Travis Scott - SKELETONS (Audio)



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    1. TheBookylnLord

      All this time I thought Kanye was on this!!!

    2. MUK

      I never fully appreciated this song till I took acid and listened to it

    3. Jacob Kollister


    4. Jules Carucci


    5. catrin jay

      This iiissssssss the best song of the album whatever people say this is the one

    6. Charmasson Arthur

      hitme as a 'there are not enough dislikes' ss ez ez eze zz xd lol

    7. Ninenivar

      2019 stil in love💓

    8. Abdul Razak

      Are u Pink Floyd, Trav?

    9. SadP-FF


    10. J-Mac

      If you appreciate artistry in music this is it..

    11. J-Mac

      This Track sounds like a lost track from MBDTF. Love the vibe, so beautiful!!!!! The Weeknd killed this. Pharrell too!! “Echooing”

    12. wavx vxbes

      Getting kanye vibes

    13. Excalibur Dex

      Who guessed Kanye wrote some of this?

    14. Clennan Duff

      Trav and weekend collabs are to good

    15. George Don

      most underrated song of the century

    16. Moegyptian

      36th birthday ...late night ...and the beat is lingering at 6am!!!

    17. jawnzilla

      Yeah yeah yeah (yeah, ooh) Feels like slow motion, we're floating at the speed (yeah) (Yeah, yeah) Louder (louder) Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher (uhh, yeah, higher) It's like standing in the ocean We just rocked Coachella, I gave her half of the check It was good sex, honorable mention to the neck Didn't pass the loud, that was out of respect Afterwards, pass the towel, I was out of Kleenex If you take your girl out, do you expect sex? If she take her titties out do you expect checks? First visit, I gave her a pearl necklace Next visit, I'ma need your girl naked Took a church visit, you know, 'cause the world hectic Like floating, if I can't be in time I don't know, I don't know (wash on me, wash on me, yeah) In the ocean, I can't be loved I don't know a sound (That’s right) Standing in the ocean (standing in the ocean) (Ooh) Echoing (echoing), echoing Standing in the ocean (Oh baby) Feels like slow motion, we're floating at the speed

    18. Pablo Moore

      Man for real, this is the most beautiful song that Travis Scott has

    19. inba ciągle trwa

      That's one of the best beats on astro

    20. Fleezus Christ

      If this song was 4 minutes long it would of been huge

    21. AH 7

      Omg I love the beat 💗💗💗💗💗😩

    22. eddie martinez

      Kevin Parker helped produced this song Incase you guys were wondering why it has that tame impala touch to it

    23. Ghostface Killah

      Higher higher higher higher

    24. Corey McFarland

      Kanye was here lol

    25. Oscar Zavala

      Why are the best songs not long enough

    26. shaan ali

      Guacamole nigga penis

    27. Tilted Towers

      The most underrated song of the album🔥so good

    28. Dylan Carr

      Seigfried in disguise

    29. aleesia

      this reminds me of trilogy and house of balloons and i love it ??

    30. Wickedkitty9856

      Tame Impala 😍

    31. Nick Davis

      Needs to be longer

    32. Metro Boomin’ Shot Me

      Listening in bed with no socks on

    33. SinfulPhantom

      I had no clue this had Tame Impala in it till I was looking at Tame Impala's page on Apple Music. Best day ever

    34. Ocho Cinco

      Pharrell x The Weeknd needs to happen.

    35. 2wenty1ne

      90210 vibe

    36. Didntstickthe1v1

      I love this song, the vibe it gives you, not the 0815 rap, sounds special, why is this so underrated

    37. Ave 1k

      He needs to add that one performance where he soloed that "standing in the ocean" part to the real song

    38. Will Noodles

      Why does this lowkey sound like the Evil Morty song lmao

    39. ashak614

      In the ocean I can’t be loved 😢

    40. Noah Guinn

      This beat legitimately made me break down and cry like listening to Travis while high is amazing but it gets me in my feels

    41. Carlos Lagos

      1:21 the bridge is the best part.

    42. Rashad Muhammad

      Love this song

    43. Gavin Dionisio

      Sound like dat old Travis Scott 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. Jacob Harris

      Lofi hip-hop beats to chill and study to

    45. Angelica art

      Reminds me of some mgmt ✌🏽

      1. Michael Withrow

        ya trippy

    46. Chilly

      At 38seconds Abel’s voice with headphones >>

    47. Nicole Baker


    48. The Weeknd Extra

      1:22 your welcome weeknd fans

    49. Sajeel Khan

      Pharrell Williams producer tag @ 0:25

    50. DaBnAtIoN

      Best song in the album