Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.
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    2. Pawie

      2:02 this is the dumbest girl i heard for a long time...

    3. Patriot Rome


    4. CocoGalusha

      2:33 "I just want people to have healthcare, Honey. Like, you people have worms in your brain. Honestly." Yet another reason why we need universal healthcare xD

    5. Desirée Depablos

      It is not a joke for those of us who live in Venezuela the terrible social, economic, political and health crisis. Millions of Venezuelans have seen our quality of life diminish even when working more. Many people are starving to death. Many young people have been killed, imprisoned and tortured by the regime. I do not forget the massacred in the Junquito and the political prisoners. Thousands of people seek medicines that they can not find or can not afford to save their lives. Thousands of pets that have been abandoned to their fate, because their owners can not feed them or have left the country. Worse yet, they have also abandoned children and old people to their fate who migrate desperate due to an unsustainable situation. Thousands of families have had to separate, shops and businesses have closed, schools and universities are deserted, public and private transport have collapsed due to lack of spare parts and lubricants, hospitals can not care for the sick. Worse yet is the total destruction of values, the growth of crime, and the endless situations that I could keep on listing. I never saw destruction of such magnitude on the part of a government. It is a total lack of respect to take this terrible humanitarian crisis as a joke and here every day people are still dying, Venezuelans eat from the garbage in one of the richest countries in the world. Come live in Venezuela and see if it still seems so funny, I've cried each one of those deaths and it isn't a joke!

    6. jahguide1122

      Pure propaganda. But propaganda can still be quite funny, this was forced, very dull.

    7. Hop Devil

      This is disgusting. Oliver should burn in hell.

    8. DerpyDumpling601

      a bit lackluster, the ending...but it was funny

    9. Silvandrim

      oh my god all I can see is that super chill lady with a GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL. Can't focus on the interview

    10. MeDeMeo

      Please does someone have a link to a vidoe with just that burnie supporter footage?

    11. Sarah T


    12. Charlie Angel - Craven

      "I just want healthcare honey" yeah pretty much sums up the youth of America today

    13. simone tulumello

      when colonial thinking becomes common sense. John Oliver shows he has no idea whatsoever about Venezuela (and, for that matter, Latin America), apart from Fox-news-level crap. Sad, sad, sad

    14. Tang Sensational

      I find this segment disturbing and telling that John Oliver (along with 90% of the media) have a Socialist, big govt fetish. Oliver seems to indicate that 'if' 'if' 'if' they 'just did Socialism right' then it would have been so great. I don't think seizing private corporations and companies that don't belong to you 'something that 'could' work if done right'. I think far more people need to come in here and down-vote this trash of a political dumpster fire segment. John Oliver is a closet Authoritarian Socialist and forget about people owning their own property or becoming wealthy (unless they are part of the govt elite with personal connections). Yeah John Oliver, them man who thinks policies that starve millions to death just need 'a little tweaking'.

    15. Raul Rodriguez

      Thank you John Oliver for this... For Venezuela.!

    16. Paavo Ylönen

      Hmm, that twist on Molotov's cocktails was a bit off. Why? Because Molotov's cocktails were actually a Finnish innovation: "cocktails *for* Molotov" Improvised fire bomb that proved to be useful during the WWII in the war between USSR and Finland.

    17. Justin Fencsak

      Next thing u know he's gonna tackle mexico

    18. आदित्य रावत

      enjoy socialism

    19. cbmtrx

      Zazu ROFL xD

    20. Joe900x

      Something that wasn’t talked about was Nicolás Maduro became vice president in 2012. That very same year Venezuela passes a law prohibiting the public from owning guns. Six years later the public is afraid to vote and are starving while their “Leader” drives the Venezuelan economy into the ground. They can’t fight back. This is stuff that should be talked about.

    21. J. Jardin

      Oliver Venezuela has an embargo, I am amazed you do not know about it. It makes me wonder how much of the other videos I enjoyed from you have so much false information. My favorite so far is when the US closed venezuela's bank accounts and kept their money, classic communist move.

    22. Nitin Patel

      "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money"

    23. gmadriana vc

      Thank you so much for bringing light to the crisis in Venezuela.

    24. Arturo Gavidia

      Chavez died on the best of times for him, all the shit he did was meant to blow up eventually

    25. Sean McCoy I'm disappointed that you missed this.

    26. Gray Fox 11

      ''Flat screen tv is the opposite of capitalism'' . That is the definition of socialism hypocrisy. Criticize capitalism while enjoying everything that it provides.

    27. Jee Pee

      liked this video right after i heard "you people have worm in your brains"😂 i guess theres still hope for America..

    28. Jose Villa

      When will you guys talk about the upcoming Mexican elections for President? It is a story full of content and context. It can serve as a good example for the world !

    29. David Kingsley

      It’s so bizarre listening to left media pundits defend socialism despite it being one of the primary lessons of the 20th century...

    30. delta5297

      That's really rich of conservatives to be using Venezuela as a warning story, considering that all the s--- Republicans are doing now is straight out of Hugo Chavez's playbook.

    31. Habibur IHaveSeenItAll

      So Venezuela is a great place for fat people lose weight.

    32. Alfredo Altamirano

      13:17 exactly that happend to Mexico in the 90's

    33. H O O L I G A N S 🔴💀⚫

      *Proxy War on Venezuela... Colombian Army and Brazilian Force's (COBRA) codename.*

    34. Bruno Propheta

      Mr.. John Oliver could've showed the other side as well. Yes, Maduro is a joke. But you can get a much more accurate picture of Venezuelan problems when you learn the geopolitic implications behind what is happening in the country.

    35. Patrick Anderson

      the "sick burn" comment FORCED me to smash that like button

    36. CyberspacedLoner

      Wall Street + CIA Operation against Venezuelan Government

    37. sonia rodriguez

      bro hugo chavez was only loved by the poor he would give free money too. hard working middle class and upper class people hated what he was doing, everyone knew about the corruption and where it was leading the nation. i really hate how the american media covers chavez as if venezuelans actually loved him .... fuck outta here man. he fired all those people then hired his friends who made deals, got paid then ditched the projects and no consequence bc they were chavez friends. thats why infrastructure in the country is shit. now there is no work bc poor venezuelans were not encouraged to work or produce for the country and the people who actually contributed to the economy all left the country or changed their bolivares to dollars or euros.

    38. eodchop

      A de-armed populace.

    39. Sharon Mullins

      Maduro..... may I introduce you to IQ45. I think you could become besties.

    40. Carlo Reyna

      the US prevented Venezuela from getting key parts to build better refineries and other infrastructure projects. it is ridiculous to suggest the US does not destabilize food commodity markets worldwide by dumping under the guise of humanitarian aid.

    41. jobriq5

      The announcer's deadpan voice makes Madulo's comments even better

    42. Sound Author

      Sometimes, after a long day at work, I like to curl up with a nice stiff Poopatov Cocktail.

    43. Marcela Anamaria

      Usually I respect your videos because they show the other side of many situations but, this time, it was more of the same. Guess I couldn't expect you to talk about how this economic crisis is in part because of US sabotage to Venezuelan economy because you may lose your job.

    44. simon revol

      So disappointed John... for the first time I saw you lying, by saying that the US has no responsibility... Maduro is a piece of shit but Venezuela's problems are not only his and Chavez's fault, the US are widely responsible and you are doing a dirty work for them

    45. alexiaNBC

      A country whose corrupt leaders feast on cake while the people starve and resort to violence. The last time that happened to a country, France erupted into a full blown, regicide ridden coup

    46. Julie Kavanagh

      That Bernie Bro girl at the beginning is an absolute legend. "I just want people to have healthcare honey" Same fam. Same.

    47. Funchal99

      "There are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela" Come on, Oliver...

    48. Paul Schlaffer

      Socialism is the evil in Venezuela, not "epic mismanagement". John Oliver, why don't you, Bernie, and Hillary go there and offer your management consulting services? Given that you'll be working for the "authorities" I'm sure they can compensate you in something other than, well rats...

      1. JamesHLanier

        It's not though. You know, for all the reasons he said. By the way, you know Hillary isn't a socialist right?

    49. SmartVids

      Man.... Venezuela is in deep shit

    50. Gergő Laky

      More info, less good jokes