Try Not To Smile Challenge #4



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    These videos are NOT cute, NOT happy, and definitely WON'T make me SMILE!!
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    Δημοσιεύτηκε στις Πριν 2 μήνες


    1. Josh Berry

      If anybody ever didn't know who Markiplier was, I would introduce them to this video at 10:38 and say "That's pretty much it." Good first impression, Markipoop.

    2. Peyton Bryant

      Enyone else wach a date with mark Like if you have

    3. King Mendoza

      His mom like I eat dog very good will that be dangerous if I eat him

    4. TheLolzKnight

      Videos: No reaction Markiplier: *WARNING: *INSUFFICIENT SKIN ON FACE FOR MANEUVER*

    5. LittleBlueDrummerGirl Neko

      I cried.....

    6. Amelia Hugaboom


    7. Burger Withfries

      This video made me realize it I focus enough, I can have absolutely no emotion at all.

    8. Piranha Plant

      I barely ever shed a tear to anything but the girl getting excited about the heart was a critical hit for some reason

    9. Tëmpest

      i didnt smile at all, im a heartless peace of shit

    10. Connor Osborne

      5:23 only subtitle is "gee" too much emotion for me

    11. Jack 3045

      After passing red dead 2 I don’t think I can smile any more

    12. Miranda Davis

      Froggos drink water through their skin 😛

    13. Baiioo Hai

      90% of the video was mark looking like he’s taking a dump.

    14. KittyGachaTuber

      awww but its just to cute not to smile!

    15. Jumbo Track

      4:19 I really hope that I have such a pure hearted kid like that. 😊

    16. Robin Hallow

      "I HAVE HATE INSIDE MY SOUL" -Mark 2018

    17. Robin Hallow

      Am I only the one that smiled only when he was making super funny faces?

    18. killer kevlar

      I cried!!!! 1:46

    19. Katie Letkemann


    20. Dinosaur_ LPS

      Am I the only one not even trying at all?

    21. Krystal Jenzy

      That dad sounded so annoyed by his son like..."oh my god...what now...?.." but it was soooo cute!~

    22. cheryl speicher

      I smiled

    23. cheryl speicher

      Seriously like you were struggling dude I did not smile once because I'm heartless totally me LOL

    24. Darci Rasor

      His face's looks like me when i poop

    25. Christopher_MCB YT Music/Covers

      Pupper looks like chica

    26. Caitlyn WIlliams

      You need to go to r/Aww and r/yesyesno for some other ones. They'll make you smile

    27. shizzle Revengle

      Are you trying not to laugh or are you trying to sound like your giving birth to something

    28. m_ART_INKA

      I smiled only because you did that fucking smile 😂😂😂 10:50

    29. HelloWorld Msp

      oh well, looks like i have no sOul.

    30. ophiucus 12333

      paladins new champion:markiplier ultimate:hate 10:15

    31. Thomas edmison

      you made me smile lol

    32. Fady Romany

      Then I have no soul 😐

    33. TSM Whitequan

      10:19 erection??

    34. TSM Whitequan

      10.19 erection?

    35. TSM Whitequan

      Apperanty i have no heart or soul

    36. Jenicide Diablos

      I wonder is Mark is an organ donor?

    37. WOLF Deadshot

      I would have lasted we thought mark making me laugh so much😂😂

    38. Larkon GD

      im soulless, i havent smiled all day, and this wont change it

    39. LadySheila 11

      I’m a terrible person, I didn’t smile at any of these. Or have any reaction for that matter


      your mom is the one who made me smile not the dog

    41. Nathan Dossett

      My heart grew 3 sizes today.

    42. Heather Gilhooley

      Omg imagine make with his own kids no Jimmy I'm not totally smiling at your cuteness I have IBS lol

    43. Mallory Cerentano

      Wierd fact about me........ When i make a deep voice.....i literally sound like joke!!!! Its really funny cuz ill walk around saying his intros and peps think im crazy but they need to know who the best youtuber is!!

    44. Jessica Affsa

      I lost at the reuniting with dad part i am a unicorn pot of happiness inside

    45. Equestrian horse lover

      I saw him at the Melbourne sea life center today 😏with my cosions remember brice Audrey .

    46. Phoenix is Awesome

      I made the "are you kidding me" face the whole time and genuinely felt nothing...I guess I have no soul

    47. Pink Rose

      Of you don't smile when the girl gets a heart you are a MONSTERR 😲😲

    48. Pink Rose

      I smiled when they both proposed

    49. CrimsonLightning

      Today your getting a heart, me: today mine broke );

    50. Spoof Poof

      To stop myself from smiling i was popping my pimples to cause pain