VENOM - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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Sony Pictures Entertainment

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    The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
    One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Riz Ahmed
    Scott Haze
    Reid Scott

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    1. Adam Glenen

      I will be shocked if this movie turns out decent

    2. Lynnea Blair-Cox

      We will eat both of your arms and both of your legs and then we will eat your face right off your head 😂😂😂😂 idk why that's so funny to me

    3. MYSTERY 666

      *so many little time...*

    4. Carrington Paul

      is the video game prototype a neta for this comic?

    5. Dark Matter

      1:25-1:42 watch out ladies

    6. Callsign: Blaze

      Please don’t make this PG13 Sony. Make Spider-Man rise to the occasion. This will do better if it’s like Logan or Deadpool. Those movies are re watchable.

    7. PackRat

      FUcking sucks that its going to be a RAted PG-13 Film I WAS Expecting more like when i watched deadpool 2 Way to much Drama

    8. L3murL0rd

      Riot actually isn’t supposed to be the guy who runs the Company BUT i’m thinking hes gonna get upset with his minions he’s made and then say screw it i’ll do it myself and then merge with the symbiote cause they keep failing or whatever

    9. Sara Savolainen

      glass retirement officer shout closely joy mad shoulder please front.

    10. Hamza Din

      Looking just like the prototype games

    11. 1 Beck 2 Many

      No probiotics can cure that parasite.

    12. Ricardo McKinson

      out of all 8 venoms I every known this venom is the only one that actually looks creepy and scares me like no joke

    13. Çáö Står

      Sub chéo ko ae

    14. نونة ميوزك

      at least peteer eddie brock than eric foreman

    15. MCU Enthusiast

      Venom villians Venom vs Riot Venom 2 venom vs Carnage Venom 3 venom vs Riot, scream, agony, phage, lasher and toxin Movies all part of the mcu

    16. The Creative Donut

      Please make this R rated not PG-13

    17. MCU Enthusiast

      This is how Spiderman appears in venom sequel after the movie succeeds Eddie Brock goes to Europe or new York and gets a new career he fights a bigger threat there is only Carnage Eddie becomes venom and all of a sudden a web shoots him and Spiderman appears and fights venom only for 1 minute and venom tells him to stop and throughout the movie venom forms the white spider logo Spiderman gives a little advise to Eddie. venom fights Carnage and ends up defeating Cletus kasady but kasady is still alive

    18. Likhit Yarramsetti

      1:52 When you find out there are still two more months before venom comes out

    19. LUIS 1391

      anti-venom :)

    20. Layek R

      2:18 RIOT?!?!??!??!?!??!?!??!

      1. Silenthitman44

        Layek R Yes

    21. Dr. Keel Whitey

      I thought that was Bane?

    22. Chue Lo

      So how is spiderboy gonna handle this monster

    23. MCU Enthusiast

      We will eat both of your arms and then both of your legs and we will eat your face right off your head you will be this armless leggless Fierceless thing won't you Rolling down the street like a turd in the wind(I thought he said rolling down the street like a turn and a win😄) what the hell are you ......we are venom bites head off.

    24. Vovin

      is it still MCU?

    25. MCU Enthusiast

      Eyes lungs pan grease so many snacks so little time

    26. Brian Bauer

      All I can say is Venom is awesome can't wait to see this movie

    27. Leonardo Torre Patrucco

      Estoy por verla en ingles subtitulado... cuanto mas escucho la voz de venom en español me entra mas sida.

    28. Lifeis Dead

      where is stan lee

    29. Schneeregen _

      I like how the symbiote pulls him around in the first fight scene, it helps to make it feel like the symbiote is it's own being that has yet to cooperate with Eddie

    30. Drew Martin

      The only reason I'm excited they're doing a solo venom movie is maybe eventually they'll get to the poisons.

    31. Дмитрий Русский

      🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 👍👍👍


      This is too edgy for marvel That's DC job

    33. Diego Dos Games

      Miranha morreu ;-;

    34. STAT 01

      Venom Is my all time second favorite character but honestly I feel like this movie is going to do bad & its going to fail. It's just a feeling & it looks awesome especially venom but idk its Sony making this movie. & lately they been doing bad

    35. I'mBatmanAndIKnowIt

      "Like a turd... in the wind!" Sony Pictures in a nutshell.

    36. Keith Hannah Jr

      0:56 when you take a overdose

    37. Diabolic Angel

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I heard. 1:32 - "Do we have a deal? Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks in little time." 2:28 - "We will eat both your arms, and then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. You will be this armless, legless, faceless thing won't you? Rolling down the street. Like a turd... in the wind."

    38. The Whitecastle

      Wow bro

    39. Nicky Nada

      Venom is like a ferrofluid Nano Tree

    40. Maddux Curski

      Sony already spoiled the movie near the end of the trailer, just to get some cool shots.

    41. juan runaterra

      el hombre araña ya se fue a dormir o que ?? :v

    42. Antonio moretti


    43. Henry Aldridge

      DO NOT MAKE THIS PG-13 FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST! Just look at X-Men; you can have R-rated and PG-13 movies in the same franchise!

      1. Corey Garmonbonzia

        Henry Aldridge It’s already done

    44. Garfuck

      Toootally changed the origin, what a bummer. Everyone knows that Spiderman repels Venom via church bell who then jumps over to lowlife Eddie Brock, left and forgotten by Spiderman, hanging from a spider web on a lower level of the church, thank you very much! I mean haven't they watched "Spider-Man" from the 90s?!

    45. Christian Stremick

      I’m going to be honest I’m kind of worried for this movie. They’ve made so many changes to the rating that it’s kind of worrying for the final product

    46. Crazy Ottoman

      I was fan of venom in my childhood..finally its here

    47. Elvin Garcia

      From The Studio That Brought You Marvel's IRON MAN®.

    48. A Broken Sock

      This comes out on my B-Day! Sony, I'm expecting my free ticket! Thanks!

    49. Mr. Morris

      Venom, But Not Carnage?

    50. Max Marks

      Well, I gotta say... This doesn't look very good

      1. Angel Arce

        +Corey Garmonbonzia i didnt see then, a lot of people didnt see then if there are, then tell me

      2. Corey Garmonbonzia

        Angel Arce there’s a lot of reasons this may suck dude, it’s glaringly obvious

      3. Angel Arce