Won Apple iPhone X From Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK



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    Here I am winning an Apple iPhone X 256gb from Road Trip prize arcade game!
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    Won Apple iPhone x From Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK

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    1. Asheesh Singh

      Congratulation bro....

    2. rifat 2006

      Owh ma gawh

    3. _roman14_

      Палёный айфон наверно

    4. KyLasia McClendon


    5. pigeonsvideos

      Ya see?

    6. khanna ji

      Where is this game as I wanna play this I LIVE IN INDIA

    7. Shripad Achutuni

      It’s nothing in that box

    8. zozo hm

      mabye there is no iPhone inside 😒

    9. darknessblade

      how much did you waste? that way you can calculate if it was worth it?

    10. Electro Playz

      He is acting like he has gotten an iPhone X 100 times

    11. Sarah Haruna


    12. Sarah Haruna

      I unlocked this video because he kept saying heck to the yes

    13. i'm hamstercorn

      13:31 !

    14. Afonso Gamer

      200 200 200!

    15. Sole Survivor

      Packaging is wrong

    16. Vince B

      so how much money did you end up actually spending on this game?

    17. Ananymos Anonymo

      phone x

    18. Sophia Aj

      How do i win a nintendo switch

    19. ItsShara

      I not trying to be rude but for some reason he looks like James from theodd1sout.

    20. Ava MENARD

      “I am overjoyed with the endless amount of churros” he says in the overyoyedest way possible

    21. Ninjiryan JR

      Disliked cause he said heck to the yes 400 times smh

    22. Virtual Gladiador


    23. Baelica :P

      You need to know that this is totally rigged. Made to make money for the arcade

    24. Comment For No Reason


    25. Shadow Blade


    26. Sophiya Khurana

      can i have it

    27. Asdf ghjk

      Camera man’s voice is so Annoying

    28. What's up Waco

      Open the damn thing

    29. HitDaLick

      I would of ran over and selected the Fitbit as the prize lol

    30. Jhonny Fernández Medina

      Guys I swear I just got free $4235_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?2pe9uk Try once.

    31. Andyn Bae

      I have never seen bigger virgins holy shit

    32. Roxanna Duran


    33. Roxanna Duran

      Don't trust him he is gay and he is lying and don't subscribe to his channel re member he is gay

    34. Super4el Gt

      Yea so guys I got iPhone x and I will not open it. PERFECTO

    35. Janiya Brown

      Why didn’t you open it stupid

    36. Sheldon F

      this video is so much better muted

    37. ItsHypeMax

      Heck to the yes

    38. Sofus Olsen

      Trending in Denmark !

    39. Selin Alverez

      Does it really works?

    40. LibbyLottie

      so cool

    41. Xrnth

      haters back off

    42. Merbabies 39

      You are soooooo lucky

    43. Foxy15NL

      13:32 bang crack over the whole phone

    44. P3t3r _

      Me too

    45. Siddhu Sgp


    46. xoxo, _.simplyjeon._

      Please stop saying heck to the yes😂

    47. Rahma AL-Rahbi

      Lts goo

    48. Rahma AL-Rahbi


    49. oli the ski

      heck to the yes 🤦🏼‍♂️

    50. Ashley Starlight

      Their acting makes me cringe