Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Lylamaemae1

    Gross, I would not eat :( Anyways, I jut started a Channel and I could use a little extra subscribers please. :)

  2. Sportz Reactz

    I thought those were leaches in the thumbnail

  3. Jax 1910

    Why is this on trending again

  4. Andrew Smith


  5. Modern BoreFare

    6:04 Brilliant!

  6. HOOD Basement 4 Radio

    this a joke.

  7. Sylas Thurman

    Before I do taste them I’d like to pray to NINO

  8. Noah Hanley

    Everyone, make sure to pray to Nino that he will clean underneath your tables and around your chairs and stools every morning.

  9. Shopow

    Before I do taste them, I'd like to pray to *NINO!!*

  10. Bruce Alrighty

    Why'd you have to show the outcome of his bathroom session in the thumbnail though?

  11. Bigmacmovies1

    Is the thumbnail the aftermath?

  12. themadmuggleify

    6:04 "Before I taste them, I'd like to pray to--NINO!!!!

  13. Hyrule_Chick

    *Vomits In the nearest toilet* That thumbnail legit made my stomach flip

  14. SAS15G

    Looks a Planet Fitness Restaurant

  15. Fake News

    Damn he cuss throw up took a shit & gave a kiss.

  16. Rantazie

    That thumbnail looks like my toilet when it’s not flushed. 😐😐😐🤟🤟🤟😆😆😅😅😅😅

  17. Gary Harris

    The cover photo. Was that before or after?

  18. Anatamoose Eats cake

    Congrats on #1 trending! 🍾 🎉

  19. Sagar K. Patel

    can she please stop laughing for a second while he's vomiting your shitlins up?!

  20. Fab🎃

    1:57 oh how the tables have turned #blackfoodtastelikewater

  21. Hoxay Smith

    I just realized this is actually old

  22. cobaltwill215

    Disgusting! What a delusional wench!

  23. 몬새ᅮᅳᅮ

    Oh shet

  24. Xanny a


  25. The Realest Tommy

    “ You can’t have food tasting like that”

  26. Scully The Gamer

    How tf is this #1 trending

  27. Kyle Kroeck

    No matter how long ago it was NINÕ will always be a kitchen Nightmares meme.

  28. Sagar K. Patel

    "rebuke..." dead

  29. nate desai

    This is trending lmao

  30. aarockw123

    Did anyone else think the chitlins was actually his shit?

  31. Ken

    she is crazy

  32. Vtron

    Deserts always save the day

  33. DBZ GOLD

    I Will Do Ps4 Pro (500 Million Limited Edition) + Xbox One Giveaway Once I Reach 100 Subscribers👍❤

  34. Sagar K. Patel

    Are you serious?? Those were really Doritos stuck on his plate!!

  35. noyb noyb

    Peppered soil! 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Kaitlyn Roman



    All I can say is What The

  38. msdogooder

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  39. DJ Suave

    Doritos tho???????????????

  40. Lisa Clark

    Every Single Restaurant that He's ever tried to fix has Closed because of Him visiting Them and The Public finding out its sad!

  41. Naza Medina

  42. Christina Nikol

    1:09 he doesn’t even believe himself 😂

  43. Federal Investigation Bureau

    Why do I keep getting Leonard Lance ad's?

  44. Mr Wash

    Inhavw way to much symphty for these people, I guess the truth hurts

  45. Grapefruit [GD]

    Lel number #1 on trending.

  46. CrowPiper

    holy shit, ive seen this vid on this same channel many months ago. and it says it was uploaded yesterday? bloody geniuses over here, re-upload a clip of the same episode already made. and make more money off of it, not to mention this RE-upload is #1 trending now. i cant hate on how hard they are milking this lol

  47. Lemo ade

    That pork-chop was way too smothered....

  48. greatwhitebuffaloman

    This shit is 5 years old at least. How the fuck is it #1 trending? Awful ass acting also

  49. Keenan Williams

    And I see why some black owned food businesses be shutting down....nasty asf 😐 smh