YG - Big Bank ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj



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    1. 虎 李


    2. Elijah Charles

      The whole song was fire

    3. Elijah Charles

      Where's my room listen to the song then you'll get it

    4. Elijah Charles

      0:59 after I sing the song in public

    5. Lillian Lee


    6. Ittheweekend King of the galaxy

      When you come to school but last year you said you were leaving for good 2:50😂😂

    7. Ali Essa

      2:42 pause there to see a death stare

    8. 314 I.P

      Name of girl halfway in car "twerking"

    9. I forgot my name

      correct my bad spelling

    10. Ronald Pruett

      When ur mom buys u a speaker 9:00 plays hun mom says turn it down me does turn down but leaves it on

    11. Faze Gamer

      “Yeah I sell dope and a corn rolls “ that is such a cheese line lol

    12. Ronald Pruett

      Nicki shut up cardi b was in the club and whooped ur butt she hit u u aint no queen

    13. Ronald Pruett

      This song beat goes harder then my moms flip flops hahah

    14. Kaylani Allen

      YG: I love this song. And I was wondering if you can make a 1 hour of this song please please it’s awesome and amazing 😉

    15. Crystal Antwine

      Always a go to

    16. T. Fields

      Big bank take lil bank!

    17. I forgot my name

      Big Sean is probaly the best one out of all of them i repect most of them im kinda a fan of of n m i cant spell it nciky majin im not a fan mk and Azerrz im a fan Azeerz was popping i watch your trolling vids i mean like that audio tune and the voice change its hilarous i saw your video live (: (: (: (: :3

    18. Eddie Nolbert

      I love Nikki Manias part

    19. Eddie Nolbert

      This song is my jam

    20. Schuyler Edmondson

      It's maybe all the white people that dislike Maybe I do not know.

    21. Perfectly13 Productions

      Uncle is that you?

    22. Lorena Puerta

      Don't talk to me

    23. Chicken Nuggets


    24. Tristan Bruning

      Bruh producer need a raise

    25. Yoselin Valencia

      Who else came here from Tik Tok?!😭😂

    26. cañeb hi

      0:34 he cute 😍😍😍

    27. Dustin Hill

      Big Sean really threw up a C in a YG music video

    28. Kayla Smith

      I’ll be listening to this song in 2033 No just me ok 👌🏽 ❤️💜🙃

    29. Selector 34

      First To like my own comment 😉

    30. Numaan Ifthikhar

      Big seen was the best on this

    31. dommzy b

      Big Shit like a Dino did it!! Fire!

    32. Serene/ Semiyah


    33. Shannon Perry

      I need the bank

    34. Jesse Richmond

      fuck yg

    35. MADDEN LEGEND124

      3:28 is the expression when my mom says I can play for an other 10 minutes

    36. En1gma Kish

      I have depression.. I need subscribers in my life... so I can learn from you, guys... all you look so happy..whats your secret??

    37. Reagan Dorian

      Don't talk to me

    38. Madison Nesbitt

      Big Sean changed so fricking much

    39. NeShaxBro

      Strippers party money dominesha Staten 21

    40. NeShaxBro

      Credit card

    41. NeShaxBro

      Visa card

    42. NeShaxBro

      Dominesha staten

    43. j1k ent.

      Big Sean killed fuk y'all mean Betta listen or dis nigga to real Nicki just stayed on beat bofl yall sleep

    44. Redeye ROB

      Trash, he also straight robbed that line big bank takes little bank from rass kass

    45. adrienne

      I wonder how colin kapernick is feelin

    46. Cesar Alcazar

      My sister likes his songs and she’s a big fan :D

    47. Gweni*Lavay

      love this girl!!! Her verse went so hard

    48. WeridWeekendsWith awkwardness

      2:42 The FAQ U just say?!

    49. WeridWeekendsWith awkwardness

      Did not realise how short Nicki Minaj is xD