Uncle Murda | 50 Cent | 6ix9ine | Casanova - "Get The Strap" (Official Music Video)

50 Cent

50 Cent

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    Check out the official music video for "Get The Strap" | Uncle Murda featuring 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & Casanova
    (Directed by: Eif Rivera)
    Download here: empire.lnk.to/Getthestrap
    Get The Strap Merch: www.gunitbrands.com/collections/g-unit
    G-Unit Records | Thisis50.com

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    1. Brent Wells

      Am i the only person who wants to give 69 a pair of gloves and see how tough he is????


      Ight 50 shit it look like you got yo self a clown coo

    3. Tyler Whitley

      I ain’t a 6ix9ine fan but damn I like his verse 💪🏻😈

    4. Christopher Laney

      50 if you check these comments bruh please please do a feature wit Howie dodat! That shit would be special! For real! Nula!

    5. Christopher Laney

      50 had fire for years! How anyone act like he just caught fire ain't a real fan. Facts


      banger! 50 should fuck with gzuz. would bang bang fo' sure.

    7. Shumar Adams

      Hate the fact this song is so short🗣️Bang Bang 🔥😈

    8. Karrum

      6ix9ine was cringy but 50 was amazing

    9. x Paradise

      come on 50 why tf u hanging with these Clowns, i wish It was "50 cent Ft Loyd banks and Young Buck" - Get the strap

    10. xTonsgu

      if this aint in gta 6 im not buying :D

    11. Hutch Johnson

      Songs hot but would be way hotter if they drop wack ass 68,9 what ever the Fuck!

    12. Jeremiah Rivera


    13. Prototype

      Is this old school rap?

    14. Joshua J Lewis

      69 verse have nothing to do with the song..🤣🤣😂

    15. Alin Gtx

      Fuck Kavy

    16. GrandmaFcker

      Seems like Rockstar secretly made a gta 6 trailer

    17. michael facey

      Uncle MUrda Went in🔥🍾😭🔊

    18. SkippingLegs

      50 still got that same flow.

    19. Yo!

      Dope track! Get the strap!

    20. MrNaDream

      uncle murda ruined it it would be better with just 69 Cas (with a longer verse) and 50

    21. Miss Rue

      "Im with the shits my nigga's still hitting licks Im stupid rich still doing Some stupid shit you nigga's know the vibes scared to come outside"🔥🔥 50 cent is ghost and Kanan combined in one His verse on this song reminds me that He maybey not on the streets anymore but don't let them bussinessuits fool you tho 💅🏾💪🏾

    22. KOLEKKAZ

      Murda kills 50 kills 69 needs development

    23. João Vitor

      50 Cent the best rapper 😎

    24. allstar 19

      Dawg really diss chief gen

    25. nate dogg

      Who here heard bout mgks diss to em

    26. SALOUU 😈

      👑👑👑 1:58

    27. Daniyar T.

      59 Cent :D

    28. Quentin Ng Hung Pak

      casanova's flow was so fucking ass

    29. DohBoii _J

      69 you garbage. You killing hip hop in a bad way!⚰️🤦🏾‍♂️#Myopinion

    30. Sir Dank

      Skip to 1:11 for the good part

    31. Norberto Vargas

      69 got to get off dis shit his shit wack

    32. Thanksagain a

      Why's the tranny version of Harley Quinn rapping.

    33. ExtremeTuber

      people say can't stand tekashi but he killled it man... this is what you call prejudice.

    34. Fakhri Mabrouki

      2050 ? My grandfather told me that this brave man called 50Cent and his friend Eminem saved the HipHop in 2018. I really like going to the HipHop museum and listen to this music. Your friend from the future, THUMB UP

    35. Hazed Record

      6ix9ine looking like a Dead Rising boss in that police car lol

    36. We Buy Houses Cincinnati, Ohio

      I just listen to shit like 7 times straight... Too many Go-Rillas on this track!!! Damn, New York...

    37. Champagne Papi

      Nice old school vibe

    38. eight Cofe

      🤠🤠看小妹漏点私拍视频➕微信hot5383🤠🤠发挥风光风光t h h h h

    39. Nick Brown

      50 cent saved this pice of crap garbage embarrassing to even watch

    40. NepDaStep

      Bumpin’ this song if I ever hit a lick💯

      1. Rosk Cbn

        NepDaStep yeah your a full shit cunt 😂

    41. Sako Al

      Can any one remix it take out 69 of the song

    42. yaboystojo


    43. Red Shirt

      This song wasn’t all that everyone was mediocre! Y’all dick eating cause ya think 50 reading the comments lmao 😂

    44. leeroy lerato

      When last did you guys hear about Rick Ross I've not seen him in a minute but I see fiff all the time loooool #get the strap

    45. Ivan Pro

      я того рот ебал кто дизлайк поставил

    46. Рома Шиленое

      Поставь лайк пусть англичане думают что я написал что то крутое

    47. Misael Rosales

      Yap pura musica cabrona 🙉

    48. Pierre Herron

      Fuck 69 Cuz

    49. Michael Jackson

      I do gang bang

    50. Abe Cruz

      When they end up dead , people will be saying “they never hurt anyone”,”all they did was good and positivity” . They died - am laughing especially if it’s 69