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Tyga - Taste (Official Music Video) ft. Offset



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    For the single, "Taste". Out Now!
    Produced by d.a. doman
    Official music video by Tyga featuring Offset performing Taste. © 2018 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE
    #Tyga #Taste #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #Offset

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      Credit james lol

    2. Felicia Weise

      Joylyn was not in the shower with a man or a boyfriend sexty was shot in his car but the driver had to be going around to sexty

    3. Felicia Weise

      My dog moving

    4. Felicia Weise

      Is xxxxx' sexy and the girls

    5. Toribio Wade

      1:38 sounds like "Gotta lot of memes"

    6. Avraham Greenhut


    7. Jay Raphael

      TYGA? TYGA? TYGA?? (SouljaB voice)

    8. Just Grace

      I didn’t know that James Charles did porn music

    9. Just Grace

      WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP YEYEYEEEEAAAA Is the sister squad here?

    10. Veda May

      Sh isint this taken down I'm verry disturbed

    11. •Eggos•

      *James charles has entered the chat*

    12. Draw Time

      f u

    13. séries tops


    14. E L I Z A B E T H

      Whos here from james charles?

    15. philip Yu


    16. Home Account

      love u

    17. Jahseh Dunning-Kruger

      Who's the white lady with butterfly tattoo in the butt?

    18. Kenny Joseph

      This song got a dope flow to it...on repeat for days ...


      Alguien que hable español

    20. Jonathan Tieman

      3:30 is that Joyner Lucas?

    21. fortniteisthebest88 /Madden

      Tyga you must be really happy with all that a**** I wish I could have been there

    22. Apple Id

      I just love how James Charles was just singing in the background

    23. Sumiya Carter

      He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. ROBLOX Bloxy_Oofers

      Yo why do I still hear James in this

    25. moonlight_bae

      It's weird to listen to this without james Charles' voice

    26. Isaac Reed

      i can smell this video

    27. LocoMielPoo! !!

      Nou nou nou

    28. anir idbalkassm

      Tayga, Taaygaaaa?

    29. Gary Exum

      Aye ummm tyga

    30. - Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -

      This back track is beautiful 😍

    31. Josh Ua

      Director: "How many models would you like?" Tyga: "Yes."

    32. Samican Kicir

      Music: %99 ASS %0.5 Money %0.5 Rap

    33. A55tasticc

      They should’ve put nu nu in the cascade

    34. Chris

      tyga and wiz khalifa look alike well sometimes at least

    35. Tadeusz Skowroniak

      monkeys .......

    36. Ruby Bowers


    37. Tiago Pinheiro


    38. Yaria H.


    39. MC Poosh Oficial

      1 Bilhão brasil alguem?

    40. XxByczekXx 03

      shown this to a 12 year old boy, and he was looking at only one thing.

    41. god of war

      If my son ever comes home and tell me he's gay i"'ll show him this video

    42. just_a_virg o

      tyga: james charles: WOMP WOMP WOMP YEAH YEAH YEAAAAH

    43. LBB

      JaMeS ChArLeS hAs EnTeReD tHe ChAt.

    44. Omar Garcia

      Asies theme

    45. BootsKiller1010

      Nou Nou Nou Spanish version

    46. Whatsinthename

      3:29 King bach

    47. frenchy y

      I like offset voice

    48. Amairani Medina

      Wiz & Chevy jus chilling...

    49. Ivailo Cholakov

      James Charles left the chat

    50. Animaniac

      I mean even if the beat is pretty smooth, the lyrics man... so empty and cheap, pass 🤷‍♀️

      1. Geert

        +JaySidouMusic no

      2. JaySidouMusic

        if you like real rap, i make real rap, would you like to hear one of my songs?

    51. Hoodwinked_Gaming

      Is it just me or does his nose make him look like lil tay

    52. Jacquelynn Rutti

      Whose here from... "WOOP WOOP WOOP!!"

    53. Terri.K

      0:42 the one in the purple and white bikini with the bird tattoo wtf is she tryna shake ?

    54. Bakugou Is gay

      So we’re not gonna talk about the girl at 1:02 who is missing a nail

    55. rosa a

      Whoop whoop whoop

    56. The Videos

      Nou Nou Marvel Boy

    57. hailey plumley

      When you ask you mom can you have a girl 😂

    58. bryanna Yates

      I love this song 😜♥️

    59. C

      Tupac and Biggie are happy they are dead when they hear this pile of dog shit.

      1. JaySidouMusic

        most rap has always been like this, there are just a few rap artists who stand out from the bunch

    60. Nini D

      *OH FUC-* Why do I heard James😭😭

    61. Edvan Santos

      Taste part 2 ❤😃✌🔊

    62. Everything Here

      Why everygirls is dancing her pussy???🙄🤔🤔,,, Like if u also want to know😊

    63. Erika Soledispa

      Nou nou nouuuu

    64. Kithalie

      Thought I was the only here cause James😂

    65. Hey Guys It’s Alex

      It’s a nice song but you don’t need that many gold diggers shaking their ass everywhere.

    66. Dark Superman19

      Who the girl at :50 with the tattoo on her ass

      1. JaySidouMusic

        +Dark Superman19 that is a very good reason, i remember when i was young and dumb

      2. Dark Superman19

        +JaySidouMusic young and dumb

      3. JaySidouMusic

        +Dark Superman19 what is your reason?

      4. Dark Superman19

        +JaySidouMusic probably different reasons for everyone

      5. JaySidouMusic

        why does everyone like that girl? please can you elaborate

    67. Henry Castillo

      Jordyn is dancing like a slut at 0:51

    68. Feared

      I'm confused if this is a booty twerking compilation with music or just a music video

    69. Dan Tuca

      Who wants to be my first ever subscriber?

    70. Playing With RJ

      Sexy girl

    71. East Sider Hound

      Who that girl with the tattoos on her cheeks?🤔😎

    72. Evie Bowen

      i’ve never been happier in my life 🤣

    73. Miroslav Herceg

      Where i can buy la lakers jersey like tyga had

    74. Sn1iPezZ _Fortnite

      Nice video and nice Girls

    75. Abigail Vasgtouezo j hhioiiik

      is love and tiga

    76. Play ON Music

      Подписался!если чё

    77. Hasan Ahmed

      Kylie Jenner left the chat 💭

    78. Euan Christie

      What happened to music

    79. Michell Goersch

      I love this song!

    80. Anna Karen Gonzalez Gonzalez Munoz

      This beat is fire 🔥


      🔝 🔝 🔝

    82. Mr. Postman

      1 Like 1 prayer for all those Wasted Sperm here

    83. Mr. Postman

      How many times did tyga cum 👇

    84. furyus01

      Another song about money cars and women. HOW FUCKING ORIGINAL. This dude couldn't rap his way out of a wet paper bag

    85. Smilte S

      *ft James Charles*

    86. мощь н

      I like this song

    87. Laeee Grand

      Background music is James???? Somebody answer ✅ me????

    88. Krisha Dianne


    89. GsxG21

      0:58 0:59, the girl with dat goddess-like ass with the tiger on it goes by iamtyger on instagram

    90. Y ercra Y

      U ugly n u bad, but song is a damn fuckin good

    91. Qasim Ali

      You savage

    92. Qasim Ali

      You savage

    93. Pat Edwards


    94. Mary Valle


    95. Reason shrestha

      I just uploaded the cover of this song. Can i get some suggestion and comments on that please?

    96. Kemuel

      Dude I can't unhear James literally😂

    97. Christa Chapman

      his lips are very moisturised

    98. maecy day

      i can only hear james

    99. Rush B!

      Rush this girls