Travis Scott - SKELETONS (Audio)



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    1. Kyle Gendreau

      90210 vibes anyone?

    2. Trunt

      This song is so beautiful

    3. Lee Lindee

      How did I miss this gem

    4. Cusse Drizzy


    5. Dink Memes

      I disliked this song but now I’m really listening to it it’s pretty nice

    6. MelloOwnsRyuuzaki

      We need Skeletons MV!

    7. Emilio Belisle

      Whenever Travis was in NEW ORLEANS he said this was his favorite from the whole album.

    8. pizza

      Love song or nah?

    9. David Morquecho

      The Weekend???

    10. Lamar Hernandez

      I been listening to this in my car and I can feel the vibe real quick when the song starts

    11. Павел Лалетин

      Zaebis' chotko

    12. Hamad FM

      2m views is just me replaying it.

    13. Chef Haze

      Most underated tune on the full album

    14. Jiya Somaiya

      Tame Impala Influence, people.

      1. based onté.

        Jiya Somaiya it's produced by him

    15. Sam Emily

      😈GANG GANG😈

    16. Big Fresh

      Best Tracks: Skeletons, Stargazing, Sicko Mode, Butterfly Effect, Can't Say and Astrothunder Worst Tracks: R.I.P Screw, No Bystanders and Yosemite

      1. Scully tZ

        The singing wasn't that bad

      2. Big Fresh

        +Scully tZ Swae Lee has to be on here cause he's singing again.

      3. Scully tZ

        Why RIP screw?


      Tame is a legend already

    18. K' Khyrios

      best song on ASTROWORLD

    19. Jack Skellington


    20. GuyFromWalmart

      Bruh this is what Kanye would post

    21. bryne maphosa


    22. The life Of Christy

      This song is so underrated but its so good 😍

    23. Kachow MikeLit


    24. Kprim The Producer

      This beat is insane dawg..underrated track on the album

    25. King

      Gives me some 90210 vibes

    26. EGEMEN I N3W393

      2:18 do you know who is she????

    27. 양창훈

      Wish I know the synthesizer they used

    28. teknn0

      Shoutout Kevin Parker

    29. Steph Meden

      Lol did not know Pharrell Williams was in this song. I still want another collab between both Pharrell and the weeknd.

    30. Amine Iajouri

      *THE WEEKND*

    31. Julia Krevis

      Here for Tame Impala

      1. Channon Brown

        What are your favorite songs by them? Mine are Eventually, The less I know the better and New person Same old mistakes.

    32. Ivany Carlos


    33. Nicholas Berardinelli


    34. sona mathabathi


    35. L.A.B ART

      lit af

    36. Malcolm Gent

      You can tell Kanye wrote this

    37. White Autism

      This honestly sounds a bit like Tame Impala...

    38. anime god

      the instrumental is meliodic that makes the beat nice

    39. Pepe Master


    40. Bovqla21

      0:26 the most chill part

    41. Richard Smith

      I love hitting my juul to all these anti juul ads

      1. SuperStarfy64


    42. Rodrigo Correa


    43. skull gaming

      The beginning kinda sounds like sleeping powder

    44. Nicholas Nevola

      Probably the most underrated track on this album. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Clay Schrader

      you know one Juul pod may last just as long as one pack of cigarettes. hmmmm

    46. Juani Boltezar

      Travis, Tame impala , Pharrel Williams y The weekend nada mas que decir, aguante argentina la concha de sus madres

    47. Timothy Duspruce

      Hot dog, french fries....

    48. Jay V

      anyone else get the feeling that travis scott is the kanye of this generation(without the horrible controversy)

    49. Love Justice

      LOVE YOU TRAVIS💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this song make me feel like i got my glitter dress on and its night time and a ufo mistook me for a star as we are dancing slow i feel your hands on my booty grabbing my waist slowly

    50. Luuk Van Os

      Luuk weet er geen reet van af a matti