Travis Scott - YOSEMITE (Audio)



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    1. ma_boyz loot

      Sold out dates? Sounds exactly the same

    2. Jeremey Douse

      Sooo is that gunna or Travis on the hook???

    3. gaming legends

      Who else thinks this sounds just like sold out date by my gunna and lil baby

    4. PoetryInMotion 1892

      Nav's outro is lowkey catchy, idk why people dont like it, it is lower quality but still fire.

    5. EzvyGFX

      Fan of Nav but that's actually funny

    6. alex eovine

      Sold out dates

    7. Kelsey Harris

      Gunna kind of sounds like Young Thug on this song.

    8. JD

      Stole sold out dates' flow

    9. Gary Hodges

      Sounds fine to me

    10. Prettyboyy X

      Y’all some stupid ass mfs “I cAnT hEaR nAv” CLEARLY he’s in the song towards the end stupid ass niggas man 🤦🏽‍♂️

    11. L G


    12. Java

      nav snapped 🐍

    13. Supreme 94x

      Nav verse is like 10000000000000 family members in the room sleeping 😴

    14. Tarun Yadav

      Ice on my knee

    15. Lobello zets

      I thought this was young thug in the begining

    16. Daniel Saunders

      y didnt he put gunna name on the song???

    17. Young OG

      Hmm kinda sounds like sold out dates by lil baby 🤔

    18. I just Farted

      Kind of sounds like sold out dates by-gunna , or is that just me

    19. Deontre Williams

      Sounds like sold out dates kinda 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

    20. Tiffany Tegeler

      Nice string and can nav

    21. pierre azor

      Bro this dude stole from sold out dates Gunna so hard

    22. Sandria Spires

      sounds like gunna

    23. Anda Beninger

      This comment section is fucking hilarious.

    24. Sandria Spires

      Like this if this is gunna's voice

    25. Jabbar Glover

      Nav recorded his verse on the schools intercom

    26. GAMER XXX

      Nav sounds like he is asking his parents for a sleepover

    27. Booda Still Standing

      @1:04 is everything ❤️

    28. Taylo Mannetti


    29. YoUrS tRuLy MR sCrUbB FaCe

      Cheap version of sold out dates

    30. Hi Hey

      Nav should have an asmr channel

    31. Drae Fleek

      I eat her flesh..

    32. New Empire Graphics

      this sounds like the song that plays at the end of Naruto episode . DOPE!

    33. Ynex_

      travis dlaczego podpierdalasz jak blacha2115

    34. King Rocky

      Sold out dates is what I rap when this come on

    35. dotson.t

      Nav recorded his shit in a blizzard

    36. Lucid_pippen

      Headphones so good nav is actually loud

    37. it's me uziel

      Sold out dates

    38. Kofiztalks

      Why does this sound like sold out dates by gunna

    39. Jerome Westbrook

      99% of comments about Nav’s verse 1% about how good the song is

    40. Nicole King

      Imma big travis Scott fan but he stole this form gunna sold out dates

    41. Youtube-Purityy

      My boy nav* put a whole studio inside the McDonald’s

    42. Natalie Pls

      something about this song is so addicting

    43. Shuaib Shuaib

      Travis Scott: could I copy your homework gunna? Gunna: yea , but change some verses Travis Scott: Yosemite

    44. YT Crunchy_Kills

      Bruh Travis Scott this song sold out dates fire lol I love the name you gave it 😂😂😂

    45. Dah Ler Billz

      why does this kinda sound like sold out dates in the beginning

    46. C ʝ

      Damn nav in jail too?

    47. Sweeney Raps


    48. Asha Joseph

      This sounds like sold out dates

    49. That's Deep

      it sounds better on spotify, idy why youtube is sleeping on nav

    50. Kay Ash

      This song too short too be this fire 🔥