Travis Scott - Watch (Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West



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    Watch by Travis Scott feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West available at:

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    1. TheRoyal Family

      Everybody go subscribe to my GR-news channel if you wanna see some lit videos

    2. Ernesto MG


    3. vapørwave løver


    4. NEW jesus

      Kanye casually admitting Illuminati membership

    5. Jimmy British Beats

      This is that fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    6. denise pierre Ramos

      Travis scott used to write for kanye before he released his own album.

    7. Gavin Ortega

      Is it weird that I actually like raisin cookies?

    8. augustine morales

      R.I.P Astroworld

    9. DaLegendary T

      Kanye just shited on everyone

    10. king kobra101602

      Why didn't kanye do the hook like uzi and travis

    11. Brandon H.

      Beat brazy doe 🔥😱🔥

    12. Derrick Anderson

      Here after a mill 🔥🔥🔥

    13. Chambo

      knayeee snappped

    14. Burzey

      Travis: now they really want my soul, that can never go Kanye: *sheds tear*

    15. Clifton Pierre-Antoine


    16. _kari starr


    17. Chino Muñoz

      Rolex? ⏱

    18. Juicy Alex

      Not gonna lie but Kanye kinda ruined it when he joined

    19. Juliana perez

      What is that baby saying in the beginning and what does Kylie say at the end @ 3:09 please answer !!

    20. Eazi Industries

      Reminds me of Bad bitches Only by Migos ft 21 savage

    21. Saadath Mohamed

      2018 anybody

    22. Panther Nation

      Who else was attracted by the thumbnail

    23. Jordan Ong

      this is fucking good

    24. Savage Napps

      Fuck Kayne so fuck this song

    25. King Hypee

      expensive $hit *cough*

      1. Cross

        King Hypee I thought I was the only one who noticed

    26. Hasaun Grigger

    27. David Collins

      Actually fire

    28. XZander 1

      Drop astroworld

    29. InfiniteProductions

      Been waiting for this colab! 🙌🏻

    30. Leoo Toloza

      Cavs in 4!

    31. owen conley

      I understand everything Kanye said and if you can't your a close minded sheep. 🐑

      1. Malcolmx Williamsx

        owen conley man real talk he speaking truth

    32. Lil Esack

      Why does this bang hard 🤤🔥

    33. YT IVAN !

      Kanye west ruined it

    34. ovoxe

      I would love this song so much if Uzi didnt spit some wack ass fuckin bars to kick it off

    35. 760 Freestyles

      why Kanye travis

    36. JD EXPERT

      OMG😱 that beat

    37. Brody Carmona

      This song sucks pussy

    38. Glosssy Hal

      This song sucks ass

    39. Raymond Hall

      Poopty scoopty woop. Thats all imma say

    40. fellout oscar

      uzi flow crazy, best song imo

    41. tymon Pay

      Huj i cipa pzdr

    42. Bleach


    43. Bleach

      Kanye - "like a bald nigga still wearing durags" 😂

    44. TheRealMazo

      If you subscribe to me I will go blad and wear a duragg

    45. Aline Ritmos

      Gostei do canal

    46. Smile

      I told him I wanted to have a bust down baby !!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Randy Jackson

      Yea! It’s lit ! Alright !

    48. Jordan Rabbers

      You niggas gotta wake up and see this clone ass nigga aint real

    49. Official Demitrius

      K$upreme already killed that sample