Try Not To Smile Challenge #4



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    These videos are NOT cute, NOT happy, and definitely WON'T make me SMILE!!
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    Δημοσιεύτηκε στις Πριν 4 μήνες


    1. Lily hasfwiends

      Mark: I could beat up that baby Me: umm... Mark, IM CALLING CHILD SERVICES!

      1. Lily hasfwiends


      2. Lily hasfwiends


      3. Lily hasfwiends

        Also he could not

    2. Enigma Official

      How did I get from bee movie ASMR to this?

    3. Junie Junebug

      kid: I love my dad!!! me: when did this become the try not to cry challenge?

    4. woods CHAOS

      no soul season 8 beggins

    5. woods CHAOS


    6. a sentient 86

      the way to not smile laugh cry whatever to the girl getting a heart is to pretend she's a cannibal and she will eat it as her last meal before getting shot down by captain kahootinittle at 2:34 pm on a wednesday

    7. Khawla Qaisyyeh

      You making me to smile not the video

    8. TheRobertor2000

      10:44 perfect slow motion.

    9. Dashfire109 Gaming

      Todd deserves all the treats

    10. Gage Loghry

      8:00 his camera is hilarious

    11. Sophia Bromwell

      5:40 k sure but... at the moment i kind of need my heart for myself. And my Lungs. I need most of my Organs, as a matter of fact. Selfish, I know.

    12. Carolyn Clausen

      Proclaims to the heavens 10:13 while hosting a smile XD

    13. Carolyn Clausen

      Nope 10:46 Nice try though

    14. Mitchinatr

      He kinda looks like Dave Grohl with short hair when he strains.

    15. Landon Clark

      It’s sad, reality

    16. Mike Martinez

      I would have totally forgave you for smiling at the little girl getting a heart and i would have smiled too! I didnt smile! But i did cry!

    17. Star fly

      3:40 made me cry tears of joy and I couldn't help myself but cry

    18. Lainface

      Bruh, the angerier Mark gets, the more he looks like Oh Daesu from Old Boy


      4:11 this is the saddest thing ive ever watched on marks channel. that just relates so hard to him he looks like a mad crow

    20. mrwafle

      i have no soul i didnt smile at 4:54 and i hope it mean something else

    21. Peter Salas


    22. SuperFnaffan

      Child: I didn't say I love my dad Mark: (oh God my feelings are gonna shatter!!)

    23. Graciemation s

      6:16 😂😂😂😂💀

    24. Maddoxie

      *plays bloon TD battles while this video is playing*

    25. Maddoxie

      when I see something cute, the way I "smile", I furrow my eyebrows and turn the corners of my mouth down, and kinda pout XD so I can easily win this XDDD

    26. Aidan Cooney

      Marks face tho😂

    27. Tigerfire75

      Isn't Todd going out on a date with Chica soon like next week?

    28. Tigerfire75

      Why donate organs? Why not push the government to let you sell your organs?

      1. Tigerfire75

        Well you don't die by donating a kidney. Also your family will appreciate the money since you are dead and can't provide for them.

      2. Sam DeMonic

        Maybe cuz money is worthless after ya ded

    29. fnafman

      eating helps

    30. Dozann

      I can go through don't smile but I can't on don't laugh ....

    31. Elizabeth Abbott

      I have no soul too

    32. GALAXYPANDA 1012


    33. Jacoparty

      @5:50, It would be funny if his dad never returned after that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    34. Eiraphemia Kuze


    35. William Birkby

      The funniest thing is the faces mark makes when trying not to laugh

    36. Kelly Brown

      It's a bit hard to smile at something so cringeworthy.

    37. Kryptic Guy

      Mark should have a break since he almost has a mental breakdown

    38. Joseph Esparza

      I won all of them, yes I have a big heart, but. That is not going to stop me. Hell no. Not cute, not neat. Nothing, nothing will make me smile.

    39. Lisa Minton

      I cried

    40. いつきば

      4:25 when bae leave you to go out with the girls. Edit: 10:00 Marks reaction to adoption My reaction to donuts 10:00 lol

    41. DOCTOR 9133

      2:57 😐

    42. Payton Vaughn

      Oh my god hahaha was he really wearing a lobster shirt?

    43. SunyCartoons

      NOOOOOOOO These are so sweet!

    44. Evan Chilcoat


    45. Blue XxNeoxX Dragon

      My soul is with Satan LOL

    46. Minjo Lee

      Ppl in comments: **edgelord voice** "I didn't smile at any of these :/" "I only lost bc of mark" Me: I literally lost on the first one, how happy that adorable mom was for her son was so wholesome and sweet, every parent should be this supportive, in this essay I will- 💞💝💗💖💞

    47. Gabby Gansta

      I lost at the deaf guy becoming father, it was so cute😊😊

    48. homestead gammer XD

      My heart is melted

    49. angry nacho

      3:49 Marks face tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Gacha CupcakeEdits

      At 3:53 it looks like hes about to take a crap