Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (Audio)



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    1. Andrej master

      What is name of the album

    2. Erik Holtz

      drake didnt really kill it on this song tbh

    3. abRaR TajwaR

      travis ruined the beat....

    4. Wille Deras

      I ain't like Travis verse

    5. 8,916,311 Views

      New Future & Nicki Minaj music Videoβίντεο-yM0APSbf1Hk.html

    6. Michele di meo

      Came to Italy 🇮🇹

    7. The Baba Yaga

      Damn the first beat is fire the rest is shite

    8. Ariana Monucci

      Damn I wish the first beat was longer cause that shit was fire 🔥

    9. amr_ lowkey3500

      Who else wanna try Jamba Juice?

      1. Jhon Olive

        amr_ lowkey3500 shit sounds good af

    10. Post

      ؤاةوةو ة و ل رلرلاىرلا ةى ىةى رلا ر ىلا لاىرلا لاؤ

    11. Bryan Sanchez

      I searched up infected by sickkick and found this xd

    12. Ivan Gutierrez

      ima throw up this too good

    13. yaya & yazzy sisters forever

      For real that beat

    14. Alexis Gates

      “Jethus crist”

    15. Kaydee Killz

      Travis Scott is lit the beat tho

    16. Liliam Pumpernickel

      I Showed This To A Pre-k'er Now He In College

    17. Jackie Huang

      Bruh I love that starting beat

    18. Maximiliano Villegas

      modo diablo?

    19. M Rios

      Aubrey Webster...

    20. Toots IS To Lit


    21. android Boosic Rappio 'Acer'

      P.I.N.204900732248289 Du'ossa !

    22. Tan Yi kai


    23. Aliyah Quintanilla

      anyone see the reference to xxxtentacion in the beginning in drakes part ;/

    24. IIItv

      play at 1.25 the slow it down just a tad bit

    25. Johnmyrick R6

      3:40 did drake just say “niggas thicc and sweet” that’s sus af

    26. Racing At capital city

      My fave part 2:58

    27. cody bug

      I showed this to my cat its a tiger now...

    28. tsm jayjay

      And Drake

    29. tsm jayjay

      I hear swae Lee but he not in the tittle

    30. Tristan Swatsky

      I'm here for 2:57

    31. Nico Valenzuela

      The beat is fire🔥

    32. Saul Moreno

      Sicko mode is pretty llliiittt

    33. xYaz


    34. lil_uziwaffles

      Is drake talking about x?

    35. DarKxVoiD

      This is hard

    36. Ya whole generation

      When someone say hey you wanna hear my mixtape Travis be like YoU wAanna hEAr mY LoNG AsS MIXtapE

    37. Lucas A Sampsel

      Can’t get any better than this!!!

    38. Patrice Williams

      hey give Drake some credit

    39. Patrice Williams

      s i c k o m o d e

    40. Omarius Harris

      I think Eminem could go on this beat 👌 just saying remix official

    41. Christopher Bolden

      Nice song

    42. infinitegamer _07

      Why did Travis not give any credit to Drake for this song?

    43. Broken heartz

      "might take all my exes and put them in a group". Me too :]

    44. Big EyedJoe

      Gimmie the loop!

    45. Jerry2 Nice

      *Does Default dance*

    46. Annie Allen

      omllll best song I heard in years

    47. Dresden Lane

      W E A T

    48. B13lkun

      Put the song on the 1,25x its soo good

    49. Im Camren