      This Shit Actually Dope

    13. pewpew

      1:01 thank me later

    14. Taffy

      Sun is down freezing cold take my ass back inside eat Cheerios

    15. Anteo YT

      *DRAKES PART THO...*

    16. me ton 15

      Τ Ρ Ε Β Ι Σ

    17. Baby Ninja

      Why this sound like drake

      1. Acey Hilton

        Baby Ninja that's because Drake is in it🙄

    18. GamePlay GM

      Um obrigado do Brasil pelas músicas !

    19. BrockDeer

      Like always swae lee making his bullshit...

    20. T-Rex

      Every album since Rodeo has been very creative and changes his style and status. After hearing this album couple times, i totally agree this is his standout album 🔥

    21. cole wildman

      This song start of something good

    22. Franky Bobaluchii

      Is that's XXX so sad ! ?

      1. Acey Hilton

        Franky Bobaluchii no it's Swae Lee and he said "someone said"

    23. Omgmikezz _

      Most overrated song on the album, maybe of the year tbh

    24. Donnie Square

      The intro beat was good enough

    25. kelly simon

      drake two verses weak as fuck ! they should of gave him two words like sway lee


      This shitttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥

    27. HighONcloudsS

      Anyone else notice Drugs You Should Try pt.2 isn’t on the album?

    28. Number1HockeyPlaya

      I like Travis’ verse better than Drake’s

    29. Zechariah Shepherd

      Subscribe to my channel🤘🏾

    30. Juam Manfredi


    31. Autumn Oldenburg

      Currently playing this for my 2 month old he loves it

    32. Gamer boy King

      This shit on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥._. :p

    33. Amber Rubio

      Pretty sick

    34. A-jAy Jackson

      I'm a simple man I see a title with the word "SICKO" in it... I click😏😏

    35. blakeandcamp


    36. James Booth

      Song is 🔥 as fuck

    37. Nini Johnson

      The different beats are sick 🔥🔥

    38. Nini Johnson

      I made a reaction to this song 🔥😫

    39. nigrbear

      antwuan dixon graphics coming soon with collab on this shit!!!!!

    40. Olyy Gs〽


    41. Rob Senna

      In the 305 bitches treat me like I’m uncle Luke

    42. Paulo Sousa

      follow my page in facebook for discover new songs

    43. Christian Justin

      Y he sound like drake

      1. Acey Hilton

        Christian Justin Drake is in it🤦🏽‍♂️

    44. Moe osama

      When I heard drake saying ASTRO

    45. Gabriel -SS8

      Make vídeo clip pls

    46. Debo __

      Hit my essays, I need tha booch.

    47. Jordan

      drake sound like famous dex

    48. Rodrigo Sousa

      Brasil 🇧🇷🔥 alguém ?

    49. D00d13 bθb

      They should of used the first part of the song 0:55

    50. JayBplays

      bruh that intro has a nice ass beat I swear they could've made the beat drop even harder if they would've changed it a little