Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)



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    I will never be able to say Thank You enough... Thank you for being my family.
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    1. Lauren Templin

      Love you Bunny! 🐰

    2. Joe Hammal

      love the new you and love this self confidence so relatable xxxxxxxxxx

    3. La Rose Ghost

      I always was here but I haven’t been checking in. And when I saw Shane’s video I felt like I seen SOOOOOOOOO Much more of you and it was so exciting and new and different and I felt like it was the real you and just seeing you being happy

    4. Aubrey Vires

      The world will always need people to remind them that reality is more fulfilling and enticing than anything being "perfect".Thank you

    5. Nia Sian Design

      Resubscribed!! Please do a series on your ghostly experiences!! Xxx

    6. UDropped UrFace

      WAY TO GO GIRL I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!! I am sooooooooo proud of you And girl, you will never lose me as a fan :.)

    7. cam loon

      love you , you do you :) !!!!

    8. waffle swiwrl c yummy:3xD


    9. Hannah Lewis

      I’ve been watching sense I was young and now me and my baby sisters watch you ! And they love you and I don’t see them that much but when we do see Eachother we talk about your videos

    10. Salma Jumma

      i haven't been here so long actuallly i used to know you bunny before shane's series, but i saw so much of the same thing that i left it wasn't something interested me or drove me to watch more, yet i always thought about you even if i didn't know much about you or your personality now that i understant whats going on i would love to be updated on you and see different stuff and what you have to provide here on youtube. please keep it up so much love 😘💗

    11. Aimee Crann

      we all love you bunny!

    12. Tammi Aneko

      So proud of you bunny, been subbed since your actual paranormal vids, never unsubbed, and I'm glad you got to meet one of the best people in the world, shane is a saint but you hunny are worth everything I'm glad your being you like you once were

    13. Meghan Nash

      The point you made about how you can get stuck in an aspect of your personality and spit out the same type of videos for a while (90's, toy DTTRW, etc) is EXACTLY how I felt. I definitely was getting tired of the same videos. We just need them more spaced out

    14. Pammella Mejía

      U are beautiful in & out bunny dont worry, be urself we'll be here.

    15. Din

      Just be real bunny and film you real life.

    16. Beccs Christflan

      Never left.. never will

    17. Paulina Jaskulska

      To be honest I loved all the outfits, hauls etc. on your channel and missed them so much. I mean, don't get me wrong, does this thing really work was fun for a minute, but it felt repetitive and... boring. I'm looking forward to all the changes, and hopefully see more of real you on the channel. We all are weirdos here, so don't let that stop you! ;)

    18. Julianna Patterson

      What is Shane's channel?

    19. Pat

      we love you no matter what, be strong

    20. Spalman

      I love you so much! Thank you for being your old self again!

    21. Lilly Rodriguez

      I love you so much and will continue to support you no matter what you do. I 💖 you very much Bunny #swampfamily

    22. Mason Mccoy

      I never left your channel! I left GR-news for the past year due to life. I found myself absorbed in the lives of others that I had to separate myself from it. Due to an overwhelming level of anxiety and how rough this year has been... I found myself craving GR-news as an escape. I missed you Bunny and I’m glad you’re finding the silver lining. Do a meet in greet in stl or Chicago?

    23. Kathleen Kuhn

      I never left, but I'm so so so happy to finally seeing you be yourself again!

    24. sofia's mine

      I´ts so sad to see you uspet. Wish you get up to as much passion you had before. I´ts much better to have real passion and real exitement than just faking it so please don´t be scared to open up and show the real you. I believe in you Bunny, and I believe you can gain a lot more possitivity in your life again. Love you!!!!!! : )

    25. Niki2TheMaxx

      I've watched you since 2012 or 2013, I never unsubscribed. Watching Shanes videos and yours have made me reevaluate my life. The way you talk about your anxiety and depression is EXACTLY how I am. I'm 30 years old, I know exactly what your saying about not being able to talk about things. I'm crying... you're like the best friend that I never had as lame as that sounds.

    26. Kiki Kyami

      I knew 'of' you, but I've never been a subscriber so far. but I love this new 'human' bunny. you're not wacky 24/7, nobody is, that's exhausting. I think being a healthy amount of honest and vulnerable with your audience is the exact right thing to do for you right now. as an outside occasional viewer, I am sometimes a little daunted by the length of some of your videos. so I think getting a 2nd person involved to look at your content with you and maybe trim it a little is a great idea :) I'll definitely be checking in with you again, I recognize a lot of myself in you. we just gotta remember that not everybody is judging us all the time. good luck bunny :)

    27. sofia's mine

      I´m so thankful for you for going through very difficult situations for us to make us feel happy. I can´t thank you enough. : )

    28. Angelinav1225

      I might not be popular on GR-news but I feel everything she is saying and went through the same things emotionally and mentally. I subscribed to her years ago but I always knew it was for a reason♥️

    29. Sara Hevesi

      Ahh Bunny! I also battle with always thinking that my best days are behind me . I’ve never heard someone our age admit that . I think it’s one of my biggest struggles sometimes I feel like all my friends lives are moving forward (getting married , getting engaged , getting pregnant , having kids ) and I just feel like I’m stagnant still single , just working and alone . Love you and wish you the best

    30. Ino ry

      be good to yourself and do what makes you happy. If you always keep thinking about that you best days are gone... that's not true. Find out what makes you happy and work with this :D it doesn't matter what it is. people like to see who you are. No matter if its tears. You can do it and make the upcomming years your best years ! don't stay in the past, the future is all yours ! go for it x) (oh and... keeping things in.. isn't always the best :D). I also think that you should take you time, you don't need to upload every day. Put quality over quantity >v< and most important - don't pressure youself !

    31. Gabby Garza

      So happy for you Bunny!! I’ve been here since the early grav3yard girl and I’ve gotten to see you grow and find yourself. Your channel was the first one I subscribed to and I have never regretted it:) I have always watched your videos when I was down and needed a laugh or even to just escape the stress of daily life. You deserve the best and seeing all your collabs makes me so so happy for you. I love seeing the true raw side of you cause it feels like we’re just hanging out and talking together as the swamp fam. Seeing the series with Shane made me love you even more. I don’t think there’s a problem at all with showing your luxuries that you worked so hard for. It’s actually very inspirational seeing that hard work and dedication truly pay off. However seeing that you also enjoy the old vintage stuff just makes you even more amazing. Never let hate comments get to you cause they’re not looking at the bigger picture and feel the need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. You don’t deserve that. Never forget that the swamp fam is here for you and loves you swamp queen❤️👸🏼🐊👑 love you Bunny!!!💕🐰🐊

    32. Audrey Warren

      I admit I did stop watching your videos partially from my own being busy but also I did sense the lack of honesty but I love you and have come back and can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

      1. Audrey Warren

        Also tbh personally I don’t care whether a video is “polished” or not, however I am excited to see new experimentation of videos! But don’t focus too hard on perfection or being polished either!

    33. Billy Cooper

      Wtf is this?

    34. Rainbow cutey girl OMG 101


    35. Atalanta Olbrechts

      I really wanna come through the screen and hug you

    36. Noctuary


    37. Dangerous Lirium

      Missing youuuuuuuuu

    38. Stefanie Helm

      I first started watching 7 years ago when I was in high school. I really liked you content but this last year felt my age group was no longer the target audience. So now at 24 it's hard to watch the same ol slime videos. You're unique and seeing unique videos is what people want

    39. Supreme Gamer

      Wtf is going on I am very late

    40. Samael

      I came back.

    41. Alyssa Dusoe

      I know what it feels like, I have been there and sadly back to that same narrative. Stay strong girlie!

    42. Fluffy husky Vids

      hey bunny, just subscribed. i watched the series with shane and i felt guilty for not subscribing. hope you get all the love and support on youtube. bye

    43. Zinc Well

      I wish you hadn't cut out so much of you crying and talking. I'd have loved to have heard what you had to say while being so open and raw. I love that you're feeling like you can be more you again on this channel. :-) xxx

    44. Nirvair Jagdeep

      What’s Trending. Anyone?

    45. Cem Altan

      isnt that the rescued girl that homeless before

    46. Mary Angel

      You look great... like the weight of the world is off of you! Glad it was such a positive experience for you! 😊😚

    47. Laura Thrifty & Frugal

      Love u bunny. Would never leave. You do you.

    48. Andie Longphee

      You could feel like the last year you had checked out from the bunny I knew. I loved when you just made a video just cause. I have always loved you and just know some of us are gonna always be here ❤️

    49. Taylor Marie

      I love you Bunny I’ve been with you since you started Ive never left you An I never will if I could give you a hug I would I don’t like seeing you cry but I know that the future holds so much for you 💕💕

    50. Kunt Face The Destroyer