Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.
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    1. Pedro Olivier

      Lixooo, ,não sabe nada que tá acontecendo no Brasil, E vai fala medra, seu merda. PT LIXO, IGUAL ESSE APRESENTADOR DE QUINTA!!!!!!

    2. keshav jha

      Corruption.....Corruption corruption ..... 😐

    3. jmlkinc

      "That's basically the state of our political discourse, two people who don't know what they're talking about, condescending at each other until one of them lands a sick burn". Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the comment section.

    4. leilani g

      Most people don't know what socialism is.

    5. Reuben Yancey

      I often enjoy John Oliver’s comedy. But this show is one of his worst. It is essentially liberal, anti-socialist, propaganda. Venezuela is fighting with a hostile USA and its own corrupt oligarchs. It’s actually succeeding in lowering poverty and providing health care and in managing its economy. And much of the “crisis” is being created by right wing media. Yo, John, remember the USA is an Empire, like your Britain use to be.

    6. Stephen Hugh Cook

      "You people have worms in your brains," made me hit the like button.

    7. Henry Townshend

      Now this retard makes fun of people dying and starving in venezuela, makes fun with your mon, you prick!!

    8. Victor Roma


    9. Grumpy Oldfart

      This coming to a town near you in America.

    10. Frank Smith

      Communist belong in mass graves.

    11. Corbin Emslie

      The US embargo is definitely not helping, so yes, they are part of the problem.

    12. Paul Franey

      Are you aloud to masterbate in communism?

    13. Julie W.

      That Infowars reporter is a fucking idiot. She CLEARLY does not understand what socialism is. If leaders are drinking champagne, while their people eat rats, that is called CORRUPTION, not socialism. Socialism is old age security. Socialism is public schools (although the schools in the US are a good example of corruption as well - it will get worse as charter schools spread). Unemployment, police, welfare, fire fighters, etc. are all examples of socialism. You just find a fair balance between capitalism and socialism. For example, being the richest country in the world, yet having citizens die within your borders, because they can't afford $80,000/year for dialysis, or their child dies because he/she has no healthcare is just wrong. Especially drugs costing as much as $80,000/year is holding people's lives for ransom, because there is no way in Hell that any drug costs that much to make. It isn't rocket science.

    14. James Li

      To sum up: if socialism fucks thing up as it always does, then it's just a coincidence or right wing slander. Fuck you.

    15. Surgé Land

      Not totally accurate, but an admirable attempt.

    16. Thirst Fast

      Well, Fez is looking well fed. Lucky Venezuelan!

    17. Nitish Haldar

      "Some Socialist country is doing so batter" yah they are some capitalist country with social policy. And you pretend like all word start with social is pretend by socialism. Socialism always make dictators and never works for betterment of the citizen. DON'T BELIEVE IN THE LEFT BELIEF, BELIEVE IN FACTS.

    18. The Saviour

      fat joesph stalin

    19. Nik Murphy

      I never thought I'd say this, but... I think I'm in love with sassy Popeye.

    20. Canis Majoris

      o cara fala merda do Trump, do Bolsonaro e depois vai falar da realidade da Venezuela, como se não alimentasse a oposição, que é a favor dessa putaria com os latinos americanos.

    21. Edmund Robinson

      That infowars woman was talking as if eating rats is a socialist ideal 😂

    22. Jarod Farrant

      The country is on the tipping point of collapse.

    23. Kieran Saul

      "Current political climate in America: two people, who don't really know what they're talking about, condescending to each other nonsensically until one of them lands a _sick_ burn." Perfectly stated. Relatedly, why I love John Oliver: he knows what he's talking about and that enables him to land the _sickest_ of burns.

    24. Nathaniel

      A disgusting misrepresentation of the situation of Venezuela. Check out John Pilger on Venezuela: And Noam Chomsky:βίντεο-79lpA5w2F7o.html?t=86 (He will have said more elsewhere) Oliver Stone also made a documentary on Hugo Chavez:βίντεο-Yg4ZdDiq0YM.html Otherwise an independent (I think) website on the situation is: As far as I can figure out, there is a class war between the interests of the rich and those of the poor. Involving the media, and USA sanctions which intensify the plight of their economy. Another possible source would be Empire Files which may or may not be funded by the Venezuelan government ( I don't know). The USA has a long history of manipulating regime change around the world, I believe this to be no more than a continuation of that history.

      1. Nathaniel

        Oh my god, as others have commented Empire Files:βίντεο-_fV-C1Ag5sI.html

      2. Nathaniel

        I do not pretend to fully understand the economics and possible mismanagement of the country, but the picture presented here is entirely incomplete.

    25. Welerson Pawlak

      You can see by this comment session why left and right are both the same shit.

    26. Jenny Shull

      We made everything humans believe up. We made up government's because we were to lazy to govern ourselves. We made up the certain people should have power because of gender, location when born, how much land and money they had. We made up money to shut people up. We gave people drugs to shut them up. We lock people up to shut them up. If all else fails we murder people to shut them up. We created politics. We gave the people in charge power and all we do is complain when things don't go our way. Shut the f up because u have yourselves to blame. I have myself to blame. I'm doing nothing because it doesn't mater nothing changes underneath it only appears to change on the surface. U either do something besides complain or shut the f up. You know why we are the only animals that have our problems is because we suck we are no better than anyone else

    27. Truckin Convoy

      I love all these dictators and their strange obsession with the idea of eating rabbits to fight off mass starvation. Are they aware of what happens when you only consume rabbits?

    28. Joao Victor Lima

      "Some of Chavez's programs could have been sustainable IF he had pursued a sound economic policy and run a tight ship" ...this right here is why people talk past each other on the issue of socialism. The entire point is that such programs are in and of themselves not sound economic policy to begin with. Moreover, the free-market argument is predicated on the assumption that government is bad at managing things and therefore is unable to "run a tight ship". So to a conservative watching this the response would be "you don't say... the government took over private enterprises, fired the people actually capable of running a tight ship, spent a bunch of money they didn't have, which was based on the price of an unstable commodity, and now the economy has crashed? how fucking shocking! no one could have predicted that!"

    29. daniel marson roberts

      I'm British.. I've got to ask, do Americans actually like this twat? I'm sorry but it's just not worth the risk. The west isnt perfect, but it's better than this.

    30. Mick Mick

      John your a little slow in the head ? Oh and your viewers also

    31. Hector Laureano

      If, If, If!!!! That's the point??? What about IS??? What is the fact??? I can't believe, that a person that think our government that waste our tax dollars, run the government on deficit. Would ever want them to manage our entire income and divert it as they please. That's an oxymoron. That's why he use the word "IF" so often to justify socialism. The question is. What do you think a government with 20 trillion dollars in debt will do if they have the control of all the richest of the country and use it as they think is more ''fair''????? It looks like a bigger Venezuela to me...

    32. Nelson Acatauassu

      John Recently you had a show on Brasilian election. What you probably don't is that Haddad supports Maduro and with PT in power we are very likely to follow Venezuela's path.

    33. VP T

      ThAts NoT rEaL sOciALism. Btw this guy is so stupid he doesn't know that socialism and capitalism are the 2 major economic policies .dumb fuck, he and his viewers.

    34. cioda

      That "info wars" reporter must be making BANK to act that stupid. If not then she must actually be that stupid.

    35. 86Corvus

      there are no socialist countries that do well. NONE. Having social programs is not socialism. Every country has social programs, america has social progams.

    36. Michael Smith

      Why Americans find this so...funny if happened to u that time u guy laugh 😡

    37. tripleheshy

      I guess the left still doesn't want to admit Chavez STOLE 4.2 BILLION and hid it away offshore for the benefit of his two fat-assed daughters.

    38. Fiucik Miselfo

      John Oliver? is this a kosher last name approved by

    39. Vasco Apolonio

      That is NOT Socialism. Its a nother Power Poisened Ego, just like Trump...

      1. tripleheshy

        Yes, this is exactly like Trump. You fucking idiot.

    40. Vasco Apolonio

      Still, there are some mother fuckers Portuguese getting rich... Shame on my own conterreans...

    41. Ant. C.Vianna

      Well america did push for their middle eastern allies to lower the price of their oil so that they could buy more of it, and so that the same allies could build a monopoly on the market, thus fuckibg over a bunch of other oil producing countries, that entered major recession, in some cases completely wrecking countries, like in Brazil and Venezuela

    42. Jorge Castillo

      I want to be on a Maduro Diet. I need to lose weight.

    43. venmarin

      What an idiotic report. The Venezuelan Constitution allows the President to call for a Constitutional Assembly. The economic situation is bad, but you didn't even mentioned the US and European sanctions making it almost impossible for the Maduro government to import needed medicine and food goods. Instead of bad mouthing Venezuela's government why don't you get your facts straight.

    44. Rafael .Vieira

      Venezuela is a story about socialism, and denying that should be consider ignorance or dishonest. Within no doubts, Hugo Chávez politics of controlling prices broke the country's economy, pretty much like every other communist regime. Under those conditions, no nation can survive. When idiots like Bernie Senders, Maduro, or Haddad suffocate any possible business enviroment with high taxations, Mussolini's stily labour laws and other strong interventions of the state in the Economy, they are not helping the poor. The are headbanging the poor.

    45. Rostiger Rolf

      Cause the american way of capitalism works so great. When I look at the US sometimes I feel like seeing a 3rd world country. You know the elite of most 3rd world countries is well off as well but when you look at the other end...

    46. Anthony Morales

      I’d rather believe the Venezuelans who all support this video than all the foreigners arguing it’s all propaganda; it’d be a better use if time to donate to charities to provide aid to the country but then again even doing that is seen as political it’s sad really. I hope Venezuelans the best and that somehow they make it out of this crisis.

    47. Armand Ayvazyan

      airball on the ending...

    48. rafael gotto

      What the fuck are goin' on here in south America: Increase of Argentina's crisis, dictatorship, oil's crisis and a whole nation starving in Venezuela and my country Brazil is near to elect a dictatorship supporter as the new president of the republic, awful days are coming...

    49. wu ming

      @1:35 - This is actually the typical mindset of democrats and socialists. "Look, I don't care about all the bad stuff thats going to happen... I just want more free shit" And honestly, she is either very high or really fucking slow. One question... How did Colbert and John Oliver end up going in such polar different directions? Ohhhh yeah... I forgot... They are just comedians and this is just work. But yeah. Venezuela is an absolute mess. I want none of that in the USA.

    50. Paris Carbo

      If you know John Oliver and journalism, you know he does their videos in this way to point out something he wants, but what he says here is true and gets worse. Valderrama's words were jokes too, but you can see how he is serious about it because is a real problem. They've told me things I can't even process because they are too hard, too inhuman to believe in this time. The only way to fix Venezuela, as one Venezuelan person told me, is to kill Maduro, so the entire country enters into a civil war and after that, they can build new functional policies... It is a real problem.