Uncle Murda | 50 Cent | 6ix9ine | Casanova - "Get The Strap" (Official Music Video)

50 Cent

50 Cent

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    Check out the official music video for "Get The Strap" | Uncle Murda featuring 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & Casanova
    (Directed by: Eif Rivera)
    Download here: empire.lnk.to/Getthestrap
    Get The Strap Merch: www.gunitbrands.com/collections/g-unit
    G-Unit Records | Thisis50.com

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    1. Henry Jabulski

      *damn this song makes me want to color my hair a suspect way and tattoo the name of a sexual position all over my face and body*

    2. ThatBandDo TV

      Thatbanddo Wave wave wave Bigdrip Burnside Avenue Bangladesh

    3. Frankie Cal

      GET THE STRAP ONNN!!!!!!

    4. superfly plays

      50s verse thooo 🔥🔥🔥

    5. Jair Julio

      I laugh at 69 part lol


      Blood porra


      Música top, 50 cent de volta caralho, amo esse cara, assim ele é um ídolo

    8. b&z

      6ix9ine is just a retarded kid, don't hate him.

    9. b&z

      6ix9ine has lost his teeth so he replaced them with skittles.


      50 ... that wasn't you outside Brixton Academy at Ems gig ? No way man . Anyway owe you apology b , I was bang out of order big stuff , 9 million in bitcoin is it ? Uh huh ! U r so jammy ! Air force one.

    11. Super Clash

      6nine não bate bem, o melhor rapper do mundo kkk

    12. funny.__.shyt.

      1:11 6ix9ine Part.... Thank me later....


      - Ai Sim. Gangster 'Rap♧● Salve Brasil

    14. Boss Ty

      Casanova should replace 69 whole verse crazy how he only get part of the hook


      69 verse was the worse , but same time he did bring alot to the video as a crazy joker lookin mofo on the cop car, but the verse aint even sound like a mofo verse the game changing so much

    16. ElijahfrmRG

      Casanova killed this BLOOD But tell me why this nigga look like Ceasar from planet of the apes

    17. Imadethistocomment13

      We all know what we are here for 'I am not gang gang, I do not gang bang'

    18. 0cupado

      The fake dog sound is disliked.

    19. Karis Carter

      69 always gotta use a Chief Keef line.


      Whooooooo 50 amd nova need to record a banger

    21. Carlie j

      I like meditating to this song

      1. Himalayan

        is that code for masturbating😞

    22. Jay Boss

      Lol blowing the stock out lol change ur spring what u shooting with that's a bag gun

    23. Matt Bigg

      I love that video, but hmm I'm grittin my teeth on this one, I actually today heard this

    24. Burmes Bloods

      Why 69 alway talk Nigga ? he is black ?

    25. ghetto vlogs ghetto vlogs

      I hit repeat like 5 times. same with "AULOS" 6IX9INE F. VLADIMIR COUCHMARE.

    26. ghetto vlogs ghetto vlogs

      "I am not gang gang, I do not gang bang"....I love that. red is bout it bout it in music. from Suga Free to tekashi....reppin bayshore

    27. meafreakazoid __

      6ix9ine damn

    28. Enoc Delgado

      Get the strap

    29. Cass McAuley

      50 cent 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

    30. meko turk

      Am I the only one who skips over 69's part

    31. DJ CLMX

      it new hits for 50 cent is name still keller

    32. Paulo Lm

      Estragou meu auto falante disgraçaaaaaaaaa de som massa 😥🤙

    33. Edoardo Baiguera

      69 sucks here

    34. Hot Boy Ziggy

      69 shit was corney

    35. Dorothy Brewer

      I like this song

    36. John Wiley

      Aarona Lopez brought me to this... Her crazy ass.

    37. Elham

      One of the hottest songs of 2018. 50 Cent always delivers hits 🔥

    38. Ryan Colgan

      Straight fire

    39. eROniZeR

      We all know this song sepose to be 25sec less Fif.. :p

    40. La Coca

      Novi sad je bruklin nscz

    41. Jack Dickens

      Now i aint trying to hate but 69 just ruined it lol. Hes fucking shit mate

    42. sharkinlad87

      This is wack .... 69 rapped for about 25 seconds with the worst verse ever

    43. Craig Patterson

      Song whould of bin so much better with out this 69fag on it

    44. cameron chatman

      I like 6ix9ines part TR3Y WAY

    45. Rafael Alejandro

      ¿What the hell are you doing 50 Cent? ¿6ix9ine? ¿really? No...Men

    46. scarbourk TNP

      Shame of 50cent

    47. Raymundo Figueroa

      Uncla Murda had the best verse. 🔥🔥🔥

    48. MrBrowning42

      This is how 69 rhymes lmao Dick Lips Mouth Mouth Boy Boy Nigga Nigga *full retard*

      1. TheMattMattik

        Not defending him but I guess that rap only means the last word in every line must rhyme? Did you not hear the 2 and 3rd word rhymes?

    49. Aidar Mustafin

      А что русских коментов не проплывает? олдскул и ньюскул!фифти красава!трек и видео 🔥,gangbang!)))

    50. Paco Music

      Banger! Murda got bars